Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Balance Sheet

 I been giving some serious thought to an escort. But I think I got some fundamental problems with doing that. So I was taught that if I need to make a decision on something I should do a balance sheet to list what’s good and what’s not. 

I get a human slave for an hour (that like counts as double)
Get to check out the merchandise (escorts have pics)
Should at least get a good blow job out of it
Nothing happens that I don’t approve
Eye candy
Can try things I might not have the guts to do otherwise

Disease potential (that counts double)
The dude could be a total tool
Cash outlay
Maybe I should wait till I’m ready to get porked in the ass so I can get my money’s worth


  1. a hired a guy a few times when i wanted to learn how to be a good bottom....like you said, you can really figure out a lot by the pics and by the way he communicates with you....

    my escort taught me how to take it -- and it was very hot!!

    i'm still more of a top but at least i'm not afraid to bottom if the opportunity presents itself.

    scott, are you in a big city?

  2. Scott not a bad idea at all, first your pros vs. the cons are in your favor 6-5... that's a good start..

    Personally I never used an Escort service, CL, has been very good to me but I see where you don't went to go that route...

    I can see why Disease potential, is very important, but I look for signs, like he's not scratching like crazy down there (crabs) and any kind of lesion that doesn't look normal. (but all in all , I know I am going to get flack, but I have not got anything, granted I am single, and you would have much more to explain to the wife) dude, and if your really paranoid, heck your paying, you can always use a rubber for oral too....

    Oh dude you can get your money's worth without getting in up the ass.. but then again you don't like dudes like I do, I attack everywhere...lol... pits, nips, ball, ass, feet. (well just let's say Head to toe)...

    Now go for it, and pick a beefy dude like the one in Pic#1, and don't worry that cock will double in size, once he gets hard...


  3. Scott,
    Just curious, did you select these pics because this is your vision of what an escort should look like? And if so, which one of these guys would you select?

  4. anon 740 #1 is eye candy. #2 i wanna shove a 10in dildo up his ass 2 wipe the smug look off his grill. id pick #3 cuz he looks like a dude id hang with and id give him a 50-50 chance at puncturing my hole lol

  5. The last in the bad list is what you gonna think about ;)

  6. #3 is the man... I'd climb up on that awesome cock! And Scott... you have a hard time with a finger... how do you think you'd take that motherfucker. I suggest a few hits of poppers first...

  7. I think you'd be surprised at how many married men use escorts... I have a tranny friend that escorts and most of her clients are socially "straight" or married. And yes many of them want "to get porked" by a chick with a dick. Personally I'd go for #3 for that -- but human sexuality is much more varied than most people think...

    If you decide to try things out with a sex worker you can

    a) make it impersonal where the other guy is simply an object of fantasy and you are there to do the physical acts you need to do in a single session


    b) take it slower, see if you actually feel comfortable with your partner and perhaps get to the hole puncturing after a couple of sessions.

    Both are valid nor will either guarantee a great first time!

    If you do feel the need to explore your hole I'd suggest a finger in the shower is a good place to start. And from there something like an aneros if you want to go further.

    Good luck and hope you let us all know how it goes...

  8. Frank in Austin TexasMay 31, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    Why would you want to pay money for sex? You have a enormus following right here with several men who would step to the front of the line and fullfill your fantasies. All you have to do is put the word out.
    There are tons of us who seek out married/bi men for sexual pleasure and, quite frankly, you would be #1 on my list. There are adventures and pleasures you have never dreamed.
    Give it a try!
    PS Glad you enjoyed the camping picture.

  9. My hard and fast rule is never pay for porn or sex. It just keeps things "neater" for me. No paper trails; less guilt because I am not taking resources from my family and stuff like that. Just my two cents which is worth even less than two cents.

  10. Scott,
    The escort is suppose to be guaranteed sex, but make sure they will do all you want to do, and at your speed. Once you have found the correct escort for you, you get exactly what you want, it is well worth the money. I used one once and would again. Pay cash, no paper trail.

  11. Scott, hiring an escort will get you exactly what you want. At the same time there are 100's of guys here that would love to take your cherry also, and for free. You'd have no drama with an escort and know exactly what the ground rules were. So I say go for it. By all means tell the escort what you are looking to do and he will probably have all the gear to get you what you want is a safe way. Think of it as hiring a masseur, but he is only going to be working on your cock and ass, or other place of your choice.

    The only real bad, is the cash outlay, as they will be safer than an anonymous hookup, and they are going to be exactly what you want them to be, so no tool, unless that is what you want.

    PS if you want, I could help you out personally, and for free. I could go unshaven for three days and get the facial hair #3 has, I've already got the body, but no tattoo. Just let me know.

