Friday, April 29, 2011

What Are The Earthlings Doing?

Ok I know this is kinda fucked up. But I was thinking - if aliens watched us, sorta like could look in our houses and study us like lab rats, what would they think of us jerking off? I mean if you really think aobut it its a pretty fucked up thing to do.

The male of the species is agressively rubbing a small tube located in the middle of his torso.  He looks angry. He continues agressive motion until tube throws up.

They probably wonder why we don't do this to our arm or foot or something.  I think if aliens abducted me and used my brain to understand humans they'd leave so fucking confused that they'd never come back.  Hey I could single handedly prevent an interstallar war and enable our species to exist forever.  You're welcome!


  1. First of all Scott, I find that hilarious, us males are certainly "pulling" tugging, "rubbing", our middle would have them so confused....

    What I get believe is not one comment yet and you posted this at 1:43, and this dude is so freaking hot, and that thick cock, is going to have me "tugging" and spewing in 2 seconds...

    Well maybe I am the only one that has today off...


  2. Thank you Scott for offering up your cock to save the planet, I really appreciated that you are willing to take one for the team.

  3. You are my favorite person on the planet. You entertain me all day long. If you'ld just bottom you'd be perfect!

  4. Confess Scott, you would do it for the 'anal probe'.

  5. oldBob says...

    WHEW! there's one less thing I need to worry about now, alien invasion. On the other hand, if the aliens look like this guy, invade me, I'm ready.

  6. Scott,
    You are some piece of work. I am still laughing. My Lord, don't let this man go away. I would like to be a fly on a wall when your wife gets together with her girlfriends. Maybe, just maybe, you should mention something to your wife about taking one for mankind. I got a feeling that she would say, go for it honey.
    The guy on Star Trek use to say Beam me up Scottie. If I were an alien, I would say, beam me down Scottie for the guy in the picture!!
    I think this story about you doing one for mankind replaces the cock ring story, maybe.
    And! You closed with, "You're Welcome."
    I'm having trouble seeing the keys. I swear there are tears of laughter running down my face. This is too good.
    Scott! Have a great weekend.
    Search the heavens man, look to the sky. Remember the movie, "The Thing". That's what the aliens think he is beating, the thing! They don't have one, that's why they are coming here!!!
    O God, this is too funny. amtop, storyman and old bob, great replies. Funny stuff.
    I can see Scott be taken away by the aliens and they are going to do the probe, and he is yelling for us to come and rescue him.
    Scottie's screaming, I thought about it, but I ain't ready Freddy! The aliens reply, take one for mankind. See ya.
    I think that you just made my weekend. I hope that I don't think about this in church, I'll crack up.

  7. Scott my man, you have way too much time on your hands. Aliens studying us jerking off--really.

  8. If Scott says that aliens are studying us for jerking off, it's true. Anonymous, the next time you jerk off, look to the sky.

  9. Anonymous, I should have asked, and tell us what you see? If you are seeing a big dipper, that's telling you something.
    p.s. Anonymous, Can you imagine that shooting stars look like glittering condoms? Think about it. Just give it some serious thought. Let us know what you think. Just think what a star burst is like. We await your academic answer.
    Have a good weekend.

  10. Scott, Methinks you have a porno script/movie in the making, one that would crack us up and get us doesn't get much better than that!
    It goes without saying, you would be the star, yeah...STARFUCKER TO THE RESCUE!

  11. oh yes, I wonder what those aliens, think when they see two species of the same kind probing the "Milky Way" of another... they must think they are on the planet "Uranus"...

  12. well from what most biologist understand at this point, physiology is pretty basic no matter where it is located, so they should still understand penis, vagina, anus, oral. Even here on earth, the walrus, the bat, the gecko, the chimp, the dolphin, the cuttlefish, and multiple other animals all induce self orgasmic convulsion. Granted it is not always in a pleasurable state... but humans aren't the only species on our planet known to do this exercise. If another planet is discovered with life, they may already even have sexual devises and tools.

  13. Speaking of bats, wait till they get a load of the "bat" that is swinging, between that dudes legs.. Oh man, I am hoping an alien of any kind(while, of the male species) comes knocking at my door tonight, with a whopper like that.

  14. You need to share whatever it is you're smok'n!!!

  15. Sorry to disappoint lads but according to the movie skyline the only head that aliens are interested in is the one on top of our shoulders.