Friday, April 29, 2011


Ok for you old time readers of SJT...I mean the ones who go back to The Gayest Straight Guy...this is one of the original pics I posted.  Can't believe I came across it.  Ironically there's a lot of things I've cum across since I started blogging!

What Are The Earthlings Doing?

Ok I know this is kinda fucked up. But I was thinking - if aliens watched us, sorta like could look in our houses and study us like lab rats, what would they think of us jerking off? I mean if you really think aobut it its a pretty fucked up thing to do.

The male of the species is agressively rubbing a small tube located in the middle of his torso.  He looks angry. He continues agressive motion until tube throws up.

They probably wonder why we don't do this to our arm or foot or something.  I think if aliens abducted me and used my brain to understand humans they'd leave so fucking confused that they'd never come back.  Hey I could single handedly prevent an interstallar war and enable our species to exist forever.  You're welcome!

Hey Is This The Guy From 'Bones'?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feeding Time

Dude is 5 beers, 1 shot of tequila, and 1 stood up date from taking it up the ass like a bitch. Ya know I think thats a question for a new poll - were you drunk the first time you had sex with a guy.

Guy Humor

I think part of the reason that men separate from women in a bar is cuz we're funnier than they are. Most women don't think I'm funny.  Guys think I'm freakin hysterial. When you think about it there's almost like a homo tint to guy humor. Two guys at a urnal pissing isn't funny.  Two guys pissing outside and crossing thier streams is.  Having your new underwear ride up your asscrack isn't funny.  Seeing a buddy give another guy a wedgie is.  Walking around naked around freinds isn't funny.  Seeing one of your buddys moon someone is.  Jerking off isn't funny.  Catching someone red handed is.  I have no idea why this is but I'm sure one of you smart guys is gonna tell me lol.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Makes It Sexy

Guys I'm gopnna be honest with you.  Maybe it's me. But after awhile, don't all these fuckin pics look the same? I mean I go thru looking for pics for my blog and I'm like ya...there's a dick.  Ya, there's an ass. Ya, there's a blow job.  I'm not sure but I don't think yor gonna find a lot of pics on my blog of just model guys standing there hitting a  pose.  So to me what makes a pic hot is something I can believe. This pic here is one of them. Ok this could be totally staged. But ya know what - I don't give a fuck. It feels like you walked in to a buddy's room and caught him going a little nuts ya know? So that's sorta what I look for. Ok. I know.  He's also in the category of piece of ass.  True.  This doesn't hurt lol.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So What Now?

I was talking to a reader recently and he said to me 'so when's your next sexcapade and what are you going to do?'.  So here's where my head (the big one) is.  I'm not really looking to go out and get my dick sucked.  Don't get me wrong. I love getting head. But its like i done that ya know? I'm sorta like I wanna try shit that I haven't done.  I'm gonna have to reincarnate that fuckin buket list I did on my old blog. But I'd love to get my dick sucked by a couple guys at the same time. And I'd love to watch 2 guys going at it. And ya I've put some feelers out.  Never hurts to sniff.  And ya if/when something happens I'll tell you horny fucks.  I think I'm getting braver as I do more things. I look at a nice ass and wonder what it would be like to lick it. Not entirely sure I could but its on the radar. Still not sure if I could pop a pooper with my dick. Still a little far out there. but who knows.

My First Shot At A Vid!

Here's my first attempt at a vid!  I actaully got the idea from Brenton over at Aussielicious who published it a week ago. The vid is cool cuz it's just a dude being a dude having some fun by hitting the surf bare. But that's not what this post is about. I started thinking about the whole deal with this vid. There's like 3 guys in their early 20s hanging with a kid whos gotta be like 14.  And they all act like a 14 yr old walkinig around naked is not really out of the ordinary.  And what the hell is with the guy talking pics??  This would be in the American court system so fast it's crazy.  I mean it's kinda sad that we can't just be naked when we want to around who we want to. But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want my 14 year old walking around naked around clothed 20-somethings drinking beer.  Is it a cultural thing? Am I too uptight?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Measuring The Manhood

Got a great letter from another curious guy. He's hooked up wiht a few guys. Before hooking up eveyone wants to know the size of your goods (if it doesnt matter like you all say why does everyone want to know?).  So he tells them honestly about 6 inches.  They say 'same as mine'. When he gets there a quick glance uncovers that he's got about 2 inches on them.  He even said 'maybe I'm really 9 inches long and I don't even realise it hahahaha.'  So we need a tutorial on measuring the schlonger.  How exactly do you measure it? Where do you start, where do you end? Oh, and if you measure girth do you measure in the middle or the fat part at the base?

