Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Last week I had to go out of town for a couple days. Don't travel much and I don't get to go to exaclty what you'd call exotic locations. But I planned on doing some stuff while I was there. For a number of reasons I baled out. But my right hand was spent so I decided to check the web for some action. I told you guys way back that I never go for ads that say 'come over I'll blow you no recip needed'. Just sounds too needy. But I made an exception this time lol. I really needed head. So I go to the guys place (found the only ghetto in that town), noticed a few cars in the driveway, go to the door, he answers, I say 'uh...is this a bad time? You alone?' He's like oh ya it's a shared driveway (???) I'm alone. I walk in, close the door behind me, turn around and dudes on his knees undoing my pants. Like right in his doorway! He started sucking (nice) but then I heard something in another room.  I kinda paniced cuz it sounded like there was someone else there and I was definitley not into surprises.  So I grab his head and start fucking the muther fuckin shit out of his face.  Creamed in like 2 minutes.  He swallowed. I pulled up my pants thanked him and bolted. Unquestionabley the weirdest bj I ever got.


  1. It's called a "blow 'n go" and you executed it perfectly. The visual of you pumping a guy's face with your pants around your ankles will stay with me all day.

  2. great pic what a mouthful!

  3. Scott,
    You've got to get a clean regular to please you.
    Do yourself that favor.
    How is your friend that got divorced and has his own apartment?

  4. Dear lord. Even a quick, straight forward suck and blow turns into an anxiety ridden psycho drama with you, poor thing. Are you sure you are cut out for this, Scott?

  5. Someday Scott this may turn into your new normal, though personally I wouldn't have done what you did. You got balls and the sperm in the guys throat proves that

    I'll echo what anon 8:23 said, get a regular and get comfortable with someone that just wants to suck your cock and nothing more. A blow job that you can sit back and relax during, while the guy takes his time and really does a great job on your cock is way better that what you just experienced.

    Also if you haven't experienced a tongue rolling around on your nut sack, then you haven't had the full experience yet, and that is something that you don't want to rush.

  6. You are an ass sometimes. WTF are u thinking about meeting some stranger in an unfamiliar neighborhood in a strange city. You've got a wife and kids at home. Use your fucking head.

  7. Scott... I'm on my knees waiting for your trip to San Francisco! SLURP!

  8. Sounded Hot Scott, nice little fast man action.. You gave him a nice mouthful of cream, thanked him (always nice to hear that) and off you went, nothing wrong with that young man...

    If I may, don't be too hard on the dudes that say no recip necessary, sometimes I put that out sometimes not,(and I am not desperate, but I love striaght cock) I just think it takes less pressure off a straight dude, that he knows nothing is expected of him, I mean if their not getting it at home, it takes balls to answer our (my) posting....

    Straight dudes need head too...lol....

    btw great pic, and I hope when I put out a post tonight, I get a striaghtie with a thick, curved mushroom head like that...


  9. you're just lucky your alive to post about it. jeez!
    don't know how the word got out but thanks guys for the email well wishes. the back surgery went fine. i should be outa the hospital by the weekend.
    btw...as of this morning i can't post a comment under my profile on this or any other blog that has a "Post a Comment" box like this. fuck Blogger.

  10. Ruggy! In the hospital? Glad to hear you are recovering nicely. I hope you get a sponge bath from the nurse of your dreams.

  11. Unquestionably hot pic bro...... unquestionably hot fucking scene Scott......big boner bro!

    Speedy recovery Rugby! Just heard about it on TGK. Best wishes brother!

  12. those are some of the tiniest balls ive ever seen..

  13. but, that is one of the biggest cocks that you have ever seen. What would you like to have, his balls, or his cock?
    What a curve!!!!!!!!

  14. check out that oversized head!

  15. Rugby, are you walking around yet, with your hospital gown open at the back?? Get well soon!

  16. The dude with the cap (the sucker) must be in "hog" heaven, because that is one piece of meat, Grade AAA, to be exact that he's about to engulf, or am I thinking of eggs, anyways the suckee should be proud of that "baby" the lucky lady or lad that gets that up the butt... Sweet Jesus....

  17. the balls aren't small... just look that way in comparison LOL SCOTT BLOW N GO.... ya did it to perfection... good for YOU F'ing GREAT FOR HIM!!

  18. Oh yes, the infamous blow and go, love them, straightie comes in, yanks jeans and boxer briefs down to his knees, then I do my part, take his meat, and suck on that sausage, and with my warmth mouth, make the sausage spit out its natural juices... His job after regaining composure, lifts his jeans and briefs back up.. says thank you and leaves... Won't tell me he will be back, but they always come back... Hey if you like the "striaghties" you have to let them think they are in control...lol... they are so funny..

  19. Idiot. Go to a bath house. Go to a porn shop. Go to someone you know. Never step foot inside the door of a stranger in a questionable neighborhood.

    You will risk your very life and put the father of your children in harms way but you can't manage a conversation with your wife that you want ass action which she is perfectly capable of delivering. I say it again. Idiot!

    I assure you, if she had to choose between pummeling your ass and picking up her husband from an emergency room in a strange city only to endure the "what happened" scenario she would buy a dildo and pound you.

    You want to be with a man and you want that bonding. I get that. I don't get and never will putting your dick ahead of your family and all of those obligations. You chose to make babies. Control yourself man. You owe them better choice making.

  20. To the dudes that said this dude had "tiny" nuts, I bet if you had his cock up your butt and those "tiny" nuts were slamming against you, you might just rethink what you said about his "tiny" balls...you either be begging for him to stop, or he would get you off like you never got off before..

    It's almost like telling a dude with huge "guns" (arms), that he has skinny legs, he pound you into next week...

    This dude has a monster cock and his balls are just fine...

  21. Scott,
    I love your blog. I love your stories.
    Dude please, please be careful, sometimes guys like that can have a lot or maybe no diseaes. You can never tell. I'm not talking hiv, i mean herpes, etc. I'm sure you are ok b/c you felt comfortable w/ this dude.
    I agree with the former comment, get a regular dude, you will feel so much more comfortable.
    Scott, a lot of us are where you are, don't feel alone. I hate you don't live closer to me.
    If you found a regular buddy you will feel so much more free to explore w/out the guilt.

  22. This sounds a lot like my first online experience, except that it was at his hotel room. Not sure what I expected -- candlelight and roses perhaps? -- but as soon as I went thru the door, this guy who was about 20 years older than advertised began unzipping me. Didn't take me but about 30 seconds since I'd been thinking about it all day and was so nervous. About 5 seconds after I came and while my dick was still out, there was a knock at the door and he let another guy in and started in on him. I was kind of shocked and made a hasty exit. It's really a wonder that I did anything more. Just be careful dude. There are plenty of guys on here who would volunteer to help you out! au fan

  23. Guys like him are disease-ridden! If you got something and give it to your wife, you're screwed.

  24. Wow, that dude has enough there, for breakfast, lunch and dinner...