Thursday, June 30, 2011

Newsflash – Local Man Captures First American Pygmy

So Why Do I Keep Blogging

Ok this is the really fucked up part.  You don’t need me.  If I learned anything from this blog is that there’s no shortage of porn on the web.  I just got a slightly different take from your average cocksucker with a blog.  And my spellings not as good lol. In reality, I need you.  It’s like I got this daily quota of gay hornieness in me.  I meet it with this blog.  And reading your comments.  When I blog I don’t think much about doing stuff with guys.  In the times my blog got pulled down I went on the fuckin warpath.  Didn’t hook up but wasn’t cuz it wasn’t there.  So this blog keeps my little ass outta trouble.  And I’ll tell you a secret.  With my old blogs I wanted to be king of the fuckin blog world.  Kept track of hits. Put my little globe out there.  Looked for ways to pimp my blog.  Got to the point where I was getting between 17-18,000 hits a day.  Fuckin A.  But it’s not about that this time.  It’s about the brotherhood.  You guys.  Me.  Making it work.  Figuring it out.  Dishing shit that’s happened, that we want to happen, even stuff that will never happen.  So I’m gonna keep blogging and if its anything like other stuff I done I’ll prob get bored with it one day and BLAM I’ll be gone.  But I’ll tell you, you guys make this a hell of a fun ride.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I’m gonna keep this short cuz I can’t even face this topic.  Ya there’s guilt.  Ya it sucks.  Ya I’m in denial.  Ya I wish I didn’t feel like this.  Ya I get scared.  I’m the way I am man.  So are you.  Sometimes it sucks.  Fuck I hate this topic.  Just thought you guys should know where I come from.

To Fuck Or Not To Fuck

Hey if your looking for an answer don’t look at me.  I’m the guy who beats off thinking about taking it up the ass but when I actually have the opportunity I turn into the Virgin From Hell.  Ok so ya I’m curious as to what it would be like to ram my dong in a guys ass.  What it would feel like. Is it tighter than pussy?  Does it have that soft velvet feeling? Shit like that.  But I just sorta think the 1 thing I can say is I’ve never fucked anyone but my wife since I been married so for as much as an asshole I am for the shit I done I can at least say that.  As far as taking it….ya I know. Just try it.  Hurts at first but then feels great.  Just use a lot of lube.  Blah, blah, blah.  I just don’t see one of those rods puncturing my ass.  But hey I never thought I’d parade around naked at a gay campground either so I guess never say never lol.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I don’t know if you long time readers remember but there were guys on here who gave me all kinds of shit about labels.  Am I gay? Am I straight? Am I bi? And then of course I used the “f” word.  Ok curious guys.  Take it from me.  Don’t use the term “fag”.  It’s apparently considered big time derogatory (though I never quite figured out why “fag” is bad but “queer” is ok).  So what I learned is that labels are bullshit and I can overhaul as many engines as humanly possible but it’s not gonna make me what the world considers 100% straight.  So I’m kinda out there beating to my own drum.  But at least I know there’s other douchebags like you out there lol.

Sex v Love

One of the hottest topics we talk about on this blog (check out the comments from my first blog on this string if you don’t believe me) is the issue of how love and labels factor into this.  I’m not in this for love.  I’m in this for sex.  I don’t want to meet a guy and fall in love with him.  I don’t even really wanna kiss him.  I never kissed a guy.  No desire to I don’t think.  To me sex with a man is like a sporting event.  Physical and borderline violent.  One victor.  I know that’s not the way the gay world sees it but I wasn’t brought up in a gay world and the only education I get is from you fuckers.  I always been curious though – I wonder if any of my curious readers take the gay plunge, then find out they have feelings for the dude. 
Next - labels and how they kicked my ass when I started blogging

Monday, June 27, 2011

Power of Sex

Ok I’ll admit I was pretty stupid when I first started this blog.  I remember asking what it meant to be versatile.  I remember thinking that whoever had the biggest dick sorta ruled the relationship and was by default the top.  But you guys straighten me out.  One thing I had a hard time with is the power factor.  To me if you got a cock in a dudes mouth or his ass you got the power.  But one of the things about gay relationships is the power kinda teeter totters.  I still think an enormous turn on, at least for me, is standing there and watching a man feast on your cock.  Maybe I just haven’t had enough practice on the other end of the phone.  With women it’s not power.  Not sure why.  But with men, you just kinda expect men to be your peers sexually, not dominate over them. So when you do dominate them, dude, it’s a fuckin headrush!

