Thursday, July 14, 2011

Double Down

Another question from a reader.  He wants to know about double penetration, it sounds like from the givers perspective.  I don't think he asked about the receivers perspective cuz the receiver probably ends up crippled lol.

I get anal sex, but more than one dick just seems a bit greedy. The
idea makes me cringe. From the topping end things look damn awesome at
first, but there's the whole issue of the mechanics of it all. Does
one guy thrust while the other chills or is there some sort of rhythm
involved? My question for you and your readers (should you ever ask
them) is what's up with all this?


  1. Oh buddy... ABSOLUTELY HOT!!! Guys go crazy when double dicking me... they love the feeling of their dick sliding against another dudes. It's the ultimate in submitting to two tops!!!

  2. I've never done this, but I've got a bottom friend really wants to give it a try. My cock in fairly girthy and my other top friend is bigger than me, so is there a size that this becomes more difficult? I've seen some pretty large things go into a guys ass, so I know its possible, but for the average guy?

  3. Speaking of doubling down, my wife and I had sex 3 times last night. Anybody know if there is a way to rebuild your semen supply faster? Something to eat and/or drink that helps produce semen?

  4. Never tried it from the perspective of the bottom; but I've participated as one of the two tops. The easiest way to accomplish the feat is for one of the tops to lie on his back with the bottom riding him "cowboy style." The bottom then leans forward giving the 2nd top access. Once the several motions settle in, the "bottom top" pretty much does nothing but enjoy being riden. The bottom gyrates forward and backward along the bottom top's abdomen, impaling himself on the downward stroke. The "top top" slams home as the bottom settles back.

    As has been said, the feeling of one cock rubbing against another pulsating cock in a warm tight space, especially as each ejaculates, is phenomenal!

    ~ GaySatyr

  5. Anyone know how to raise your testosterone level safely?

  6. I would also like to know how to raise my testosterone safely. Anyone know?

  7. Scott,

    I think you have trolls...

  8. All I can think of is how much pain this must cause the guy getting fucked. OUCH!

  9. Anon 7:04 and 7:10
    The ONLY way to do that is to speak with your physician. It is not safe to try to play around with on your own. Testosterone may be implicated in the metatstasis of occult prostate cancers and other bad things. Too low testosterone levels can be damaging, too. Call your doctor. You'll need a blood test and then the can know how to proceed.Better yet, get a referral to a urologist.

  10. Getting double fucked doesn't seem like something I would ever consider and appears to be something that only a surly top would interested.

  11. First time poster! I'm gay and have always found straight double entry porn incredibly homo-erotic. As a poster above has said, the sensation of rubbing against another guys dick must feel pretty good. I like to imagine the two straight guys must be really enjoying that sensation. Totally hot. Even without double entry, MMF porn is so hot, just the slightest physical contact between the two guys sends me right off! (great blog btw)

  12. what I want to know is... why are there so many up tight guys on this damn post ? considering gay sex is "unnatural" to begin with...why not let guys who wants 2 dick in their ass, have 2 dicks in their ass ? What's the big deal ? Any ignorant straight guys would say that getting fuck up the ass is pure pain - which we all know is pure bull shit ... so is there any difference between those jerks and you guys who just sit there with your prejudices ?

  13. and while we're at it... shall we open up another can of worms and head right to fisting ???

  14. Anon 1042
    I agree! I LOVE MMF porn. Too hot!

  15. I can barely take one cock up my ass never mind being "double dipped", I have fucked some sweet holes, but never double dipped with some one on that end either, so I have really nothing to offer here "butt" this...


    Can't keep wondering if the fuckee, is wondering when the hell is one of them is going to pull out, know if you don't have to take a dump after that, then you have some control...

  16. I would love to try it from the top's perspective. Only been the bottom.
    As the bottom it feels great, and it's a turn on knowing the two guy's dicks are rubbing each other inside me. And no, my insides haven't dropped out!
    Love the blog Scott.

  17. Low levels of testosterone are implicated in depression, and being anxious to be rid of depression, I went to a urologist, who simply referred me to an endocrinologist.

    The new doctor took all sorts of blood tests to determine the role of the pituitary (who knew?), the testes, etc. (yeah, that too).

    The result was that I was low normal in the morning, below normal in the afternoon. I was given the choice of whether or not to take replacement therapy, which I decided to do, and I have been on since 1991.

    There are a couple of preparation types: one is a monthly injection (but that means the level is high at the beginning of the month and low at the end of the month, rather than the daily rhythm of high in the morning and lower in the afternoon); patches (like used to help stop smoking -- they made me look like I had been cupped, in the 18th century manner -- an allergic response to the sticky medium of the patch); or an absorbable water-based cream applied each day to the scrotum (no fat there equals better absorption); that maintains the circadian rhythm, but it has to be specially compounded by the small number of pharmacies which do that. Cost in the cream format is small -- $20/month -- but of course it is not covered by insurance.

