Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day


  1. DAMN! Would love to munch on that awesome bubble butt!!! Hope your enjoying your day Scott! Thanks for the eye candy!!!


    My God, he does make beautiful creatures....

    "Happy Memorial Day"....


  3. After my workout this morning, then a shower, I hopped into the sauna to dry off (too much airconditioning!).

    There was a naked guy standing right inside the door; well build just like the picture.

    He asked me, "Is it 'Happy' Memorial day or is it 'Sad?'" --- He made me think about the day.
    I told him my nephew saw three tours in Iraq and is now home with his family. So for them it was Happy Memorial Day. But there are those who have lost loved ones to these wars (trying, hard, to be apolicital here)... it is not a happy day for them. It was in the memory of all that Serve in the Armed Forces that this day was created. Those that served and returned, those that did not make it back. I still cry when I here about losses on the radio in the morning.
    Agree with the policies or not, these brave men and women serve our welfare. There are not enough words...

    Thank you...

    Oh, and the very hot guy inside the sauna door, with a similar mouth watering ass, he was a vet of the 1st Iraq war...


  4. First my outmost respect goes out to the service men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our country, and those serving in the armed forces now..

    Scott, that picture (I hope that this isn't inappropriate on this day) is so breathtaking, strong masculine man, holding our country flag, maybe he was a vet and getting ready to hang the flag for today, very nice pic, very symbolic...

  5. Wow, "Heavens to Betsy Ross", I know exactly what he's going to use to hang that American flag:))))))))

  6. Well, well Scott, That is one great pic that you posted today. I'm sure that i can help him fold the flag without hesitation if he want's to.
    Thank you and have a great day my friend.


  7. Scott, A relaxful holiday wish for you and your family. Thank you for all your efforts here on your blog (your choice of pictures....yum)

  8. Beautiful bubble beefy butt, to go with that brawny dude, now the NFL should see this pic, and some team hire him as a linebacker, hell, getting hit with that ass alone, would send someone into next week...

    Now my job, after every game would to give this hunk a complete ass massage, and that my folks is going to take some work. A job I am willing to give 100%!!!!!

  9. I second anonymous comment at 5:57 pm..

    "Scott, A relaxful holiday wish for you and your family. Thank you for all your efforts here on your blog (your choice of pictures....yum)"


  10. First, troops are not lost in wartime battle. They are snatched in the prime of life and at the peak of their skill by an enemy. They are stolen from us in the worst possible way. They are not lost.

    Their commitment to our country and our way of life can and does result in sacrifice of the first order and for that we honor them with this memorial day. That they choose to go into the face of evil and serve to protect us here and abroad is extraordinary. They are extraordinary each and every one of them and their families too.

    There isn't enough we can do or say to honor them for this service. There isn't enough we can give to repay them or their families. There is nothing we can do but to honor them when and where we see them, meet them, help them and treat them with the respect they have earned through service to this our country.

    They are our best. One day is not sufficient. Every day in every way honor those that serve our country by being the very best American you can be. Whatever your limitations, whatever your expectations, whatever you must overcome, be your best and in that effort honor those that protect and serve.

  11. Dude looks like Ronnie on Jersey Shore!! Looks less stupid though....

  12. Thanks anonymous at 9:58 a.m., going to take a look at that show, know about but have never watched it, but if your telling me that dude in this pic, looks like a dude on that show, I going to tune in for sure...

  13. Shoot, I go away for a couple of days, and come to see this fine specimen of masculinity, heck I saw some beefy dudes, but nothing like this hunk of beef, with his high beefy butt.

    Thanks Scott

  14. Is this the 8th wonder of the world, certainly looks like it to me? What a great pic Scott...

  15. I think this pic should be shown, any holiday that the American flag should be displayed, so Scott you have a busy season coming up..

    1) June 14.... Flag Day
    2) July 4..... July 4th

    As other days holiday approach Scott I will forwarn you...