The Suckee Becomes The Sucker

I wanted to suck a dick.  I been getting head since I was 15.  I got head from guys.  I wanted to give it a try. Maybe I felt like I needed to take one for the straight team.  Maybe I felt like I owed the gay world something.  Idk.  It happened sorta unexpected. Went to a guys house to JO.  I must have been giving off vibes cuz all of a sudden he said, “do you wanna suck it”.  What was I supposed to say? Yes? No? Can I consult my accountant first? I think I said “I think so” but I remember him saying ‘why didn’t you just say so?’.  Next thing I know I’m on my knees.  It was nothing like I thought.  I don’t know exactly what I thought it was gonna be.  Porn-like I guess.  But it wasn’t.  Not good or bad.  Just not what I expected.  And no he didn’t cum in my mouth.  I don’t think I had the skills to get him there.  But it was fun and it was a bridge I guess I needed to cross.  So the message here is we as curious guys get our experience from what we see on gay porn.  Reality isn’t always like that.  So don’t get nervous or have expectations its gonna be like what you saw on Xvideos.  But if you really wanna try stuff with guys, at some point you gotta man up and get on your knees. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

You May Not Agree With Me, But We All Have To Learn Sometime

On The Hunt

I ended up having a few of those kinda experiences.  Not jacking in front of another guy, but experiences that were probably weak to your average, card carrying gay guy.  But they were hot to me.  I got head at a school (2 actually), I jacked with a dude with a freakin horsecock, I beat off with guys in an adult vid store.  I started growing a set of balls to accompany my (outrageously beautiful) dick lol. Most of them eneded with me getting sucked.  I never gave head.  Maybe they all had a 6th sense that I stunk at it.  Or maybe I came off as an asshole who only wanted head and then to leave.  Look I’m not arguing if somebody wants to suck my cock.  I just thought it was weird that none of these guys (probably 6 or so) wanted reciprocation. I sure as hell would if I were them. But when I used to fantasias about sex with guys, I’d fantasize about sucking dick. 
Next: Holy shit! I sucked a cock! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ok this isn’t for everyone but is sure as hell is for me.  JO with a guy.  Check. Get a BJ from a guy.  Check.  But I wanted something different.  I discovered I had the balls to do shit so now I wanted to try shit that…idk…just turned me on.  Took out an ad on CL for me to JO in front of someone. Got a lot of responses (some freakin off the wall) but 1 guy sorta painted a picture of how it would happen, so it made it easy for me to picture it. I went for it.  Again I’m not gonna go all detail on you cuz I been over this before, but to this day it was absolutely one of the hottest things I done.  Moral of the story: don’t pigeon hole yourself.  Take a risk without getting risky.  If you got a fascination, put it on CL (or one of those sites) and see what happens. 

“Where Do You Want Me To Shoot?”

I wanted head.  And I wanted it from a guy.  I had tried jacking off with a guy.  It was cool. But kinda disappointing.  I didn’t really look at the guy at all.  I thought it would be considered rude to stare.  Wtf did I know.  So I turned my attention to getting head.  Met the guy 4 coffee. Seemed cool.  Agreed to BJ exchange.  Never happened.  Oh ya I went there and we got naked.  But he was all over Junior from the start.  Won’t go into details but it was nice.  Very nice. WAY different from women.  Totally.  He blew me.  I ran out like a banshee as soon as he was done.  I thought the gay police were gonna arrest me.  Unauthorized Trespass by a Straight Guy in a Gay Zone.  Toss me in jail.  Or worse – be assigned to interior decortator school!  But I did it.  Nearly puked on the way over I was so nervous.  But I did it.  Right in his fuckin mouth.  Sweet.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Launching Pad – Craig’s List

I probably scoured Craig’s List for months.  Looking at the pics.  Reading what guys were into. Looking at the pics.  Seeing ads with married guys and all kinds of depravity.  Looking at the pics.  Eventually I responded to ads.  Maybe 20 of em. Never did anything with em.  It was just…idk…connecting to part of life that I never really knew was out there.  There were a lot of guys who I responded to who were all like “let me just suck your cock” and “I’ll fuck anyone”.  Nope.  I wanted someone like me.  Married.  Curious.  Took my dumb ass months before I realized that dudes in my boat didn’t have a place to do this, same as me.  So I bailed on the idea of ‘straight curious guys’ and just looked for guys who didn’t sound like psychos.  So don’t be afraid to explore.  Chat with guys.  You don’t have to do nothing you don’t want to.  Just don’t be a dick and make plans with someone and bail.  That’s weak. 
Next: Little Scottie Finds Happiness in a Man’s Mouth