NewsBreak - Budget Cuts Force Firemen To Resort To Alternate Methods Of Putting Out Fires

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Dream

I found a pic i used in my last blog. I try not to repeat pics but this one pretty mcuh sums up the curious man's dream.  Hot summer day. Doing yardwork. Take a break. Have a beer. And summon your on call cocksucker.  Cool down with a brew. And grab the little fuckers head to make sure he services you right.  Every day should be this good.  Have a good weekend boys.

Where Do I Know You From?

So lets say you’re a curious guy. Have messed around a couple times with guys but in general your gayness lives in your head.  You’re not a total basket case so u sorta eyeball guys around.  Even your friends to some degree.  There’s a dude who you sorta got a thing for. Wonder what it would be like to do the dirty with him.  But he’s straight so it’s just a fantasy.  Till one day your cruising gay porn and his naked ass shows up on a gay website doing a solo JO session.  This actually happened to one of my long time readers.  So.  What do you do? REMEMER – you’re married and heavily DL.  How do you approach it…if at all.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just To Help You Out

One of the things that is sorta all over the place in feedback from readers is the question of how fertile is the cruising ground of the gym.  Some guys say its off limits, other say you gotta go at the right time, others say its like a feeding frenzy.  So I thougth to help you all out I'd lay out a simple way to identify whether a locker room is gay freindly or not.  See below.

Not Gay Friendly

Gay Friendly

Curious Fantasies

I think my #1 fantasy as a kid was being strandad on a deserted island with a tribe of amazon women who used me as their sex toy.  Could it happen? Unlikely. Would I really want it to happen? Probably not. I just kept it locked away in my fantasy chamber till I had the house alone and my underpants were around my ankles. When I was growing up there was no Craigs List, or Manhunt, or shit like that. But there were fantasies about guys. Some normal. Some fuckin outrageous. No way could any of them happen cuz its not like I was ever gonna start cruising gay bars.  Then I get older and realise shit like this can happen thru the wonders of the web. And no, I don't want them all to happen. I look at clips from Bound In Public and bone up immediately. But I don't want that to seriously happen. But I've stepped in places I never thought I would when I was a kid. So ya I know I don't do a ton and I know I'm basically ballless when it comes to doing some stuff but I think most curious guys are like me. Partly amped cuz we can live fantasies we never thought we would and part scared shitless cuz we actually can.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Our techno team at SJT2 has uncovered the secret formula used by Blogger to select blogs to be shut down.

Cream Me

Ok so now I got a question.  Is it considered safe sex to beat off using another dudes cum as yor lube. I was chatting with a guy about this and he was saying how he likes to beat off wtih guys especially when they jizz all over his johnson and he rubs their cum on his dick. He said the best part was feeling how warm it was knowing that the spooge was just in their balls.  Is it safe? Do guys do this or is it a fetish thang?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Divorced Entertainment

So I think I told you guys about a buddy of mine who was in the process of divorce. He was staying with his parents for awhile but now has a place of his own. Been meaning to get there but didn’t tell last night.  Very weird walking into his place and seeing him live in a little apartment instead of his house. He’s doing pretty good. So I asked him if he’s getting any action. He said ‘oh ya plenty’ and he showed me a bunch (probably 20) of porn CDs hes got. He says you can buy them at adult vid shops used and they’re discounted. I was like man you’re gonna wear out your dick with these lol. He was like no man I just watch em to chill. So about an hour later I go to take a piss. His bathroom is in his bedroom. I come out and look around and he’s got a big ol box of keenex and a bottle pf lube on the box he uses as a nightstand.  Just watches em to chill.  Right. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

To Protest Boston's Dismal Start, Fans Decide To Keep Their Bats The Same Place The Sox Keep Theirs

Nice Barnacle

Ok.  I admit it. I'm an asshole.  I look at a dude like this and go wtf?  I mean like I'm not this big total loser. I got decent looks.  I work out pretty hard and it shows. And little Scottie's had his share of adulation.  But I mean seriously.  No guy on the freakin planet should be ripped like this, have a donger that hits him in the navel, AND be the captain of his own vessel.  You know I give a lot of props to guys who got the guts to bare it all outside.  But shit if I looked like this and had my own ride like this I'd freakin never wear clothes at sea!

