Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reader Contribution Post

Ok it’s time again for “Tell Me About Your First Time” where no story is too dull (those are usually the hottest) or too wild (just be honest guys ok).  What did you do? Who was it with? Were you scared? Did it happen again? How did it happen? How old were you?  These are usually some of the best posts I do cuz their about you guys.  Have at it.


  1. Hey Scott

    Well i would re-send the email i sent the first time you asked for this but i guess you thought i was lying or you didn't think it was good enough to publish. Glad you are back though


  2. Post it here instead Drew

  3. I had had a few "handjobs" before this time, but the first real sex was like this:

    At the local gaybar (there was only one in this provicial town in Denmark) I had my eyes on this tall dark bloke a few times, only this time he came over to talk, and to cut a long story short, two hours later we were on his bed - naked.
    He had good sized dick - long with a rather large "Bobbys Helmet", and a nice furry butt.

    After a fair bit of foreplay he started greasing his hole and asked me to finger it open, which led to me entering him fully - what a feeling!, I had never felt anything like it. Needless to say I didn't last very long due to the excitement...... alas he didn't come.
    So after about 20 minutes of "catching my breath" he started fondling me, getting me hard again, and all of a sudden I felt a slick finger on my entrance - a place not even a doctor had been by then. I was freaked out, yet excited at the same time, part of me wanted it another part was scared stiff (literally!) eventually he got two fingers inside, found "the spot" and I nearly came again.
    He kept caressing me, small talked, and when he got me on my stomach, he kept kissing my neck, whilst resting his now rock hard cock between my buttocks, slowly he started sliding backwards and forwards, and at one time he was right at "the door" gently knocking and eventually slipped in, slowly getting further and further inside.
    It felt strange (for lack of a better word) - it was filling, and felt nice yet it also felt as if I needed to take a massive dump (sorry about the graphic details, but you wanted honesty...)

    He rested in there for a while, and slowly started moving. At one stage he fell out, and I remember thinking that I felt empty. He slipped back in and started going faster and faster until he came so loudly that I'm sure the people living upstairs knew what was going on.

    Taking off his condom it was apparent that he had come massively - and once I got off the bed i realized I had come again. It was a surprice as I had been so concentrated on the feelings in my ass that I not noticed my cocks reaction.

    Need I say that was not the last time I got shagged by him, nor him by me.

    (after about the third time, the urge to dump disappeared, never to come back. But I still fell empty when a guy pulls out)

  4. My first guy on guy sex. I was 19 and on my own for the first time. After several visits to the Adult bookstore to look at porn. Eventually I ventured to the back of the store to the video booths. I checked out what was playing and headed to a booth. A guy followed me in. I was so nervous and my heart beating so hard and loud that I was sure it would explode or that it would scare him off.

    Anyway, we dropped a few quarters into the machine and he dropped to his knees to give me a blow job. My first blow job and yes I got off but all things considered it was perhaps one of the worst I ever had.

    The one thing that stuck with me was a comment that I heard from one guy to another outside the booth while I was receiving the bj. Someone said "He is in there with some tired old queen." In my mind I was the queen that was being talked about negatively. It took me twenty five years to realize that the two cute guys outside were interested in me and talking negatively about the guy that gave me the bj.

    The point being that firsts are not always fantastic. I lived with the negative comment and impression of myself for far too long. I am happy that younger guys today seem to have a better sense of self than I had then.

  5. My first time was a 'handjob' in the woods atthe park. The guy was excited and pulled out his cock and started jacking off. I pulled my out. My cock was a good 7 1/2 inches, sometimes 8 when excited. We traded places and started jacking each other off. I shoot large load, so when I came, it just kept cumming. I watch our cum fly onto the bushes. He finished and put his cock away and took off. I stood there out of breath, my cock in my hand, still dripping cum.

  6. My first time EVER? Or, my first time with a guy?

  7. Don't be crass Mack. Just the guy stories please!
    First time was a BJ I gave to a guy at the gym. He had a way of showering with briefs on but he was tall and fit. You never know if people are modest but he lingered both in the shower and in his briefs when I was in the stall across the way. He came into the steam room and looked to have a chubby. He stretched and seemed to not mind me staring. At one point he felt comfortable enough to remove his underwear to ring them out -of course. He stroked his nice uncut boner and sat next to and one level above me. He just came at me with it and I took it into my mouth and did all I could for a few minutes before someone came in. We hooked up again in a few minutes and I finished him off. His stuff tasted so different from mine I was surprised by it's sweetness. Wow I didn't expect him to make a move and was wowed by how fine his body was. He wore a cross on his neck. I fucking love Catholic Latinos!

