Friday, July 29, 2011

No Postings On Weekends - Don't Sit On Your Ass, Live Life

Rollin It

Just so you’re all clear, this is EXACTLY what I do if I’m alone in my car on the highway on a long road trip.  Exactly.  Not the whole way.  Just when I know I’m gonna cruise by a truck lol.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I had a reader ask me about a post I did recently about feminine guys.  The reader wants to know if feminine guys are just born that way or if they act feminine cuz that’s who they want to be. Interesting question.  I have no freakin clue.  Any of you guys?

The Last Frontier

When I first thought about doing stuff with guys, what I wanted to do was easy. I wanted my dick sucked. No brainer. And ya I’ll be honest I was curious what it would be like sucking on one too. Talking to other curious guys on my blog I think that’s pretty common.  But when you talk about assholes everything sorta grays out. I think gay guys have much less hangups about ass. Hey don’t get me wrong I think an in shape ass is a freakin beautiful thing. But when you get to the hole? Yeeks. It’s sorta like okay, that’s my asshole.  You’re not supposed to see that. It’s like our last stronghold of our modesty.  Something reserved for your doctor during an exam.  You guys might think I’m fucked but look at some of the Fratpad videos.  Straight men are okay showing ass and dick, but don’t make us show “THE SPOT”.  It’s like there’s a defense mechanism in us that always wants to keep it hidden.  No idea why.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Have You Ever Been Caught With An Unauthorized Woodie In The Shower?

Reader Submissions

Ok let’s do it!  Send me your pics and I’ll put your base ass (or whatever body part makes you happy lol) up on my blog.  Please don’t be a douche and post a pic you found on the web.  And professional shots are pretty easy to detect.  I know who you are if you’ve done it before and this time I’m not gonna post them k? All pics will be completely anonymous.  Honest.  Grab your camera, drop your pants, and have some fun boys! Oh ya. My email is  Lets get these in by the end of this weekend and I’ll post em next week.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who Remembers?

So yesterday some guys in the comments talked about remembering your first orgasm. Does your memory go back pre-puberty?  I don't really remmber what I looked like pre-pubes, but I remember cutting off some of the hair on my head and laying it over my dick to see what I'd look like whit pubes (ok I can't fuckin believe I just admited that lol).  How far back does your sexual memory go?

Don't Take Yourself (or me) Too Seriously

There's a lot of debate on this blog, and I think it's cool as hell.  But guys remember - we're talking dick here.  And ya who you bonk is a big part of who you are.  But remember, even if you're one of the highly intellectual guys that comment, we're all just men.  This isn't about physics.  It's about our nuts and keeping them happy.  Take a tip from 49ers boy here.  Cum as often as you can, wherever you can, and have fun with your dick.

Monday, July 25, 2011

We'll Do Anything To Get Off

More Than Just A Snack?

What's the allure of cum. I don't mean shooting your wad (hey I'm not the smartest guy in the world but even I know the answer to THAT lol).  I mean all the shit you do with it.  I've been blogging awhile.  I hear how guys like to eat it, rub it all over them, take it in their butt, use it as lube, wear it on their face, and some just like to smell it.  Don't get me wrong - I love to cum.  I'm just wondering what the attraction is for all the other stuff you do with it.  And is it everybody or is it like a fetish where just some guys like it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

No Postings On Weekends - Go Find Yourself Some Ass

Weenie Jail

Ok I need some help with this.  I know there’s all kinds of stuff going on.  Hey I got my kinky perversions as much as anyone.  Not bashing here. Just trying to figure out wtf.  So is this a device to prevent a guy from jacking off, or to prevent him from using the magic wand on anyone?  It looks like you can piss through it so does that mean it’s built for long term usage? And can you get a boner in it? And does it turn double duty by acting as a cockring? Are these form fitted or does one size fit all? And having his hair all shaved looks kinda emasculating, so are these devices typically for youngsters? Oh ya, and by the way, what the hell do you call these things?  Penis Prisons? 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Showing What You Got

Like I told you guys before, the nature of bloggin means I see a lot of pics of naked men.  So after awhile they get sorta…idk…standard.  Like how many dicks can you look at and go “wow”?  But sometimes a pic freakin makes little Scottie bark.  Loud.  This is one of em. Kinda hits on my love of power (and helplessness) and exhibitionism.  Dudes got all the wares on display at one time – ass, balls, shaft, butthole, cockhead – and there’s not a fuckin thing he can do about it.  I think I’m gonna have to put his little blond ass up on my wall of fame. 