Friday, April 15, 2011

No Posts On Weekends - Stay Out Of Trouble...Or Get Into Trouble and Email Me!

Closing Out The Week With An Audience Participation Post

Ok here we go.  Time for the semi-monthly debate on pubes.  I wanna know what you think of my boy here.  Let’s call him Bob.  I know some of you guys like em hairy, some groomed, some bad-assed bald.  I groom.  But not quite as…uh…angular as Bob here.  Bob and his razor got some serious bling going on.  So what’s the verdict.  I wanna hear from the Cock Conasewers (I have no idea how to spell it and spellcheck doesn’t even know what the fuck I’m trying to say, but it means serious experts, know what I’m saying?) on Bob’s rug.  Is it too short?  Just right? Does Bob need a moratorium (5 syllables!) on his razor?  Or has Bob reached serious Pube Nirvana?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


What’s this?  In the backgroung?  Is it…could it be? My God it’s Scoobie Doo!  Assuming the ready position!  Which means….oh my God. In the foreground that must be (the inappropriately named) Shaggy!  How many Scoobie Snacks did it take to lure him into THAT position?  Couldn’t you just get a triple cheeseburger pepperoni & chili and salsa pizza and call it a day?  What would Velma say?  Is Freddie not available?  Who’s next? Fred and Dino??

The Same But Different

So when I had my old blog I had some rules that pretty much said ‘there’s no rules’.  Fuck that.  New sheriff in town and I’m kicking ass like LAPD on minorities: 
  1. I’m going with fewer posts a day.  Let’s just say that the situation at work has changed making it more difficult for me to get on my blog.  So 1, 2, maybe 3 posts a day. 
  2. I’m not putting counters or my little world globe at the bottom of my blog.  It used to be that watching the counter spin and the globe light up gave me a big ol boner and made me feel like a big man.  So now I know it’s not really about that. I proved to myself with my last blog that I can do this and do a pretty kick ass job.  I don’t need no counter to tell me. 
  3. I promise to use spellcheck so you know what the hell I’m saying.  Okay I don’t promise but I’ll try.
  4. Last one – biggest change.  I get a lot of haters in here.  And I’m actually cool with that. Disagree with me, tell me.  Think I’m full of shit, tell me.  I’m good with that and it’s actually one of my favorite things to read.  BUT – fuckin lie about me and I’ll purge your ass.  I’m talking assholes that are all like “Oh ya this isn’t the same Scott” and “Oh ya I seen Scott at my gym at school” and “Oh I know that Scott’s an Ivy League guy writing a paper on homosexuality”.  I’m not gonna put up with that shit cuz…..oh ya…IT’S MY FUCKIN BLOG!!!!!!! So if you wanna bash me bring it. I’m good with it. But if you’re a lying prick I’ll wipe you out so fast it’ll make your head spin.  Both of em.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Curious Guy’s First Time

Ya know what. I fucked up. Only back a week and I fucked up. Ya know the poll I got over on the right? It doesn’t include an option for all the curious guys who, reading this blog, is as close as they came to guy on guy sex. So here’s my way of making it up to them. In the comments of this post I want to hear from the curious guys who haven’t had sex but have had erotic situations happen to them. Or tell me what your fantasy is about having sex with a guy for the first time. I wanna hear about it and I’m pretty freakin sure the gay guys who read this are gonna get a big ol chubby hearing about it lol. So have at it guys. Nothing’s too tame or wild. How close have you come, and what would you want to do?