Baby Steps

I guess my first official start with guy stuff was a massage from a man.  It was sorta important to me that I was in a situation where I could justify that I wasn’t doing anything gay.  I was getting a massage.  Ok so that being said I probably rescheduled 3 times before I actually went, and the whole drive there I was shitting my pants.  I was lucky.  Cool, bi biker guy who did this on the side.  By sexual standards its probably boring as hell.  Nothing really happened.  But I’ll tell you, it was fuckin awesome to me.  I WAS FUCKIN NAKED IN FRONT OF ANOTHER GUY.  A STRANGER.  NOT IN A LOCKER ROOM.  I kept composure the whole time (no bone sightings) till the end.  He flipped me on my back and he moved to my head and massaged me.  I had to think about my mom’s bridge group to keep control of my dick. Then he started massaging my ears…and cheeks…and back of my neck.  Instant hard on.  Big time.  He kinda laughed I think and told me it was cool.  I left a few minutes later.  I did it on a day I took vacation and my wife wasn’t home.  I raced home, into my bed, and had maybe the most satisfying jerk off session of all time. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kickin Into Gear

I’m sure some guys with big ol balls just make up their mind and jump into it.  Ya, not me.  I guess what got me going was situational. I started to travel for work.  But that didn’t really get me going having sex with guy. It was more like it got me comfortable with the idea. Like that’s when I went to video booths.  Would never do that around my house. But on the road it was cool. And I kinda got myself in situations that were gay.  Like I went to a gay gym.  Didn’t do anything there but it opened the possibilities.  You guys gotta understand that it wasn’t just have sex with a guy that was intimidating, it was BEING AROUND gay guys too.  I never had any friends that were gay.  It was out of my comfort zone.  I even went to a gay bar.  I thought when I went in I’d have 6 guys trying to strap me to the pool table.  Wasn’t like that at all. It was really cool actually.  Then I discovered Craig’s List. And ya I went on all the time to look at the pics. But also realized it wasn’t just me. There were other guys like me.  I think that made it easier to deal with in a fucked up way. Seriously guy, I prob answered 20 ads on CL.  Some with serious possibilities. But bailed every time.  Chickenshit.  Ok so next post I’ll tell you about getting my start.  But what I want you to learn from this is it’s ok not to jump right in.  Get your ass in mentally prepared for it. It’s pretty fuckin crazy when it happens and jumping in the pool isn’t for everyone.  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Who The Fuck Am I?

Shit. I don’t even know where to start.  This sounded like a good idea on Friday when I thought about it.  Now I’m not sure.  Ok so you guys know who I am.  Married. Kids. Happy.  Confused.  No, not really confused.  I know what team I’m playing for.  It’s just that sometimes I lust for the waterboy instead of the cheerleaders.  I guess I always sorta had an interest in guys bodys.  But I sorta wrote it off as hey-I’m-a-jock-I-see-more-men-naked-than-women and besides if you play sports your gonna be a little fucked up anyways.  First time I did something with a guy was in college.  My best friend.  Drunk. Wrestling around turned into sucking dick. Only happened for a couple minutes and we didn’t cum so I kinda wrote that off as fucked up college stuff. Didn’t do anything with a guy till mid 30s.  Ya I thought about it. But wtf I’m married and spewing out kids.  AND I’M NOT GAY.  Only gay guys have sex with men.  Right?  RIGHT?  Ok so there’s some confusion there and some anger there.  And maybe a little frustration.  But I was like hey I tested the waters in college so I’m good.  No need to do anything more.
But I always kinda wanted more.  I even beat off thinking of guy stuff.  Blow jobs.  Getting em and giving em.  Ya.  I wanted to see what it was like a suck a dick.  But there’s no way in hell it could happen.  I thought about all kinds of ways for it to happen.  But no way could I do this.  Right?  RIGHT??  Then 2 things happened – I started to travel and I found Craig’s List. 
Up next – early experimenting, still chickenshit.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Have a Good Weekend Fellers - Try Something New

A Curious Guys Road Trip

So I been thinking that recently I got away from talking about the stuff I really set out to do - talk to curious guys about testing the waters with guys. So next week I'm gonna spend probably the the first couple days talking about how I ended up where I am now. Of course not knowing where the fuck I am now isn't gonna help lol. But I think there's new guys here and alot of em r in the place I was a couple years ago and I don't want them thinking the shit I've done just happened over night. So you guys who've been with me awhile (and btw, thanks!) you can take a couple days off from my blog cuz I'm gonna be talking shit I've talked about in the past. Don't wanna bore your asses. But you new guys check it out I got some stuff I think you should know okay? I'm not gonna recap my sexual exploits (ok maybe a couple) but I wanna talk about the road to get there.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

‘Some Chick’ ---- I Need Help!

