Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kickin Into Gear

I’m sure some guys with big ol balls just make up their mind and jump into it.  Ya, not me.  I guess what got me going was situational. I started to travel for work.  But that didn’t really get me going having sex with guy. It was more like it got me comfortable with the idea. Like that’s when I went to video booths.  Would never do that around my house. But on the road it was cool. And I kinda got myself in situations that were gay.  Like I went to a gay gym.  Didn’t do anything there but it opened the possibilities.  You guys gotta understand that it wasn’t just have sex with a guy that was intimidating, it was BEING AROUND gay guys too.  I never had any friends that were gay.  It was out of my comfort zone.  I even went to a gay bar.  I thought when I went in I’d have 6 guys trying to strap me to the pool table.  Wasn’t like that at all. It was really cool actually.  Then I discovered Craig’s List. And ya I went on all the time to look at the pics. But also realized it wasn’t just me. There were other guys like me.  I think that made it easier to deal with in a fucked up way. Seriously guy, I prob answered 20 ads on CL.  Some with serious possibilities. But bailed every time.  Chickenshit.  Ok so next post I’ll tell you about getting my start.  But what I want you to learn from this is it’s ok not to jump right in.  Get your ass in mentally prepared for it. It’s pretty fuckin crazy when it happens and jumping in the pool isn’t for everyone.  


  1. Scott, wisdom is not chickenshit. It is not smart to jump into such a dangerous pool. When I was watching porn and enjoying myself, I used to say, if the planets line up, I might have sex with a man. They lined up and I found the barriers fell in a sequence...first nakedness, then touch, then mutual jo, then bj, then kissing, then topping.....I have yet to bottom and don;t know if I will. Nothing chickenshit bout moving at your own pace.


  2. There is that old say, we all learn at our own pace. You just don't dive into a pool without checking how deep the water is. I think most of us deal with self pleasure first. Then, if we are lucky we meet someone who understands and helps us along the way. There is nothing wrong is saying to someone, I am new to this. I'm willing to learn.
    The one thing everyone should do is practice safe sex.

  3. U've got balls Scott.....big balls!

  4. I'll read post later, I want those nice egg shaped balls in my mouth... I love nuts that hang like that...


  5. Took me along time before I went to a video store and had my first bj. After doing this for about six months, I decided to give my first bj. Going at your own pace is the only way. I think the video revolution and the wide spread of video stores make it much easier for straight dudes to try sex with a guy. I'm not sure I would have ever had sex with a guy had it not been for the anonomous video store booths.

  6. My first time was being seduced by a childhood friend. He got me drunk in his mother's Jacuzzi when I was about 25, started talking about sex (gay and straight) and then put his foot up in my crotch to see if I was hard or not (I was).

    He had me figured out before I was ready to admit it to myself. He fucked me in the Jacuzzi that night (Note to self: small dick = painful)which I wouldn't do again. It was the beginning of my journey though.

  7. I know all of this has already happened, but you're doing / have done the right thing: be safe & go at your own pace.

    My first time with a guy was back in college. He was a gay guy who joined a group of us headed to the bar. He seemed okay. He bought a few rounds. I gave him a lift and he proved to me that guys give better head.

    I didn't mess around with a dude again for another 20 years until a couple years ago when I met a straight college guy who I noticed would check me out at the gym. I wasn't getting any at home (our first kid) and figured what the hell. I made him learn how to suck the way I like.

  8. Wow Anon 5:10. Talk about jumping into the deep end!