Why Don’t I Try To Have More Sex With Guys

So I did a post (Chick Magnate) that got a lot of chatter. One comment asked a question like “Why don’t you just go out and fuck or get fucked already?”.  Good question.  So I’m gonna give you a look inside the curious guys mind to explain the answer. It doesn’t have anything to do with labels. I could line up 7 guys at a bar to stick it to me in the ass but I wouldn’t label myself as gay (although I’d have a hard time convincing anyone I was straight either lol). But ya I admit when I started blogging I looked at butt fucking as a gay thing. I don’t so much now. But I think I’m pretty much past the label thing. But here’s the deal.  I got a family that I’m pretty fuckin committed to.  I got these fucked up urges that break through sometimes but I don’t want them to take hold of my freakin life. Look, 5 yrs ago I never did anything with a guy, so in the past 5 yrs I’ve done stuff I never thought I’d do. And I’m good with that. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna keep going till I’m affectionately known around town as Scott-The-Cum-Guzzling-Homo.  It means I gotta take things at my own pace.
Straight guys chime in here if I’m off base. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vacation Sex

A lot of guys wrote me and said “Scott hope you got a lot of sex while you were on vacation”.  Ok these guys must be gay lol. When you go on vacation with the family and you and your wife are in a room with your kids you’re not gonna get much pussy.  Being the brilliant (horny) guy I am one night I sent the kids out to the pool to pick up a pizza.  They said it would be like 40 min but I sent the kids right out.  I promptly walked into the shower where my wife was and banged her standing up in the shower.  Only last like 5 minutes cuz I went at it pretty hard. When I’m in a different setting like that my loins sorta go into overdrive.  Kids came back, we were already dressed.  It was the perfect crime!  They forgot napkins so we sent them back down.  I looked at my wife.
Scott: “You wanna go another round?”
Wife: “After that quickie we probably could but I’ll take a pass.”

Rare Treat

So I got home from work last night and didn't hear anything.  Very weird.  Checked my texts and saw I got one from my wife in the afternoon saying she was going out with the kids around dinner and would be out till around 8.  Wow.  I'm never home alone.  Like never.  It's amazing how the male brain works.  Like a reflex reaction I went upstairs to the bedroom to jerk off.  I WASN'T EVEN HORNY!!!!!  It was just like whoa, got the  house to myself, gotta have at it.  Swear to god.  I didn't even strip. Just pulled my pants down, laid on the bed and practiced the skill I been developing since I was 12.  It was nice beating my meat while not looking at the toilet or the shower drain.  Almost like a mastrubationvacation!  A get away for my dick.  Sweet.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ode To Blogger

Some people think I have a grudge against Blogger cuz they spanked my blog.  Twice.  But I’m a bigger person than that. And to show it I wrote a poem dedicated to my friend Blogger.  You guys didn’t know I had a warm soft side did you?
If Blogger were a song I’d sing it loud all day long.
If Blogger were a wine it would be a cabernet.  Because I don’t like red.   
If Blogger were a woman, I would make long passionate love to her.  And when the neighbors weren’t looking I’d beat her because she just doesn’t understand.
If my beloved Blogger were a meadow I would run barefoot to feel her soft grass on my toes.  Then I’d pull out my dick and piss on the grass and watch it turn yellow.
If Blogger was a beer I would guzzle it down with my friends, then go out for Chinese and puke it up in chunks.
If Blogger were a goldfish I would watch it swim effortlessly in a bowl.  And when it started to smell or I just got bored with it I’d take it to the aquarium where the pirhona are on display.
If my beautiful Blogger were a star in the sky I would watch it twinkle above me as I admired it’s timeless beauty.  Then I’d spend $54.95 for its naming rights and name it ‘diarrhea’. 
If Blogger were the wind I’d stand naked in it and feel its glory until I farted in it and stunk it all up. 
If Blogger were a kitten I’d put it in my lap and gently stroke its fur.  And when it started purring I’d pull its tail till it clawed me, then I’d throw it against the wall and claim self defense.

But no, my Blogger is none of those things. It’s a friend.  A backstabbing, self righteous friend that I will love and nurture until it arbitrarily cancels my blog again.  Which after this posting will likely be in the next few hours. 