My Juice

Yep. I can tell there’s a lot of new guys on my blog cuz I’m getting questions about tasting your own juice.  So to answer the question no, never tasted my stuff.  Dudes are all like ‘Scott man just try it’ I’m like ya I want to but once I blow my load it’s like wtf would I wanna eat that shit for. I once got in the position of the guy in the pic and blew a load right in my freakin mouth cuz I knew I was too pussy to do it so I figured I’d make myself do it.  So I beat off and shot my cum right in my mouth (and on my face).  Soon as I finished I ran to the bathroom and wiped it off my face and spit the junk in the can.  It’s amazing how quick you can lose your hornieness.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How Bout A Little Head

So I think since I stared blogging I seen about 10,000 dicks.  Shapes. Sizes. Colors. Everything.  So I got a question for the bottoms in the group.  Is it easier to take it up the ass when the dudes who’s poking you has a torpedo dick (small head, thicker shaft) than it is taking it from a dude with an oversize helmet?  Can you feel the difference?


Ok so this is gonna sound like the same topic I done before but it’s got a twist.  This question came from a reader. Not sure how old he is. I actually got a take on this but I’ll let you guys take a shot at helping him out first.
Have a dilemma and thought you or your readers may have suggestions. Straight, curious guy here, have thought about playing with a guy, and would like to; light stuff, mutual jacking, etc… I go to a gym, and periodically in the steam room the opportunity presents itself. Me and a guy are in there alone, I get a nervous / anxious, he shows wood and I’ve got nothing….and worse, can’t seem to get wood no matter what I do! It’s happened a few times, they look at me like, What’s wrong? It gets weird, major performance anxiety. They typically jo while I sheepishly play along, trying to get some attention from my boy! Is it time for Viagra. Suggestions, any of your readers been in this situation, and if so, how did they handle it? Thanks buddy.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Somebody REALLY Loves a Clean Car

One For You To Think About

Random question of the day – Is this dude’s hair too short?  I know some guys hate it clean shaved.  I’m just wondering if there’s some rules around how much you gotta have to be considered hairy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes I Think Vintage Pics Are Cool

Not sure why. Maybe cuz I see stuff like this and think hey maybe my grandfather was cool when he was a kid. And someitmes I think we get too caught up now in looking uber buff. So it's sorta like these pics represent male form in an honest way.

Or maybe I just like ass lol

Be A Man

Ok so this has all the makings of a “Pile On Scott” post but I’m going to go for it anyways. So one of the topics we sometimes brush up against is the issue of straight guys perspective on gay men. And I know some of you gay guys have been victimized by asshole straight guys. So let me give you my take on this. I honest don’t think it’s the sex. I’m serious. I don’t think most straight guys give a shit how you get off. I think the thing that makes some gay guys targets is the level of femininity (wow looks like that’s really a word!) that a guy carries himself. I think if a guy looks like a guy and acts like a guy no one cares what you do in your bedroom. I think it’s the guys who act more like your sister than your brother that are targets for getting picked on.  So it’s not really “gay” bashing it’s feminine bashing.  Straight guys jump in here if my head is completely up my ass.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fucked Up Thought of the Day

Ok I know this is weird but hear me out on this one right?
We’re men.  We have dicks.  We were put on earth to use them.  On men. On women. On both.  So isn’t it kinda weird that the church doesn’t allow priests to use them?  I mean, wouldn’t you think that it would WANT them to use them to make more little priests?  It’s like priests are the most devout people on earth, you’d think THEY would be the ones the church would WANT making babies and raising them.  Right?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh God Not Again!

