Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Launching Pad – Craig’s List

I probably scoured Craig’s List for months.  Looking at the pics.  Reading what guys were into. Looking at the pics.  Seeing ads with married guys and all kinds of depravity.  Looking at the pics.  Eventually I responded to ads.  Maybe 20 of em. Never did anything with em.  It was just…idk…connecting to part of life that I never really knew was out there.  There were a lot of guys who I responded to who were all like “let me just suck your cock” and “I’ll fuck anyone”.  Nope.  I wanted someone like me.  Married.  Curious.  Took my dumb ass months before I realized that dudes in my boat didn’t have a place to do this, same as me.  So I bailed on the idea of ‘straight curious guys’ and just looked for guys who didn’t sound like psychos.  So don’t be afraid to explore.  Chat with guys.  You don’t have to do nothing you don’t want to.  Just don’t be a dick and make plans with someone and bail.  That’s weak. 
Next: Little Scottie Finds Happiness in a Man’s Mouth


  1. Hot Scott, now I'm really wanting to hear the next part!

  2. Yea. Funny... and hot... What happened next???

    Bruce (LA)

  3. It's absolutely true that guys like you don't have a place to explore, at least that's accessible.

  4. Ever since I've been reading Scott I sort of look at people differently. So many interesting thoughts must be going on in the minds of all those men passing by. I used to think it was all pussy. Evidently not.