Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another Prick in the Wall

Ok I get the idea of glory holes.  I’m 99% sure I’d never actually go to one.  To afraid a psycho would be on the other side of the wall, and when I pull my dick out there’s nothing there lol. But I mean if you think about it, the idea is perfect right? When we need head we don’t really give a shit who gives it to us.  I mean ya eye candy is nice but in reality you just want someone to worship your meat. And if you’re one of those guys who’s job in life it is to suck, you probably don’t care who it is if they got a nice salami on them. Seriously, if it were me I’d rather suck a nice looking dick on a nasty looking guy than suck a smelly veiny dick and a good looking guy. 


  1. "When we need head we don’t really give a shit who gives it to us."

    Gay men love to say things like that.
    "A mouth is a mouth", etc.
    They love to say that when they are trying to convince a straight man to unzip...
    But how many gay men are down with letting a woman suck them? Almost none. lol!
    I've had women attempt to blow me, usally when part of a bi-threesome, and I instantly lose my hard-on when a woman goes down on me, no matter how good her technique.

  2. Hog heaven, I would love to be on my knees sucking all those nice cocks, but I agree Scott, "Seriously, if it were me I’d rather suck a nice looking dick on a nasty looking guy than suck a smelly veiny dick and a good looking guy". I find most guys to be very clean.

    Now you can laugh if you want but the first few times I did get sucked off at a GH, I said, what if there is some psyco behind there, and he chops my cock off, (hell what I have is nothing to write home about, but it's gets the job done, and I want every inch, that's including my balls) but rest assured it never happened and my fear of GH is gone...

    "Bottom line" like being behiind both sides of the "curtain"...


  3. I've been to two glory holes. One guy, I was able to use his e-mail address and see his picture first (by the way, Pipl.com is a great way to find someone one the interweb) and the other guy was a complete mystery.

    Like you, the whole idea of a glory hole is both exciting and frightening. I've never actually heard of a bad experience, but it scares me just the same.

    I want to see who is sucking my dick!

    I've never been on the sucking end of a glory hole, so I can't comment on that, except I think I would have similar fears, and want to see who was on the other end of that cock, veiny or not.

  4. I was talking with fellow queer some years ago about guy experiences. He brought up a story about some years ago when he hit a glory hole at a highway rest stop.

    Biggest cock he'd ever seen was in the hole. He sucked on it and got one of the biggest loads he'd ever swallowed. He got up to leave and, as he left the stall, the guy he was sucking exited his stall. The ugliest guy he'd ever seen.

    True story, he said.

  5. There's a site (that I haven't been to in a long timee, not sure if it's still there) based in Miami, I believe, where unsuspecting straight guys enter a video booth, see a real woman. The woman tells the guy she wants to suck him off, straight guy puts his dick thru the hole. Then a gay guy takes the girl's place and sucks him off, straight guy comes, and never realizes that a gay guy just sucked him off. Straight guy leaves the booth saying something like, "She gave great head!" Never sure if these were real or staged.

  6. Scott, I'm with you on the "stick your dick in a hole and it may not come back" theory, but the reality is that if a psycho was going to cut your dick off, they wouldn't do it in a glory hole. They would follow you then take you to their basement where they would have time to do many more things than just play with your dick. So you have to get over that feeling that there is a psycho on the other side of the wall, when in reality there is someone there that just wants to worship and suck on your cock.

    Your thinking is also depriving a cocksucker of getting at your cock, and he would think that is just not right. So go out there today and feed a cocksucker through a glory hole, you deserve it for yourself and your going to make a cocksucker very happy.

    PS. if you were in a dark alley in a bad section of town and see a wall with "stick your dick and get a blow job" and there is no one around, then your spidey senses might be tingling and telling you not to follow those instructions, which would be a good idea. If you are in an established business with video booths, and they have holes in the walls and you see a tongue sticking through the hole, then you can stick your dick through the wall with confidence.

  7. another PRICK(brick LOL) in the wall..... SCOTT man you have a VIVID IMAGINITIVE MIND... but that's why I LOVE YOUR BLOG

  8. I once dated a guy who once after he sucked me off then told me that while he was sucking me off, he had a fantasy of biting my cock off. Bye Bye Jerk. I still think of it and get cold chills thinking about it.

  9. My mother use to say, if you don't like the way your vegetables on you plate look, close your eyes. There good for you.
    You could also yell through the hole, asking the guy if he has any cool whip to put on his desert. You just may start a new trend.
    Can you imagine a guy getting hung up in the hole, and having to call his wife to come and get him?

  10. Scott.... Maybe I'm a bit more conservative but I would never do GH for one reason... Diseases... If guys are sucking alot of random dicks they can give you herpes... Gonorrhea...chlamydia...

    Is blowing a load in that env really worth the roak?

    Find a chill guy like you and experiment.... Risk much lower

  11. Excuse me for interrupting. I don't usually do this sort of thing. Scott, I hope you'll understand.

    Not a very good day for me. Doesn't matter why. But I just watched something that put a smile in my heart. If you could use a smile today, go here when you're finished:


    and watch the post entitled, "Stand By Me." I guarantee it will put a smile in your heart too.

    Thanks Scott. I just had to share this with the guys (and gals).


  12. Random cock sucking always carries a disease risk, whether via a gloryhole, in a bathhouse, during an erotic massage, or with a CL hookup unless the cock is covered in latex. And there is the rub, because the idea of giving head to a latex covered prick is completely unappealing. What is a hungry cock sucker to do?

  13. Thanks rugby, "Stand By Me" put a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

  14. thank you dear sweet rugby. Sorry you had a bad day and glad I could brighten it for you and Anon 4:13

    Now about that pic. How do you know there are guys attached to those cocks and it's not a trophy wall for a psycho cock slasher? LOL Just my sick imagination at work.

    Cheers, MM

  15. LOL... just keep watching "Criminal Minds", and this very well could be a scene out of that show...

  16. There was a notorious, very busy glory hole at my university. Finally, I stuck my dick in it. The guy on the other side was doing a very good job, but it was like I was fucking a piece of plywood. I felt stupid, pulled out, and left. Never did it again. - Breezyknees.

  17. To Tom 4:08....

    I am talking to ppl like Scott who need to minimize the risk... A GH or a bath house is going to have a much higher risk then meeting another bi or curious guy that is in a similar boat as Scott with wife/gf....

    The guys on here too often give cavalier advice and do not consider the consequence to the wife/gf and stability of the family of guys like Scott

  18. I love Gh's, that's where all the "Dicks" hang out.

  19. what about the blindfold in the car ride?

  20. glory holes are a bit of heaven on earth and I'd be back there in a heartbeat if I weren't partnered.

  21. That's just the Wall of Fame next to the Penis-Guillotine