Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Superhero Edger

There’s a vid clip floating around of a guy who’s edging himself to like a crazy degree. Like he looks likes he’s having a seizure. But I swear to god its one of the hottest clips I ever seen.  I don’t think I could do that. Or come close to doing that.  Dude is my hero.  More than my hero.  He’s like a superhero.  Edger Man! If I could figure out how to get clips on my blog without having my PC crash I’d put it up.  Take a look around for it. And if any you guys know how to coach me though edging without blowing my load hit me up.  Fast.


  1. Scotty,

    Best part of beating off bar none. You want to take yourself to the point where u are about to blow and then totally back off - like grab your nuts real hard. Then start all over again. I produce an enormous amount of precum - so if I do this several times, everything is covered in pre and I start to actually sorta shoot pre - that is when I know I am doing it right. By the time I finally blow - it is like a fountain and like pass out intense. It is also way fun to do it to another dude, back and forth.

    Damn dude I am sporting wood just writing about it.

  2. lol just post the link then!?!?! grrrr

  3. There's something that I do. Just tighten the body and hold it off as long as I can, and then it just explodes. It's an awesome feeling for me.
    I have also whacked it and stopped and started again, but I hold back as long as I can, then explode. It's a frigging mind blower.
    Anyone know where to see Weiner's photos? Anyone see them. I heard that he is a Cadillac.

  4. Anon@6:59 I can't remember where I saw Weiner' weiner but it seems to be a pic that he took on his iphone pointing to his tighty whitey's (although they really looked grey). Yes, he's hard (or at least semi-hard). Not really small, but not gigantic either. Apparently, Andrew Breitbart has hard-core photos of Mr. Weiner, but says he won't publish them (at least not yet).

  5. Yeah come on Scott, learn to copy and paste! Link please!

  6. Uhh... Post the link.

  7. Scottie, Talk to Jacker615 at All Jacked Up. He's an excellant edger and he knows all the tricks.

  8. I jacked off and on several times a day for 5 days straight.  I never came.  I did it usually after the gym.  I took my no-explode and testosterone.  It maid me extremely horny.  When I finally came it was like a water fall I could not stop it.  I felt drained and more satisfied than ever.  I did it in a video arcade on the 5th day I had a audience of 3 hot muscle guys. Everyone should try.

  9. @Anon 6.29pm... yep, that's the way I do it! It's the best feeling when you have a steady stream of precum running out of your cock after taking it to the brink again and again and again...

  10. Yeah please post the web link

  11. Scott - no big secrets to edging. All it takes is a little self-control! If the goal is to cum - and cum HARD - you need to learn to enjoy the trip there; after all, that's 90% of the fun. Hours and hours of those wonderful sensations vibrating through your cock. And stop ignoring the rest of your body - There are so many areas that will produce pleasure and keep your cock boned and dripping.
    Scotty, the Whackman has got you covered, dude...

  12. Link please...

  13. Anon @6:59 - Weiner's weiner is here:


  14. C'mon Scott... what's the link?

    D UK

  15. Ahem Scotty WE ARE STILL WAITNG FOR THE LINK!?! I can't find it anywhere

  16. Scotty!

    Why are you keeping us waiting?

    It would help if we had some idea what we needed to punch in Google to look for it!

    Link Scott! The Link!

  17. LinK!!!! If you cannot post the video, can you at least post the link??


  18. Edging is not the same as jacking off to splash some seed. It's referred to as edging because you are choosing to creep up on a point of no return and then back away over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

    That sounds like a challenge. It's not. It is about control of your breathing, your muscles, your hands and enjoying sensations other than the rising urge to spill seed.

    To edge, you need patience and desire to play with much more than your dick. It is to some degree a bit Tantric in that you need to understand your breathing and how to engage and relax certain muscles. That sounds like work but with practice (and who doesn't like the sound of that) you quickly learn how to get close and then wait all the while building tension and expectation.

    The most important thing you need to know is that the muscles you use to thrust are not the same muscles you use to squeeze the area at the base of your cock. Thrusting without squeezing can be done for an extended period without leading to a cum shot or that feeling of "I'm gonna blow dude" get ready.

    Thrusting is simply moving your pelvis and hips forward and back. If while you do that, you get the urge to clamp down on the PC muscles (same ones you use to stop the flow of piss) that action causes a flow of blood to surge into your dick toward your glans which stimulates all the nerve endings there. Rub your cockhead or roll your foreskin over the cockhead and you will probably cum with little chance of backing off.

    Next time you watch porn, notice how much thrusting goes on and how little butt clenching. No accident.

    Once you learn how to control these two sets of muscles you are a long way toward the idea of enjoying edging. At this point you have to know the difference between edging and jacking. The first is a prolonged escape where you enjoy your sense of touch and taste and tension. The latter is where you put a slick hand on a hard dick and pump. The latter has nothing at all to do with edging. Edging includes jacking when you want to bring your session to a close.

    Close means you cum, hard, buckets, you will drip and spill and cover the walls but depending on how long you have jacked and how excellent your session is you may be having dry orgasms at this stage which are every bit as satisfying without spilling seed because you already spilled all you've got and kept going.

    Edging includes stopping, going to work, buying groceries, filling the gas tank, picking up the dry cleaning and then starting again over and over. That is the best practice for cum control.

    Enjoy your touch. Enjoy your body - all of it. Good edge is meditation and far more satisfying than any singular cum shot.

    Wank on.

  19. By the way...found out why sometimes blogger won't let you post comments on some blogs. It requires your preferences to accept third party cookies. If you opt out of third party cookies, the link to post comments is cut and you can type your bloody guts out with superior pithy comments but none are ever going to land on the page.

    Must engage third party cookie acceptance to comment in Blogger. Who knew!

  20. Blogger is still recovering from their meltdown. It took 2 hrs. for me to figure out how to resolve the problem you described 1:45am. had i known someone else was experiencing the same problem i would have posted "the fix" here days ago. listen up guys, 1:45am is right about cookie acceptance.

  21. Wow still waiting for the link! Errr did I miss something?