Chick Magnet

Ok so I had a pretty kick ass vacation. Went to someplace tropical.  Lots of great scenery by the pool.  Whole family went. But a boy can look lol. So at night wife and I go to hotel bar and it’s just like at home – guys gather around the bar, women gather around each other.  So 1 night I’m talking to this hotshot who’s telling me about how uber successful he is and he’s on the fast track at his company and he’s economically insulated (I still have no idea what that means).  So in comes his wife (hottie) he introduces us and she looks me up and down and goes “oh yes. I remember you from the pool today.”  Had no idea who she was.  So that tells me that she was scoping my ass out at the pool.  And if she was she undoubtedly undressed me out of my suit in her head. So big man, you can get all the props you can at work, but when you get back to your room and your banging your chick she’s gonna be getting poked by little Scottie in her mind.  For whatever reason that made the arrogant douchebag a lot easier to deal with. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

No Weekend Posts - Put Off Being a Vegetarian To Next Week

This Weekend - Red Sox Welcome The Yanks to Boston

You know it's early in the season so I wasn't gonna get all Boston-Yankees on your asses but my buddy Bos Guy starts in with a Comment so it's like ok I'll bite.  If I were going to this game I'd be careful walking by the stadium cuz that whistling sound you hear could be Red Sox Nation hurling themselves from the top of Fenway doing a faceplant on Yawkey Way.  

Jeff & The Douchbag

Ok last post on the past. But props are needed here.  When my blog went down a bunch of you guys emailed me not just to see where my blog was but to see if I was ok. And some of my blog buddies did posts on me to keep me alive, and all you guys who commented on other blogs about me. I read em and they were really really nice.  Seriously appreciate that man.  Thanks.  I got a lot of feedback asking me to start up. But as you all know I don’t follow directions well.  But there was one guy who really hounded me to stick with it.  You know him as Rugbysex, the asshole who speaks in tongues.  Even though I wanna beat the shit out of him sometimes he really was behind me in getting this going.  So props to Rugby.  But don’t let it go to your head. Your still a self-righteous dick lol.  The last ass I gotta kiss is Jeff at  He’s a smart guy who helps guys try and get their blogs back from the Nazis Blogger.  It didn’t work for me, but that wasn’t about Jeff. It was more about me being a loser. Jeff is freakin awesome. And I think he does a lot of great shit for people that got kicked. Plus Jeff is a piece of ass. 
Ok boys onward and upward. Let’s go out and kick some ass.  Or lick some ass, whatever makes you happy lol.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

So no, I didn’t exactly go out and fuck like a banshee while I was gone. But I gotta tell you I discovered the glory of IM sex. One of my readers started IMing me and things got a little out of control.  Like to the point if I did the things in real life I said I was gonna do on IM I’d have to change the name of my blog to The Horniest Homo In The Hemisphere. The chances of an actual get together in real life are slim but it’s kinda hot thinking about. And yes, in the IMs I took it up the ass.  But only once. And he took me out for a virtual dinner lol

Doing My Time

One question that's come up a lot is what did I do while I was gone.  I'm presuming this is about sex lol.   So I think I told you guys, while I've had a blog I don't have this huge desire to go out and grab guy sex.  When my blogs been yanked I sniff around way more.  It's almost like I got a daily horniness requirement that's gotta be filled.  This time was no exception.  Did lots of sniffin.  Didn't get any action.  Why? I don't send out pics.  I don't have a place to host. I'm not gonna take it up the ass. I can't do stuff at night or on weekends.  And it's not like I can sneak out of work whenever I want to. The HR chick once described my job as 'sitentary', which means I sit on my ass all day.  That pretty much rules me out of the homosex sweepstakes.  Came close once but didn't do anything.  Besides, it's more fun if I get to share it with you assholes!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Help From My Boys

Hey guys ok I wanna set up my links this weekend.  I have some of them but I'd really apprecaite it if you guys remember the names of blogs or websites that I had. And you bloggers who did posts on me - thanks!  Make sure I get your links.  Send them to my old email addy -
Thanks boys.

I Love Albany!

Ok so I been back less than a week and I dissed my state capital and a reader who's a really good guy who lives in Albany.  To be honest I only been to Albany like 5 times and I wasn't sober any time I was there (insert Andrew Cuomo joke here lol).  SHIT! I did it again! Sorry Andy.  You da man!  So love going out to Albany and the rest of upstate NY...the greatest suburb NYC could ever have!

Now I Know Why I Came Back

So ya I'll be honest. When my blog got blown away I was like fuck it stick a fork in my big ass I'm done.  And it's kinda hard starting from scratch.  So I do a couple posts to get it going again. 