  12. Scott you know you can also tell an escort that you want HIM to take control: no human slave but he'd push you to do things you know you want to do and takes the onus off you. My guess is you walk out of there and leave your cherry behind.

  13. I've hired escorts; some have been great, others have been a huge disappointment. I think it's pretty much like hiring anyone; talk to them, make sure they have an idea of what you expect, and they seem able and willing to deliver. I'd check out Daddysreview.com before hiring. I'm a top, but I always make sure the escort is good with safer sex. If you do hire an escort with ANY expectation of bottoming, this goes double.

    Unless you want to pay for it, don't expect anything long-term. That can also be an advantage. Another advantage is it puts you in the "driving seat," so to speak. Remember to treat potential escorts with respect. It's certainly possible to hire someone that you "dominate," but outside playtime, I think any escort worth hiring expects to be treated with the same respect you offer any professional.

  14. there once was a str8jock follower who was a pro. scott, you intereviewed him for a post. he used to comment on here as well. can't remember his name. you still in touch w/ him? contact him. i know everyone's trying to be helpful and supportive, but if i need neurosurgery, i don't call my car mechanic. in other words...get professional advice. make sure you have first written down the answer to the following question before you contact him: given your location and time constraints and budget, WHAT EXACTLY IS IT I EXPECT TO GET AND WHY WOULD PAYING SOMEONE FOR IT
    one other thing. i would be remiss in my semi/demi official responsibilities as your counsel (HA!) if i didn't mention this. put it at the TOP of your bad list: it's illegal. you will be committing a crime. i know, i know...it's the world's oldest profession and a very financially successful enterprise and there's probably little if any chance at all you'd ever get busted HOWEVER...everyone's luck runs out sometime.
    p.s. let me know when you're going to do it so i'm available to come bail your bumbling ass out of jail.

  15. Anyone know the name of the guy in pic #3?

  16. point of clarification on your latest poll please...strictly speaking...are you interested in how many cocks someone has had in their mouth simlutaneously? OR for the sake of discussion...let's just say someone was having a party and there were mucho cocks in sort of a gaggle and you happened to "partake" of numeous offerings but not necessarily at the same time. does that count? ask me no questions i'll tell you no lies. LMFAO.
    pax tibi frater.

  17. christ rugby how the hell do i kno i just wrote the question lol. ok 4 clarification i was talking about how many weenies a guy sucked in 1 sitting. rugby in yor case it's how many busloads u took on in 1 sitting lol

  18. oh sorry man that last comment was from me

  19. I see you more with Bachelor No. 2. He's got the two things you like most - a big cock and an attitude. He probably wouldn't have much trouble turning you into the bitch you know you want to be!

  20. Maybe this has already been pointed out (you get way too many comments for a guy like me w/ such a limited attention span to read...

    However, escorts don't increase or diminish your chance of getting an STD. Safe sex is the only way to protect yourself from that.

    Just stating the obvious,

  21. I've been with several escorts over the years. The first time was kind of awkward because I was so nervous and inexperienced, but the guy was really patient and showed me a great time. A good escort will greet you like an old friend and keep you at ease. Sometimes we talk for a few minutes then slowly start to get close and feel each other. With other escorts it just feels right to grab his chest as soon as the door closes and be naked within a minute.

    Guys NEVER ask what I look like, or how old I am, or how big my cock is or whether I have to sit in 2 seats on a plane. I think they're used to seeing ALL kinds including some borderline psychotics. They tend to be pretty happy when they meet me - I'm not perfect, but I'm pretty hot for a guy pushing 50 (at least my wife thinks so LOL).

    I like hiring escorts because I can find a guy who I find incredibly attractive (face, body and cock) with very little effort. The sex is always uncomplicated. Craigslist feels like roulette, hiring an escort is like shopping at a well stocked store. Both end with nearly anonymous no-strings encounters.

    The subject of money has almost never come up in communications or in person. The guys I've been with list prices in their ads so I know what to pay. Invariably, at the end of the session I hand the guy the money folded up and he slips it into his pocket without counting it. It happens while we're talking about something else and the exchange isn't even acknowledged except with maybe a quick "Thanks". Since the guys I have seen all work for themselves, I don't usually tip One time I was with a guy in Austin TX (www.daddysreview.com/review/corbin_austin ) who was amazing and really inexpensive so I threw him an extra $25. Got an email from him the next day thanking me very sincerely.

    Best sites that I use: rentboy.com, men4rentnow.com, daddysreviews.com. There are others I'm sure, but these work for me. I've found That I've gotten pretty good at reading ads and finding what I want. When I first started using escorts I'd have to say that 1 out of 3 were a disappointment. The last few times, every guy has been great. I look for clear pictures that look real, a certain humility in his description of himself, and a sense of honesty and "realness". Hard to describe exactly what, but my gut tells me.

