Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is This Humanly Possible In The Male Of The Species????????

I had a lot of guys ask me how my NCAA bracket went (shitty) and what team I was for.  Second part was actually BYU.  No, I'm not Mormon.  But anyone who follows college hoops at all knows the sensation of the tourny was Jimmer Fredette.  Probably cuz a) he's a non-recruited player from Albany (poor guy) b) he's a white guy who led the nation in scoring c) he looks like an altar boy d) he's got a goofy name.  But here's the deal with BYU.  Near the end of the season they lost their starting center to suspension cuz he admitted to having sex.  I'M NOT KIDDING.   Apparently its against Mormon law and the code of ethics says if u boink u gotta turn yourself in.  So he did.  If this rule applied at Duke the only team they could field would be a science team!  So here's my question - does this include jerking off? Is it possible that there could be a group of 12 American boys age 18-21 who do not beat off? And after this happened was it weird for the guys left on the team knowing that everyone who watched them knows they are virgins? I couldn't have made it through tryouts, much less 4 years of school!


  1. i'm a perv in so many ways, not the least of which is because b'ball aint my game. more pointedly, i find very few players to be sexually attractive...just not my body type. but man oh man i'd do mr. fredette. whew! he reminds me of an aussie rules footy player i once knew (yeah, in the biblical sense). i'm not a mormon either bro, and i stand to be corrected by someone who can speak w/ some authority, but no scott, i think they get a pass on wanking. btw, i don't believe the suspended player turned himself in...i think he was ratted out which was utterly dispicable. do i think a private, religious university is being unreasonable when it expects its students to adhere to a moral code consistent with its beliefs? again, i'm probably in the minority when i say no they're not. do i wish the university had reached some sort of accomodation that would have prevented the kid from being suspended...that might have been an excellent opportunity to demonstrate christian charity and foregiveness? you bet i do!

  2. I'll bet, that some magazine is going to offer BYU#32 a big chunk of change to take it off. I can't see anyone saying no to that guy, not even the Statue of Liberty!

  3. If he doesn't jack off its a dirty rotten shame. He's one serious peice of mormon ass!

  4. Hooray for UCONN... Despite it being an ugly, ugly game.

  5. I need to see this boy in a jockstrap

  6. Scott: wow, I almost lost the question. I almost started to talks about the Mormans, but I realized you were asking about jerking off. :-)

    Peer pressure is a great thing. Especially if all these guys were brought up Morman thet ready know what is expected of them.

    Good movie to watch is Latter Days (2003). Morman kid off to do his required (? I can't think of what its called...) In L.A.
    Not a family movie, has gay sex :-)

    So, yeah, a group of guys can.


  7. Well I don't follow basketball that much, football and hockey are my sports... but now to the important issue, me being of the "male species" can not fathom young men between 18-21 not busting their nut... before they nod off in bed, nice and cozy, thinking about pussy or whatever, and not having their hand go down to their junk..Nope don't get it at all... men are primal animals when it comes to letting the jizz out... case closed...


  8. as a side note, for those interested in exposed jocks, try this site: http://nudeprojocks.blogspot.com/

  9. Jimmer can't be a 'virgin'. No way.

  10. That's not fair. I'll bet the chess team at duke are virgins too.

    visions unto myself

  11. BYU alum here. No JO either. I didn't have sex until I was married at 21 and I didn't jo until I was 26. Had wet dreams every night. Thought it would stop after I got married, it didn't. Guess I wasn't getting enough. Finally stopped when I "discovered" myself. About a year later, I realized, man, you're probably gay.

  12. Scott,

    Brandon Davis, one of BYU's few minority ball players, told a fellow basketball teammate* about bangin' his WHITE girlfriend. While the university did not hesitate to suspend Davis from the series, the narc was allowed to play on -- with his identity withheld and protected. Honor? Respect?

    Harvey Unga, another minority player (football), was also suspended in 2010 for violating the code of conduct. (I think this one was drugs.)

    BYU’s Honor Code requirements for male students:
    Abstinence from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea, beards, goatees, sleeveless clothing, sexual activity outside of marriage – including masturbation, porn, HOMO behavior and cursing.

    I find it most interesting that a school with such a long history of racial issues and strict moral codes routinely suspend minority athletes while protecting the students who narc on ‘em.