Ok there’s a fundamental difference in what men and women think is funny.  Men think getting naked in public places is funny.  We think showing our asses is hysterical.  And if you make a buddy get naked against his will it’s a total pisser.  And I know women will flash a tit if their drunk enough.  But its not the same you know? Why is it that men find nakedness so funny and women don’t?

Big Game Hunting

This is a email I got recently.  Any of you horny assholes got any advice for my boy?

I'm a single guy with a married buddy who I think might be dropping me hints. But, because I value our friendship, I've been convincing myself I'm only imagining his cues which include things like: 1) Making comments about cock sucking (in general, not specifically about the two of us (I don't think), 2) Very obviously going commando, 3) Being extra affectionate after drinking (big hugs).

Scott, I'd totally be down with playing with him, but if I'm only imagining things then the friendship is at risk. Being married, he's got more to lose than me.

So, I'm just wondering, how have your other readers dealt with married buddies? How did things eventually get "there"?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

News Flash - Dept of Motor Vehicles Introduces New Interview Process


I don't think this guy is attractive at all.  I'm not really into the full beard thing.  Too fransiscan monk to me.  But there's something about this pic that I find totally, completely hot. Maybe it's the outdoor/semi public thing.  Does that happen to you? Do you see someone that's not what you typically go for but for some reason he makes your dick rise up in your pants? And before you all point it out, yes, I know, he has a giant schlong.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great Lines In American History

"If you were a really good friend you'd suck my cock"
"C'mon I'd do it for you"
"What's a matter....chicken?"
"Just take the damn thing will ya?"
"Dude if I jack off again it'll fall off"
"I'll give you $50 if you suck me right here, right now"
"C'mon man I'm horny as fuck"
"This thing isn't going away till you do something about it"
"Dude, no one's gonna know"
"I'm stronger than you, I could make you do it"
"I haven't shot in a week. It'll probably only take a minute"
"Dude LOOK at it. I'm dyin' over here"
"I'll pull out I swear"

Around the House

I have friends who have kids ranging from elementary school to high school.  Their kids all have differnt habits when it comes to clothing around the house.  When you were a kid, what did you wear around the house? Shorts? Underwear? Bare? Was is dependant on who was around?  Would you have to wear something different if your mom was around instead of dad?  And what about your kids?  Do they do the same you do?

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Infamous Leather Shop Experience - Rewind

OK so this is when I was just getting the balls to try stuff. Hadn't done anything with a guy to this point but was curious.  Was out of town on business. Found a  leather place on line so decided to scope it out. No one in the store.  Clerk comes over asks if I needed help. Told him no.  Then he said "if you want to try anything on just let me know."  I had no idea you could actually try stuff on.  Wtf.  I called him back and said ya I wanna try something on.  He was like "what would you like to try on?".  Uhhhhhhhhh.......I didn't have any idea.  I told him to pick something for me.  He pulled off this thing that just looked like a bunch of leather straps.  Took me to the dressing room.  I walked in and didn't know which side was the front. I asked him to tell me and I'm pretty sure he didn't know either.  He finally figured it out.  He walked out and I stripped down and put it on.  When I was done he opened the door (it was 1 of those doors that goes shoulders to knees) and adjusted it by tightening the straps (kinda like a belt) and asked why I didn't put the cockring on.  I told him I had no idea how to, so he put it on me (that's a whoooooooooooooole other story).  When he was done there I was, in a dressing room looking like something out of Rocky Horror.  He asked if I wanted to see myself in a mirror.  "Oh hell ya!".  He said there's no mirrors in the dressing room but there's 1 right outside the dressing room on the floor.  I looked over the dressing room wall and saw a guy wandering around and he said "don't worry he works here and he's cool."  Next thing I know the door to the dressing room is opening up and my naked ass is walking out onto the store floor.  To a guy with a serious exhibitionist streak, that alone was an awesome experience.  Then I looked in the mirror.  Can't explain it.  I felt like a porn star.  Didn't even look like me.  Crazy hot experience.  We stood there a couple minutes chatting.  After about 5 minutes the other guy that worked there (white guy) had joined the clerk helping me (Hispanic dude) and a black guy had walked in and the 3 of them were there shooting the shit with me in this getup.  I remember thinking this is seriously the rainbow coalition lol.  I never really boned up but I had a serious chubby the whole time.  When I got back to my hotel I thougth about what the hell I just did and beat off.  Twice actually.