  22. Scott - when you had a loose baby tooth as a kid and your Dad came at you with the pliers saying it was time to yank that sucker out, did you scream and run away from him? Or did you run to the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror so you could watch him do it?

    When your Dad said it was time to take the training wheels off your bike and ride on two wheels like the big boys, did you run upstairs and hide under the bed or did you run to the garage to find the tool chest so you could help him take them off?

    If you're going to hire an escort you want to be all-in. We know how you are Scott, and if things are left up to you, you'll NEVER experience anything new.

    You need to let go of the control. You need to give the escort the background on your past encounters (and your tendency to book out the door) and then simply tell the guy that you need him to push you beyond your limits so you can experience all the things that you fantasize about doing. You don't know enough about playing with guys yet to know what you'll like or dislike.

    To me, you need the guy with an attitude, with an ego. Because he's the one who's going to manhandle you and teach you how to suck cock and enjoy it. He's the one who's going to make you explore parts of his body with your tongue so you really learn about a man's sensitive spots. He's the one who's going to violate your ass with more than his finger - and he's going to make you take it because you gave him the authority to push you beyond your self-imposed limits.

    In this case I think "Nice guys finish last" is 100% accurate. If you get a cool "nice" dude - someone that you'd feel comfortable hanging out drinking a beer with - I think you'll wind up freaking out and bailing on him.

    We all know you can do it - you just need an escort who will settle for nothing less than you living up to your potential.

    Are you ready to "man-up" or are you going to fall back into your comfort zone and rely on your training wheels? Hmmmmmmm?

  23. ok thanks. i think it was 12 or maybe 13...not busloads bro. thanks for the clarification. no need to get testy you twerp. lol. sounds like 5:31pm had good advice but if i were you i'd still call that pal who's a pro. good luck buddy.

  24. Scott,

    When I looked at your question, I thought for a minute that you meant two Polish guys at one time, and I knew I couldn't answer. I've often had two dicks in my mouth at one time and countless numbers of dicks in an afternoon or evening at certain all-guy parties my friend Gary would throw, but it's difficult to ask the suckees what ethnic heritage they are when your mouth is filled with dick. I do love Polish sausage, though. And Italian sausage.

  25. Good: (already +6)
    +1 you choose dick size (if u DO take it)
    +1 he leaves when your done

    Bad: (now at -5)

    +1 you practically MUST use a rubber if you fuck (really?!, come on dude - bareback with a rentboy... really!!!?), and you dont need to when u GET head. i'd reduce your disease 'risk' by 1

    -1 high risk of paper trail

    -1 high risk you pick a crappy one and you dont know it ahead of time.


    Do it. totally worth it. But dont go on CL or backpage.com. Those are cheap. Go to www.men4rentnow.com or www.rentboy.com.

    +8 / -6. = Do it.

    Cheers mate.

  26. I'm with you Scott but #3 wins

  27. PDQ Really well said. Maybe good advice for more than just Scott too.

  28. I agree, well said PDQ. except scott better have the money and the time because what you're describing ain't gonna happen in an hour. if i was scott, i'd wait till i had a biz trip (preferably near a major metropolitan area) do the necessary research and pre-planning, save up the cash and book a 3 hour session. the alternative to that route...find a nearby fuck buddy who is in a similar situation as scott's but can host. someone scott would feel comfortable with to go thru his check list over a period of time. someone to challenge him but who could also laugh along with him.

  29. I'm glad a few others have said what I was thinking about this:
    1. A rentboy (or girl, for that matter) comes with a lot more risk of disease.

    2. You probably don't have to pay for it. You can probably find someone patient on a hookup website or in your fan base.

    3. Nobody mentioned this, but it is actually illegal, and you could get caught and publicly humiliated.

    You're better off finding a patient volunteer teacher.

  30. Scott scott scott!! Don't try to do everything at once, weedhopper! Go for a good time and come back for more... none of this "money's worth" shit.. if you do that you won't enjoy it.. you'll most likely do more than you think.. let it unfold and just enjoy being a man and being with another man.. you'll thank me.

  31. Also, Scott, I think you live near a major metro city on the east coast.. that should make it easier to find a legit hooker.. pay for one about $200 per hour, maybe a porn actor and less chance of disease as they will be more cautious.. if you say up front you want to taste his cum, he'll probably let you know what's what.. same if you want to get fucked.. he may have a roundabout way of letting you know as not to break the mood... if he continues to suggest he wants to wear a condom, let him.

    I'm all for renting a guy.. as they say, you don't pay for the sex, you pay for them to leave..

    I could give more lengthy advice, but I've got things to do.