    I wonder what BYU’s got in place to council such students who fall or deviate from a predetermined path. Do they exercise, at equal measure, a way in which to build up a student’s character? Do they reinforce the idea that we're all human? All "sinners"?

    [Even the Amish, THE AMISH encourage their 16-year olds to leave their way of life: rumspringa -"running around" and go experience the English world before making the decision as an informed adult whether or not to continue with the Church.]

    I was happy to see Davies** show up and support his team but wonder what impact this has own his self-worth and I wonder how, it at all, BYU plans to address that.

    I loved watching Jimmer, and BYU has a great program but this idea of forced morality and questions around racial hostility will keep me from becoming a real fan.

    Of course BYU is allowed to define and enforce honor and excellence however they deem appropriate however, it seems their investment is focused much more on forced morality and judgment vs honor and respect.


    *Of all the notable athletes making up BYU's roster of team sports, Mormons make up the smallest percentage. Fredette, Davies – are not Mormons themselves but chose the school for it’s athletic programs.
    **I’m not overlooking the integrity issue here. Each athlete is required to commit to the honor code in writing, Mormon or not.

  13. i live in utah, and yes, its stupid that you might get kicked out of the skool for having sex without getting married first. BYU bases their skool rules on religion, which really sucks.
    Mormons get mad if:
    You say God
    You say Lord
    You say Jesus
    You have had sex outside of marriage
    You watch porn
    You had a beer before the age of 21

    Some of them are really kool and really dont care, but there are stupid people out there who freak out like no other when you say God

  14. To Anonymous in Utah -- Yes, Mormons are irritated if people say "God," etc., as a vain expression, as in "OMG." No wonder. The second commandment forbids that. "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain, for the Lord shall not hold him guiltless that taketh His name in vain."

    Idle use of the Lord's name is disrespectful. Show some respect.

    As for the Honor Code, if a person doesn't want to attend BYU, he doesn't have to. Once he signs up for those rules, he needs to live them or leave.

    Brandon Davies was treated compassionately by the institution and by the people. Love and forgiveness are extended on a personal level, but that doesn't mean that it's appropriate to ignore the violator's responsibility. If violations of the Code are not dealt with consistently - whether one if a star jock or not - pretty soon there is no Code. Credit goes to Davies for dealing with his infraction like a man and not whining about how unfair it was.

    Finally, as to the question that started this post -- yes, having been there, living in close quarters with a bunch of roommates, I am confident that there are thousands of young men in their prime on that campus who do not beat off. Not only is it the religious ideal (sacrificing one's urges for a noble purpose), but it makes for a serious incentive for marriage!

    On the other hand, masturbation has never been an explicit element in the Honor Code the way actual premarital sex, lying, cheating, illegal drug use, smoking, and drinking booze are.

    The text is at http://saas.byu.edu/catalog/2010-2011ucat/GeneralInfo/HonorCode.php#HCOfficeInvovement.

  15. Scott, I missed you forever, but you gotta pick on Albany? Totally not cool, but I'll remain a fan for awhile so you can apologize.

  16. TGK's comment @ 7:05 is a perfect example of why I love TheGrumpyKing blog. Not trying to take anything away from Str8jock Scott I'm so glad ur back but it is a fantastic blog, and TGK is a great King. And it don't hurt that he's fucking hot 2!

    BTW... ur smokin hot 2 Scott!

    L8R, Jake

  17. glory be...who'd have thunk lil ole str8jocktalking would produce such a serious and thoughtful exchange?! it's ok scott...we know this is just a spank blog LMFAO. i'd venture there's a consensus...we'd all like to get in jimmer's shorts. ha!

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  19. Oh I'd bend Fredette over in a second Ruggy! He's not my No. 1 in the NCAA but I'd sure show him some Royal Lovin'.

    True dat!

  20. Anon 4:21PM "BYU alum here. No JO either ... About a year later, I realized, man, you're probably gay."

    I would read your blog every day.

    Rick (SEA)

  21. Since BYU was my favorite school, I named my bracket challenge Bators. I thought anyone we signed a college honor code pledge not to have premarital sex has only two other choices--abtaining or jerking off. Since their all between 18&21, they are going to hammer those cocks during those four years.

  22. OMG it is so good you are back :)

    I missed you mate.