  8. My first time was at age 19 or so, me and a college buddy, he was just coming out, and he wanted me to be his first. I was ignorant of all things gay and it basically was two horny guys in a bed not knowing what the fuck to do. Thinking back on it, it was like our cocks were new to us and we didn't know what their capabilities were to us, like giving a high end sports car to a ten year old, cool, but they have no concept of how to drive fast. Needless to say, not much happened that night and nothing for me, for many, many years.

  9. I've always been tall, always been very gregarious, some would say obnoxious. In 6th grade I had a teacher str8 out of college. Very handsome, fit guy. For some reason we never got along in class. He thought I was the smart mouthed class clown and I thought he just liked to pick on me. 6th grade was the first time we had gym class. It was after gym class and Mr. B. was with us in the locker room as we were changing back into normal clothes. He noticed I didn’t have a jock on. I had forgotten it. He told us how important wearing a jock it protected the “family jewels.” It was the first time I heard that expression. I thought it was funny and burst out laughing. He got angry and turned red w/ embarrassment. Oh brother, I was in trouble now! It was the end of the day so he told me to wait in the locker room while he went back up to dismiss the class for the day. He stayed in his gym clothes.

    When he came down he told me to stand up and he threw a basketball str8 at my crotch. He asked me if it hurt and I said, "yeah, kinda." So he removed his sweat pants and took off his jock and told me to put it on. So I did. He threw the ball at me again...bullseye. Asked me if that hurt. I said, "not as much." So he explained that’s why you wear a jockstrap. Duh. ok. The guy was a greek god. He said, "one more time." So I took off the jock and he threw the ball. I put the jock back on and he threw the ball again. He never threw it hard so it never really actually hurt. In fact it had just the opposite effect. By the time I took the jock off for the last time I had a raging hard on.
    (to be cont'd.)

  10. It was odd that here in the locker room, even though he was lecturing me, he was friendly. So was I. I guess I didn’t threaten him outside the classroom. Anyway, I was red w/ embarrassment about the boner. He laughed, then I laughed. It put me at ease instantly. He said, “don’t be embarrassed, we’re guys, we get boners. I get them all the time.” I tried to imagine that and it made me even harder. “That’s a pretty impressive piece of equipment you got there.” “What do you do when you get a boner?” I started to stammer and he laughed again. “So you’ve discovered how to jack off?” “Oh Mr. B, I been jackin off since 4th grade.” He laughed. By this time he was naked too. Trying to be “cool” I blurted out, “that’s pretty impressive too.” What an idiotic thing to say. “Thanks," he said. "I may be married but I jerk off too.” He started to stroke himself and in no time he had an erection. He sorta gave me a wink as if to say, go ahead touch yourself so I started playing w/ my dick. There we were the two of us jacking. “You’re almost as big as I am. Come here, let’s compare.” So I moved close to him and we held our cocks side by side. He was way bigger. But then he reached down and began stroking my dick.

    Oh my god, I never felt anything like that before! The neighbor kid and I had been jerking each other off for a couple of years but this was something altogether different. I was never aroused like that. He took my hand and put it on his cock and we began jerking one another. He asked me if I had ever done anything like this before and I mumbled something about the neighbor kid. He asked me if we ever sucked each other off. I said, "yeah." He said, “feels great, doesn’t it?” “Oh yeah Mr. B.” He bent over and put my dick in his mouth and started sucking. Oh Christ! I thought I’d shoot any second. He told me to lay down on the bench and I did. He positioned himself over me so we could 69. I told him when I was about to come, he pulled off and I blew all over the place. At that time the thought of someone coming in my mouth would have repulsed me. He must have sensed that because he pulled out of me to shoot too.

    Afterwards as we were cleaning up, he said we shouldn’t tell anyone what we had done. Duh. no kidding! I promised I’d never tell. It was very difficult for us to “get together” but we did maybe 1/2 doz. times during the year. We still fought in class as if nothing had changed but man I so enjoyed our times together. I know now that no man should take advantage of a kid like that but to this day, I’m so glad I had that experience.