And then the Comments come.

Rugby man giving me his daily French lesson (dude, I struggle with English.  wtf!), a guy making a reference to us being like a family, an email from a Mormon guy who taught me more about religion than I learned in 12 years of religion class, a guy who tells me my blogs good but not as good as someone else's (which is like saying 'you got a big dick but not as big as the guy who just left lol), and a classic comment from Anon 412 in the Fredette posting saying to himself after 5 years of marriage 'damn I must be gay' lol.  I really hope I give you guys 1/4 of the entertainment you give me.  Seriously. You guys are awesome. Twisted. But awesome!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A More Grown Up Scott

Given my past I understand why you think I was out last night for the Uconn-Butler game with my buddys getting hammered.  Actually I stayed home and watched the game with a friend.  I think it's time I grew up and became a better role model for my children and realised enjoying sports does not require alcohol.
Besides, after getting home at 3 am last weekend and making a pretty ugly scene in the bathroom I was grounded for the game by my wife.

Is This Humanly Possible In The Male Of The Species????????

I had a lot of guys ask me how my NCAA bracket went (shitty) and what team I was for.  Second part was actually BYU.  No, I'm not Mormon.  But anyone who follows college hoops at all knows the sensation of the tourny was Jimmer Fredette.  Probably cuz a) he's a non-recruited player from Albany (poor guy) b) he's a white guy who led the nation in scoring c) he looks like an altar boy d) he's got a goofy name.  But here's the deal with BYU.  Near the end of the season they lost their starting center to suspension cuz he admitted to having sex.  I'M NOT KIDDING.   Apparently its against Mormon law and the code of ethics says if u boink u gotta turn yourself in.  So he did.  If this rule applied at Duke the only team they could field would be a science team!  So here's my question - does this include jerking off? Is it possible that there could be a group of 12 American boys age 18-21 who do not beat off? And after this happened was it weird for the guys left on the team knowing that everyone who watched them knows they are virgins? I couldn't have made it through tryouts, much less 4 years of school!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Real Story

So a lot of you guys were hoping for something more exciting as a reason I disappeared.  OK so here it is.  Most of you know I’ve always suspected little Scottie of plotting a takeover.  It finally happened.  In the middle of the night when I least expected it.  There were no blog postings cuz he sucks on the keyboard and he wanted to deny me contact with the outside world.  After 4 grueling weeks a coo, one that the CIA would be proud of, was carried out by little Scottie’s arch enemy – my balls.  It was a bloodless (fortunately) overthrow and order was once again restored.  As punishment I hired a pro to edge his renegade ass for like 2 hours till the little fuck screamed for mercy.
That better?

Assasination of a Blog

So I got a lot of questions about what happened to my blog. I went on vacation, got home, pulled up my blog and bam its gone.  No notice from Blogger. No reason. Just gone. Happened to my first blog (The Gayest Straight Guy) and when it did I was PISSED. But for some reason I didn't feel the same way this time.  Ya I was bummed but it was like wtf stick a fork in my big ass I'm done. Then I sorta hooked up with a guy who has a blog that specializes in closed blogs and bringing them back (I'm gonna do a whole posting on him cuz he's awesome). So you go thru this process of requesting a review and shit. Didn't get my blog back. In part cuz I'm a shithead (not gonna go into details, but trust me on this one).  If any of you guys don't believe I'm a dumb jock you can ask the blog dude. He can vouch for me lol. So after talking to my advisers (I'm gonna do a post on him too even though he's an asshole he deserves it) I decided to give it another shot. I kinda missed it. Most of all missed the engagement with you guys. So what I learned is it wasn't some asshole blowing me in. It's not something Blogger is gonna give me a reason for. It just is. Ok so whatever I'm back...till they kick my ass again.  Alot of guys suggested switching to another platform but I'm kinda hard headed and I'm familiar with Bloggers format. So here I am back again in this fucked up adversarial relationship with Blogger.  Maybe I'll start posting cookie recipes and stain fighting tips to keep them off my ass lol.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Regular Postings Starting Monday

Hey guys. Give me a few days to replenish my pics and to recover from the inevitable hangover from the Uconn-Kentucky game.  Fill you in all the shit from the past month that I been "napping".  Good to be back.

Look Who's Back