Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great Lines In American History

"If you were a really good friend you'd suck my cock"
"C'mon I'd do it for you"
"What's a matter....chicken?"
"Just take the damn thing will ya?"
"Dude if I jack off again it'll fall off"
"I'll give you $50 if you suck me right here, right now"
"C'mon man I'm horny as fuck"
"This thing isn't going away till you do something about it"
"Dude, no one's gonna know"
"I'm stronger than you, I could make you do it"
"I haven't shot in a week. It'll probably only take a minute"
"Dude LOOK at it. I'm dyin' over here"
"I'll pull out I swear"


  1. Dammit, help a buddy out, will ya.

  2. "Happy Flag Day" to everyone..

    Two great pics Scott...

    These two lines were used on me so many times, but back then my buds or any dude for that matter didn't know I loved to sucked cock...

    "Dude know one's gonna to know"
    "I promise I won't cum in your mouth" (yeah right, as they grunt and go cross-eyed)..


  3. Scott, With those lines, maybe you could apply as a phone sex operator (if they still exist!) for some extra income...

  4. "Promise it won't hurt" the lying bastard!!!

  5. Promise, I'll go in slow and easy. Friggin asshole!!!!

  6. "I'll give "you" $50.00 if I can suck "you" right now" yes this striaght dude at work had me under his spell for awhile.

    He got sucked off, plus made 50 smackers

  7. From my experience anyone that I have to convince to suck my cock is not a good cock sucker. If I'm going to get someone to suck my cock I want someone who is going to give it his all, be able to take me to the balls, and let me shoot down their throat so they don't even get a chance to taste my cum.

    So keep that in mind Scott when you think you need to convince someone to suck your cock. When I did that, I got a two inch scar on my cock now from the guys wisdom teeth, well it's only quarter inch long when I'm soft.

    A good blowjob is like sticking your cock in butter, and while you may not be able to compare one good blow job to another good blow job, you will certainly remember a bad blowjob. You'll never forget that shit.

    If I were to ever hear these words come from a guy that is about to blow me, "let me take my dentures out first" I think I would blow right then and there.

  8. "Let me just rub it on the outside"
    "It will only hurt for a little while then it will feel really good" Yeah right!
    "It's only my finger" Yeah right again!

    Amtop: you need to start cruising the old gay guys nursing homes..you should be in heaven

  9. Pic 2 guys hair cracks me up lol definitely has sex hair lol

  10. "Just touch it" -- always works.

    "C'mon bro, you know you want it" -- never fails.

    Pic 1 is sick dude!

  11. "I promise buddy, you do me this time, I'll do you next time".. lying sack of shit...

    Hey jakeintown at 9:36 pm, is sick mean hot in your language, because that pic is smoking hot...

  12. WHY would I want you to pull out????

  13. "I promise it tastes just like pineapple juice"

    when the "pineapple juice" finally "came" out, it got spat right back in the fuckers face..

    Pineapple juice my ass, more like Clorox bleach..

  14. u be very, very funny scottie boy. are you sure you ain't gay? LMFAO. loved this post!