  11. I was 14 or 15 years old camping out in the backyard at a friends house. They were 16 and 13. I found myself sandwiched between the two of them. No sucking or fucking, just hand jobs. I Still remember the reluctance, fear and anticipation before I touched another guys cock. As far as it happening again.. hell yeah constantly.. but never did any sucking with these two.. that's a whole nother story

  12. Where is our boy SCOTT????????

  13. jacking off to the stories

  14. Not to many guys participating in this one. My first time was on a family picnic with my mom and her friends, the local drugist and his wife. We were up in the mountains and the guy asked me if I wanted to go for a short hike. Being 16 and very naive, I never gave it a second thought. I said sure let go and off we went. We came a bluff that gave a very expansive view and we stopped to rest. He started talking about sex and asked if I had ever had a BJ. Of course I hadn't but somehow he had my pants down and was playing with my cock in a flash. I was excited, freaked out,but somehow had a hardon too. He worked me over good but I still didn't cum. Just too nervous I guess. He jacked himself off and we returned to the picnic. Never had anything to do with him again and we never discussed it. The experience wasn't great but it didn't ruin my life either.LOL I had many BJs later and got quite good at giving them too. My first bottom experience is quite another story. Still hurts.LOL

  15. My first time was in College. A professor (not mine) was friends with a fellow student and came by a lot. We chatted and he asked me out for a drink. First tiem I felt feelings of attraction like that for a guy.
    We went to dinner, then ended up at his house. We got naked, I had no idea what I was doing. he jerked himself off against my cock and he came. I didn't, way too nervous. Woke up the next day in his bed, walked to the bathroom, passed a living room with MY teacher sitting in there...his roomate! Embarassing, but real funny too. Made for a fun day in class.
    Experience sucked, but gave me perspective, glad I let myself go there with a guy.

  16. quietman here...

    my first time was when i was 12 or so and i had never actually had cum with an orgasm yet, i was taking a bath while my best bud was in my room waiting on me to get done... i thought i was alone... i was jacking my cock with my eyes closed but sensed some one was there

    he was watching me... then he come over to the tub, he got on his knees by the tub and took my cock into his hand and started jacking my cock... wow! then he started sucking me... double wow! then it finally happened, i came for the first time with come shooting out of my dick... i laid in the warm water for a while exhausted... i finally got out and found my bud in my room... well i repaid the favor... i am thankful that i was in a safe environment that made one of those times you'll never forget... we went on to make other memories... but that's for another day BTW, this is 100% true event in my life

  17. Rugbysex, I'm conflicted. So wrong, but so hot. I'd go back to being 12 again in a second if I could though, and NOT miss all those chances this time.

  18. @5:07 am
    i was conflicted too about posting this because of the adult/minor aspect. i didn't like commenting about such an experience that i still view as positive. they're are SO many stories of adult/minor sex that are abusive...not to mention illegal.

  19. hey guys thx for the stories. every one of em great cuz they talk about real shit. think of it like this - some guys get off on these stories, other guys go 'fuck i cant beelvie that happeend to someone beside ME'. u guys r awesome!

  20. First time...I was 15....he was probably my Dad's age, but very hot and muscular. It was summer and I was dedicated to the gym determined to bulk up. I stared at him a lot and got caught a couple times. After one workout, I was showering and so was he...he had nice thick cock and he was very hairy. I couldn't help but stare. He noticed my hard-on and he started stroking his. He motioned me to get closer...we started jacking each other and eventually he pushed me to my knees. I didn't really know what to do, but he took charge and basically face fucked me. It was fast...intense...and he came down my throat. I was hooked! We played a lot that summer...he taught me a lot about being a man, working out, and how to enjoy a mans body.

  21. The first time was when I was 16. An older guy who I did odd jobs for sucked my cock, but I didn't come. He wasn't handsome and I was conflicted. He was disappointed, but excited enough to cum on the floor.

    Soon after that, I went out with my parent's Fred Astaire dance instructor - I kid you not - supposedly just to drive around. He had been calling the house a lot - turned out he wanted to hear my voice on the phone. He was small and dark and I was tall and pale. He also had a cute, muscular butt and big, shiny, dark nipples. His legs were very muscular. Anyway, he brought me back to my parent's house and we talked in the car on the street. The windows fogged up and he went down on me. I wrangled his cock out of his pants (fair is fair). He was very hard and pointed straight up. I gave him a hand job while he sucked me ... in the car on the street, although after midnight. When I loudly moaned and came in his mouth, he came on my hand, his pants, his shirt and on the car seat. We laughed. Next time I saw him, he took me to his sparse little apartment. As soon as we got in, we pulled each others clothes off. He lay on the bed and next thing I know his ankles were on my shoulders. This was before we knew about HIV, so I fucked him with my bare cock, lubed only with saliva - first time up a guy's ass. He said I swelled even bigger before I spewed. I was holding his dick and just after I came, he actually shot onto the headboard. That little guy was full of cum! We dated for a while after that, but finally moved on.

