Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Damn! They Learn Young!

Balance Sheet

 I been giving some serious thought to an escort. But I think I got some fundamental problems with doing that. So I was taught that if I need to make a decision on something I should do a balance sheet to list what’s good and what’s not. 

I get a human slave for an hour (that like counts as double)
Get to check out the merchandise (escorts have pics)
Should at least get a good blow job out of it
Nothing happens that I don’t approve
Eye candy
Can try things I might not have the guts to do otherwise

Disease potential (that counts double)
The dude could be a total tool
Cash outlay
Maybe I should wait till I’m ready to get porked in the ass so I can get my money’s worth

Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend Question - Where's The Coolest Place You Ever Had Sex

When Does It Go From Fantasy to Fetish

I used to think I have a spanking fetish. I know it’s fucked up but I always wanted to be taken over a knee and spanked. Bare ass.  Hard.  I got lucky and had my fantasy filled. And ya I liked it. But do I have a burning desire for it to happen again? Not really.  So maybe it’s not a fetish. Maybe I just had a wild fantasy. So what happens if I scratch everything off my gay boy bucketlist? Do I just call it a day and move on to coin collecting? 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What To Do This Holiday Weekend

Wash the boat

Water the garden

Enjoy the views

Play a sport

Enjoy your pool

Clean up the yard
Chill with a bud

Make new friends

Do some home improvements

Coffee Break

So I pull up at the drive thru for coffee yesterday morning and there’s a car in front of me placing his order.  The guy couldn’t have been more than 18.  Old beater car.  His drivers window must be busted cuz he was standing outside his car talking to the machine that takes your order.  Baggy basketball shorts. Flat brimmed cap turned backwards.  Sucking a cigarette.  Looked like a white ghetto boy.   And the whole time bad boy’s got his hand down the front of his pants absent mindedly squeezing his dick.  I’m just parked there behind him watching. Douch didn’t even know I was there.  This probably went on for like 15 seconds before he saw me and just pulled his hand out of his pants, finished his order, got in his car and drove up.  Do we EVER give our dicks a break? And if you were that kid don’t you think he’d express the slightest remorse for getting caught playing with himself? The only thing that probably interrupts this dude from perpetual masturbation is periodic sex and dumping his ashtray.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

News Flash - Sanitation Engineers Explore Alternative Methods Of Garbage Removal

Perfect Symmetry

I was chatting with a guy recently about ass.  I think when it comes to guys I’m an ass man.  With chicks I’m definitely a titty man. I like looking at a nice ass, one that’s been worked out (at a gym, not by a dick), one that’s got some meat on it.  Not those flat or droopy ones.  Those are nasty.  But a good ass on a man says he respects his body and works out.  I admire that.  The symmetry of ass.  Just not necessarily the smell lol.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dusting Off An Old Fetish

I haven't given this one much thought lately but it's still there.  No idea why but haircuts get me hard.  Always have. When I was a kid I used to JO to this fantasy of the lady who cut my hair makeing me strip down naked and getting my hair cut bare.  Uh.....now that I'm a little older and more....um....worldly, that fantasy is modified a bit.  Like the lady in the fantasy now has a dick and he's naked too lol. Does anyone else have haircut fantasies or is this a Fucked Up Scott thing?


Last week I had to go out of town for a couple days. Don't travel much and I don't get to go to exaclty what you'd call exotic locations. But I planned on doing some stuff while I was there. For a number of reasons I baled out. But my right hand was spent so I decided to check the web for some action. I told you guys way back that I never go for ads that say 'come over I'll blow you no recip needed'. Just sounds too needy. But I made an exception this time lol. I really needed head. So I go to the guys place (found the only ghetto in that town), noticed a few cars in the driveway, go to the door, he answers, I say 'uh...is this a bad time? You alone?' He's like oh ya it's a shared driveway (???) I'm alone. I walk in, close the door behind me, turn around and dudes on his knees undoing my pants. Like right in his doorway! He started sucking (nice) but then I heard something in another room.  I kinda paniced cuz it sounded like there was someone else there and I was definitley not into surprises.  So I grab his head and start fucking the muther fuckin shit out of his face.  Creamed in like 2 minutes.  He swallowed. I pulled up my pants thanked him and bolted. Unquestionabley the weirdest bj I ever got.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Navy Seals On Their Way Home - Nice Work Boys

What Feels Different?

Ok so I was talking to a reader who is sorta in the same boat as me. Sorta like the finger-in-the-butt sensation during JO sometimes but not sure about having someone else do it and and definitely not ready for the big one to go up there. And you guys probably read my latest sexcapade where a guy put a couple fingers up my ass and I definitely didn’t like it. But another reader tells me that he doesn’t like taking a finger up the ass but he loves a dick slid up there.
Why is it my finger feels good in my butt but someone else’s hurts? And how could a dick feel good in there but a finger hurt? And what’s with this new fascination I have with the male ass?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pimp Me - Re-Do

Hey guys. Scott here. My blog's back up on Best Male Blogs again. Somehow it got taken down before (probably the a-hole at Blogger that wiped out my other blog lol).  So do me a favor and take a second to vote for my blog on the right side of the blog.  It helps let guys know I'm back up and running.  Have a good weekend boys.

Friday, May 20, 2011

No Postings On Weekends - Dildos With Suction Cups...Unfreakinreal!


