Monday, July 11, 2011

Banter From The Newlyweds At The Palace

“William dear where ever have you bean?”
“There, there peaches just had a round of polo with my mates.”
“But you’ve been gone so long lambchop.”
“No need to worry kitten. We all had a group shower after the match.  Bonding with the peasants you know.”
“Good heavens isn’t that….common?”
“Not at all duckie.  Frightfully good time actually.  We compare bits.  Quite amusing.”
“Oh dear!”
“It’s quite fun really.  Harry wins first prize every time.”
“Oh my!”
“The lad’s actually got quite a Big Ben on him.  A regular plow horse he is.”
“Uh…..William darling?”
“Yes my pet.”
“Is Harry busy tonight?”


  1. Just think of you on your back. He's spreading and bending yours knees and getting closer to you. He, in the picture starts pressing that crown against you. It is your first time and enjoy!

  2. OH YES, the family jewels in a gang shower, sweet, now that's a pair of queens, that will beat a full house anytime.

  3. William's looking like a total package. Worth waiting for I'd say.

  4. Don't get me wrong Prince Harry is a total macho hunky young man, but don't take anything away from Prince William, maybe not as daring as his younger bro, but he has served in the(military like his younger bro) and seving now in many other capacties

    Ps, would have love do been in the gang shower with them, both I bet have nice tushies..

    I have tea and crumpets with them any day...

  5. That would would 2 sets of twigs and berries I'd like to see!

    Mark from Pittsburgh

  6. IMO.....Prince Harry is a fuckin heater! Prince William not so much. The new Princess Kate is a total hottie.

  7. Scott, your timing couldn't have been any better, the royal couple were just here in the LA area this past weekend.

  8. Oh yes Mark from Pittsburh at anonymous 12:11 pm, you got right...

    Imagine swallowing some royal juice, that would be so hot to know that you have took the seed of William or Harry (hey a dude can dream can't he)..

  9. Well done, mate. Anyone with a pic of Harry's hose, pls post.

  10. It seems to me that a lot of blogs want Scott's readers to visit their blogs. Scott, you got something going for you. You are in demand.

  11. I read somewhere that they are both uncut, too. Makes the fantasy even hotter!

  12. All the royals are cut. A bit above the commoners????

  13. Diana did not want them circumcised, and supposedly she won that argument.

  14. Uncut, cut, who cares? their two royal hotties, I'll love to suck them both off at the same time, and then turn them around and shove my tongue up those royal hinnies.