  22. The first time I messed around with another guy, I had barely turned 14 and my neighbor was around 13. It was the summer before my freshman year in high school and his final year in middle school. Now that I think about it he probably came over because he was flat out feeling horny and he had probably figured out I was a for sure thing (if you know what I mean). He asked if I had any dirty magazines around and I responded "No." However, my step-father had a Playboy subscription and so we took to task. We went into my parent's bedroom and pored over them as if we were researching for a school project. About 15 minutes later, and with a raging hardon straining his tiny football practice shorts, he asked if I would give him head. I took that as my non too subtle cue, walked over to him, placed my hands on his hips and took down his shorts. I was visibly impressed with his nearly 8 inch thick cock and got down on my knees to begin working on easing his need for orgasm. I alternated between licking his cock from top to bottom, taking his mushroom head into my mouth, taking his balls in mouth and back again to licking his cock. I then knew the true meaning of feeling sheer bliss and he wasn't exactly disapointed himself. Within minutes he expressed his forthcoming orgasm. Instead of removing my mouth from his cock, I clamped down on his head and took all of his jizm wholeheartedly. To this day, nearly 30 years later, I vividly remember his deep moans of pleasure as I tasted his manhood and swallowed his cum greedily. We continued our "relationship" well until the beginning of my senior year (his junior year) when he began dating girls and was obviously getting ass from them. Last I heard he was married and had two daughters. Needless to say, I blush everytime I attend a high school football game.

  23. MY first time i was a freshman in highschool.There was this sophomore straight
    basketball jock.He was 6' 5" tall hot as hell.
    We had just started the school year to my surprize guess who was in my gym class.One day
    after gym class when everyone had left.I guess
    he had stayed late for some basketball practice
    He came to the locker room to shower.Whe he undressed he took my breath away.He was lighlty
    hairy and had a great treasure trail which led
    to a huge cock.He removed his sweaty bike jockstrap and left it on the floor.To make a long story short i thought he was in the shower
    so i picked up his sweaty jockstrap and took a
    sniff and taste.To my surprise had only went to the bathroom.There he stood in front of with
    a 9' hard cock.He said how whould like the real thing so i obliged.I sucked his big cock then
    he said he wanted to fuck me.I was scared because he was so big.He said he would take it
    easy on me.When he entered my virgin ass he
    it really hurt, but after while i enjoyed
    it he fucked me in several postitions.Then he
    gave me his massive load of hot cum to eat
    It tasted so delicous.That was the last enconter
    i had with him.He is married now with kids.I will
    always remember him for taking my cherry.

  24. thanks for the dick droll guys and SWEET, SWEET memories.

  25. I was 17 and I slept over my friend Brian's all the time when I was too drunk to drive home. He was on football with me so we had seen each other naked before.. he was huge BTW. One nite after hanging out at a friends drinking beer and smoking weed and we didnt hook up with chicks we went back to his house and got in bed, We shared his queen size bed. I thought he was sleeping so being 17 and horned up from thinking about the girls I pulled my cock out and started jacking off. I felt him move and looked over and saw him stroking his boner.
    We jerked off together, mutually and compared cocks. It was really fun! He was over 8" biggest cock I have ever played with! I am just over 6" (so I had a complex of thinkign I had a tiny dick for years LOL)

    After that nite whenever I slept over we got in bed naked ( I have slept naked since 15 y/o when I was alone) and jerked each other off. We never did anything else, but I wish I did

    It was funny we never talked about it away from his room... it was a given it would happen though. This was back in the late 80s so there was no internet to know that we werent alone in our interest in other men.

    I moved away for college and havent seen him since we were 21. We are now both married with kids and I keep in touch on facebook but we never talk about our fun times
    I would love to have some more fun with him now!

    It was a good start for m2m fun. I really like having a friend be a JO bud as opposed to random hookups in the park etc. Just more fulfilling and a different relationship than with my wife