    Needless to say, any endocrine manipulations tend to be a two-edged sword. I recently had this whole system re-evaluated, and yeah, I am still on replacement.

    Depression pretty much gone. Coming out of the closet (2001) and superBF (2003) mostly took care of the depression.

  18. Please if you show a pic of a dude being fisted give this follower a warning: This material is not suited for the faint at heart, so don't look if you don't want to get all queasy...

    Hell I think I am doing great, If a take a couple of fingers up the butt..

  19. I have only topped though I am not adverse to bottoming....BF won't top yet. The thought I have is this: Does the recurrence of putting large objects in your ass contribute to incontinence in old age? It seems to me that such repeated stretching of muscle will weaken it. Are there any older men who have practiced this for decades who can tell me if my concern is valid or not?


  20. DP
    While I have no personal knowledge there have been several studies done that show this can happen and I do know that anecdotally physician's have reported this. It is caused by repeated damage to the internal and or external sphincters.

    Moderation in most things is wise especially of this complication is Sometings you worry about

  21. To Anon 7:04 and 7:10 ...

    You can go straight to testosterone, but that doesn't work for everyone. Your doc should be checking out your adrenals and thyroid first:

    1) Make sure your pituitary is functioning normally.
    2) Make sure you aren't experiencing autoimmune attack on any parts of your endocrine system. (can be caused by toxic foods like gluten)
    3) Testing and supplementing your main adrenal hormones as necessary: cortisol (hydrocortisone), DHEA, aldosterone.
    4) Testing and supplementing your thyroid hormones as necessary: T3 and T4.

    Too many docs skip rigorous adrenal and thyroid evaluation. Sometimes DHEA alone is enough to wake up that boner. If not, evaluating adrenals and thyroid sets the stage for testosterone to work more effectively.

  22. Testosterone,
    I have been down in the dumps for months. The urologist did tests and my testosterone level is low. He gave me the cream to use daily. I used it for a while, then stopped it on my own. The kicker is, I don't want to do anything anymore. Never been like this. I was always getting things done. Now, don't give a crap. Thanks for the info.

  23. To Anon at 10:25....

    Dude, it sounds like u r depressed. Don't fuck around with depression. Get it treated. You should see a DR and ask about getting an anti-depressant. Some anti-depressants are notorious for diminishing your sex drive. I assume you don't want that. But there are other anti-depressants that will not interfere with your mojo. I'm speaking from experience here.

    Also, keep talking to people about how you feel. This blog is an excellent place to do that. Your bros at str8jocktalking2 are here every day man. Just ask for what you need.

  24. Anon 10:25. Anti-depressants can really work. It's true that the drugs called SSRIs can reduce sex drive and did for me but it was worth it. I've got a family pattern and had anxiety and depression most of my life. It's still there, but I lead a much different life now. You owe it to yourself and your crew to LIVE, which it sounds like you're not doing now. You and a doc can experiment with various ones. Give it a try!

  25. I read this once - in some Arabic cultures, two friends with pubertal boys about the same age will arrange for their sons' first fuck with a women. She encourages them to both fuck her at the same time. Afterwards, the men ask their sons what turned them on more, the feeling of fucking a women, or the felling of their dick rubbing up against another dick, or a little bit of both. The boy's answer, whatever it is, tells the father what his son't sexual orientation probably is, and it's all very matter-of-fact after that. - Breezyknees

  26. Some girthy comments on this post Scott-Hot Pic. Let's stick to the topic at hand -gentlemen! This one affected me! Thought about this for a bit and I imagine you can have one or the other top do all the work, have both synchronize or make the bitch bottom service the whole mess of cock and balls! I don't see a problem with any of these scenarios. Wow what a pic! The bottom has love being a bottom and have some experience. Don't try this Scott -the first time -not for you yet. I'm getting all excited just thinking about that pic. I'm thinking about how much you have to trust the two tops as a bottom. I would be a bottom but I just don't have enough experience to even attempt something like this. I sound crazy but I'm not just really excited by the image. It embodies so much about sex I like that I'm kinda flustered. There is nothing that turns me on more than you Scott. 'Cept my wife.

  27. one of my hottest sexual experiences...

    one of the two tops that double penetrated a guy..and the other top was my boyfriend at the time...was so hot watching the bottom LOVE it...and so hot feeling my hard cock against my boyfriends...

    fucking hot memory

  28. i tried it today with two dildos, very hot. you'll need some relaxing gel and a few goes on a single dildo, but after that, its a dream.