So we talked here about getting caught jacking off.  But a reader wanted to know if anyone else (probably besides him lol) has been caught measuring.  Either by your wife, your college roommate, your brother, or (god forbid) your sister.  And if your caught, what did you do?  The weird thing about being caught was when I was a kid, the worst thing I could imagine is getting caught jacking off by my parents.  Now one of the hottest things I can think of is jacking off while another dude watches. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gay Men Dating

This has all the makings of a Pile On Scott The Douchebag posting.  Ok so here’s what I want to know.  How does the male-male dating thing go?  With girls its usually 1 of 2 things.  A) you date a nice girl with the anticipation of getting in her pants by like the 3rd or 4th date.  B) you meet bitch out at a bar, buy her enough alcohol till she thinks your homely ass looks good and badabing your in her bed.  Is that the way it is with guys too?  I mean are there like courtships and stuff?  Does the whole ‘I-want-to-sleep-with-you-but-I-want-you-to-respect-me’ bullshit exist in the gay dating world? Do guys play hard to get?  Or do you basically fuck who you’re with till you find one that swallows?  I’ve typed and retyped this post about 4 times and this still makes me sound like an asshole but hey, you guys know me by now!

Red Necks

A buddy of mine in college used to say "the redder the neck, the bluer the balls".  I went to school with some guys who's idea of a hot weekend was tractor pulls.  I never understood the quote exactly but it was always good for a laugh. So now I want you guys to finish the quote:
"The redder the neck, ................

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sometimes A Pic Grabs You

Once in a while I get guys asking me why I don't have more pics of black guys or hispanic guys. I have no freakin idea. When I see a pic that stirs little Scottie I grab it and toss it in my blog. Don't spend a lot of time on equal opportunity porn evaluation. This pic might be one of the hottest I seen in  a while. You guys know I'm kinda a nature boy, especially when it comes to water. Sorta looks like the dude is being kidnapped, but if he is he's got some pretty progressive kidnappers lol.

Rights Or Wrongs

Ok so I think I told you guys I was out last Saturday.  One topic that came up was some guys talking about gay rights (apparently this is a hot topic on the floor in Albany).  So let me ask something.  I get that bible carriers don't approve of gay sex because they think the only reason your supposed to have sex is to procreate.  So my question is, does that mean these guys don't JO?  I mean its not like their right hand is gonna get pregnant right?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keeping It Real

There was a comment asking when I think about when I JO. Ok so ya I think about guys. But not like having sex with guys. Wait that's wrong. It is sex with guys lol. But not like you probably think. I seen those vid clips of Bel Ami and Randy Blue and stuff and ya the dudes are good looking and buff. But to be honest that doesn't do much for me. I'd rather watch a vid of someone who looks real. Someone who looks like thier as comfortable sitting down having a beer talking about how the Yanks will eventually win the division (eat me Boston!) as he is taking a dick in the butt. So here's some pics of what I think is hot.


Ok this one I’m totally out of my league so I’m just gonna turn it over to you guys.  A reader who is 18 and gay believes he’s fallen in love with another man.  The other man is 17.  Neither have much experience (I don’t think any at all actually).  But the 18 yr old wrote to me and wants to know if I thought a man can fall in love with another man at such an early age and have a lifetime of happiness together.  I know EXACTLY what I’d tell him if it was a guy and a girl but I don’t want to give advice on shit I know nothing about (though it hasn’t stopped me before lol).  Have at it boys!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bad Straight Boy

OK so the massage post got me some feedback from readers.  Here’s one I wanna point out to the gay boys out there.  Here’s the scenario. Gay guy been going to the same straight guy for awhile for a massage.  Not a kinky massage but a real massage, including covered with towel.  Each time he goes the massage guy inadvertently rubs his hand against the guys meat and nuts.  He also sorta positions himself so his dick is right near the clients hand.  The gay guy getting the massage doesn’t do anything (but would like to) cuz he’s not sure if he should.  So here’s my take.  No way a straight guy is gonna just come out and make a play for a guy.  Especially when he could get his ass in trouble for it.  If the guy is curious and he stumbles across a guy he knows or is pretty sure is gay he’s gonna sorta position himself for something to happen.  That way if it does he can rationalize in his mind that HE didn’t do anything, something was DONE TO HIM.  This probably sounds ridiculous but I’m telling you I think I got this one nailed.

Cleaned, Groomed, Happy

Went out with buddies Saturday night to bitch about the Yanks.  Stayed out a little later than expected so no sex Saturday night.  Not good.  Woke up grumpy Sunday morning and ya a little hung over.  Got in the shower and decided to relieve my balls from their pubes. I trim my patch probably once every couple months but I shave my balls probably evey 3 weeks or so. It was time. When I shave I lather up and give myself a handjob cuz it sorta tightens up my nuts and makes it easier to shave em. Once I got the boys cleaned I check out the pole and shave off any straglers snaking their way up. Then I shave maybe a 1/2 inch up my patch (I seen guys in pics with that look and its cool plus I'm not like uber hung guy so I like the illusion of extra length lol).  After I rinced off I was pretty satsified with the look and feel so I decided to reward little Scottie with a good spanking. Not sure what it is but I love jacking in the shower. Maybe it's the hot water. Maybe it's the position of standing while I cum. Idk.  But I had my ass a good time in the shower yesterday monring lol.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Is this Burning Man? Has anyone gone?  Is it really like this?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Can 1 Of You Guys Tell Me Who This Dude Is? I Think He's a Soap Opera Actor Or In Porn

How Brave Are You?

Ok so your driving down the highway, nice day, and you gotta take a piss. You pull off at a rest stop.  Not some freakin cruising rest stop but a real rest stop. And not one of those that's crawling with rug rats.  Just your basic sleepy rest stop.  Got it? Let's say its been like a week since you had any. When you go to the urnal you're feeling a little frisky.  Do you:
a) take a regular piss but try to grab a peek at the dude next to you?
b) take a regular piss and hope you get laid when you get home?
c) advertise with the pants just below the ass technique?
d) let it roll by dropping them all the way down and hope your sweet ass finds you a taker?