Ok so I've had this love/hate relationship with Best Male Blogs.  They removed my blog fron their site (apparently Blogger dicking me wasn't enough lol). But we got it fixed.  So one more time:


Thanks guys. Really appreciate it.


How Does His Chick Do It?

I think I did a poll on this recently.  So here’s my thoughts.  I see a lot of porn pics and there’s like a zillion pics out there of dudes showing off their boners that I couldn’t give a shit about.  This one hits home.  And ya obviously dudes got a big one.  But what’s cool to me is the wedding ring.  Ya I know, could be fake. Could even be married to a guy. But to me the coolest pics are the ones where you got a straight guy figuring he’s gonna show off for his chick or try 2 bag a bitch with a text of his salami and next thing u know his schlonger is posted on a men’s website.  Freakin hilarious!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Double Down

Another question from a reader.  He wants to know about double penetration, it sounds like from the givers perspective.  I don't think he asked about the receivers perspective cuz the receiver probably ends up crippled lol.

I get anal sex, but more than one dick just seems a bit greedy. The
idea makes me cringe. From the topping end things look damn awesome at
first, but there's the whole issue of the mechanics of it all. Does
one guy thrust while the other chills or is there some sort of rhythm
involved? My question for you and your readers (should you ever ask
them) is what's up with all this?

This, My Friends, Is A Fine Representation Of The Male Genitalia

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bone Alert

When I was in high school I remember having to shove my ass in my locker cuz I got a boner.  For no reason.  I spent most of years 13-15 trying to hide my hardon.  Till I was 16.  That’s when I realized there were women out there who wanted it. And everything changed lol. I always wondered if in all those times I tried to hide it if anyone actually caught me.

Another Straight Guy Falls

Got this email and you guys sure as hell can answer this better than me.  Ya I know, we've talked about this before.  But take a second to help this dude out.  It may not seem like it to you but its a pretty big deal to take the plunge to get porked for the first time.

I have question - i think you might have posted something about this a while back, so if you did, just send me the link.

So I'm ready to get fucked by a guy, and I just want to be ready for when that happens, like clean and all that. So I was wondering what guys out there recommend to get clean, how often they do it, how soon before they're actually going to do it, etc etc.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Here’s your homework for the week.  Go out.  Find an Italian.  Fuck him.  See if he squeals.  Report findings to SJT2.

Going Thru The Motions

A reader who’s pretty new to this wanted me to talk about the motions you go thru as you try to set something up with a guy, especially for the first time.  I think I’ve covered this before so I’m gonna give you some general stuff and let the other guys take over and give your experiences.  To me there’s some general rules:
1. don’t respond to a dude who’s just willing to suck or get fucked by anyone. Who the hell knows where his mouth/dong/hole have been
2. You’re gonna be scared.  Man up.  Of course I’m the last guy on the planet who should be giving this advice lol
3. Meet someplace first so you got a good feeling about him.
4. If he says ya I never done this before and then says “hey you wanna do this in a public bathroom”, RUN AWAY!
5. If your sitting in a car with a dude talking and you see his banana pushing thru his pants don’t get all carried away. Go someplace where your not gonna get your ass caught.
6. Lay the law of what your not gonna do. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

This Is One Of My Favorite Porn Pics Of All Time

Spanking. Exhibitionism. Humiliation. Older exerting power over younger. Yep.  All there.  Hotest part is guy on the right waiting his turn. $10 says he's freakin praying his woodie goes down before he's gotta drop his pants.

Banter From The Newlyweds At The Palace

“William dear where ever have you bean?”
“There, there peaches just had a round of polo with my mates.”
“But you’ve been gone so long lambchop.”
“No need to worry kitten. We all had a group shower after the match.  Bonding with the peasants you know.”
“Good heavens isn’t that….common?”
“Not at all duckie.  Frightfully good time actually.  We compare bits.  Quite amusing.”
“Oh dear!”
“It’s quite fun really.  Harry wins first prize every time.”
“Oh my!”
“The lad’s actually got quite a Big Ben on him.  A regular plow horse he is.”
“Uh…..William darling?”
“Yes my pet.”
“Is Harry busy tonight?”