Leather Boy

So I told you guys that before I actaully tried anything with a guy I went to a leather store just to check things out and the guy there told me I could try things on (they had a dressing room). So I found a pic of the thing I tried on (minus the stuff on the legs and arms).  I won't go into the whole story again, but if you ever get a chance to go to a leather store give it a try. Its a safe way to explore and it's really pretty wild to see yorself like that. Sorta like gay exhibitioinist halloween lol!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Man..........Boy.........Know The Differnce

Question for the weekend.  Which is hotter?  The maturity of an older guy.  Or the innocense of a younger guy?  Have a horny weekend fellers.

The Official Team Of SJT2

It’s not the Yankees, or the Izzies, or even the Jets.  We all know rugby players are crazy muthas and the boys of SHU Rugby don’t let us down.  I found out that the pic I put up of the naked dudes sitting on a fence were these guys and I told them I’d do a post on em.  This cuts through all the porn bullshit I put up and gets to why I started this blog – guys having fun and not giving a shit who sees. This isn’t a gay rugby team, or a bunch of models pretending to be jocks. These are real, straight, athletes in a brutal sport showing off who they are.  Their website is  They make these calendars to support them with equipment and shit.  If you got some extra green float it their way.  Their asses deserve it!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Turning It Over

So I been chatting with a long time reader about the idea of an escort.  He thinks I should hire a dude, tell him what I've done, tell him what I want to do, tell him I'm chickenshit, and hire him to take charge of me and have 1 afternoon to do all the shit I always wanted to do but haven't.  So I agree the idea has merit, and one of my fantasies is being controlled by a guy. But when I think about it it's like ok what am I gonna do, start an interview process? Have them fill out a job application? But there is a fascination with turning the wheel over to someone and saying, "ok bro, you drive".  I've tried this with women.  Women (at least the ones I been with) aren't comfortable taking charge. With me anyways. And I think I want that. I'm pretty sure I want that. But it all kinda comes back to - am I ready to take it in the ass?  So to stick with the driving analogy, I'm in neutral.

The Other Side Of The Underwear

You know what goes on in my head.  I got an email from a dude who gave me another perspective on this. It was in response to my Nerd posting a couple days ago.  Published with permission of the author.

I had no desire to play sports in high school.  My parents insisted I “get involved” with something so I joined Drama Club.  Realizing I had no acting ability I became involved with the background design and found my true opus.  There was a boy on the football team at school who I always fantasized about.  One year I ended up in the same gym class.  I never spoke to him but I was able to catch glimpses of him nude in the boys locker room.  I masturbated for months to those images.  One day my fantasy of him was crushed when he and some of his friends pushed me out of the locker room naked into the hallway and several people (including some girls) saw me nude.  It was a traumatic experience for a shy, introverted 16 year old. A few years later during summer break I saw him at a bar and he apologized to me as we shared a beer (he had several).  At the end of the night he asked if he could crash at my place because he was too drunk to drive home.  He didn’t know I was gay.  I don’t know if he would have had he known.  I inflated a mattress for him and he passed out.  Later in the night I walked into the room where he slept to check on him.  He was asleep and naked.  I looked at the body which I had only glimpsed upon back in high school, but now was able to stand there and take it all in without fear of reprisal.  It crossed my mind to do something – anything – to exact revenge for what he had done to me in high school. But I realized that if I did I’d be no better than he.  So I went back to my room and did what I had done so many times in high school, but this time with a fresh, raw image in my mind.  After several minutes I realized that I was entitled to some satisfaction for what I had to live with back in that hallway in high school.  I walked into his room, and with my phone in hand, took several pictures of him laying naked.  I’d never share them with anyone, but for the past year it’s been my wallpaper on my home laptop.  Call it revenge of the nerd.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Friends Enter World Of Sexting

I was out with my buddys last night. My recently divorced friend wasn't there. He's got a new chick that he met thru on line dating. The word is that she texted him a pic of her rack, and he responded by sending her a zoom in of his stiffie.  This is the first time that I heard of one of my friends doing that. Still not sure I believe it. But it made me think - wouldn't it be funny if that pic found it's way to the web and I ended up putting it up on my website lol.

Pics (Almost) As Cool As Me LOL

Ok so when I do a posting I try to find a pic that sorta goes with the post.  And along the way I find good pics that i hang onto for the future. So I'm gonna do a series of postings that are nothing but pics that I thought were cool but I probably will never freakin use as a blogposting pic. 

I also have absolutely nothing close to inelligent to say (ya, late night out with the boys last night).