Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes I Think Vintage Pics Are Cool

Not sure why. Maybe cuz I see stuff like this and think hey maybe my grandfather was cool when he was a kid. And someitmes I think we get too caught up now in looking uber buff. So it's sorta like these pics represent male form in an honest way.

Or maybe I just like ass lol


  1. Scot my man, just when I think you get show us any hotter pics, you cold-cock me over my head... Love them all, well pic #4 is all yours, you bad boy you...

    Have to admit Pic#3 is my favorite, bunch of buddies probably up in the mountains gf, wifes at home, and they just want to have some man to man's all about cock this weekend... no talking pussy... and they watch each one shoot their "shit" literally..and my the looks of it no "MANSCAPING"..LOL...


  2. These pics are all really great however, pic #4 I gotta take issue with. He looks like a little kid to me.......

    another chick

  3. Pic #4 is 90 years old. He won't care, and will probably be flattered if he can see the picture, wherever he is.
    The last picture is military. Poor bastard was probably drafted.
    The one that interests me is, the blue train. How they are getting hosed down. Where would that be, any ideas? The guy with the hose has a good job!! Nice views!
    Pic #6, kinda looks like James Dean. He played both sides of the fence. Read a book about him once, and there was a pic of him, and he was hard and hung!
    SJ, Where are you buddy? We hope that you are ok!!!!

  4. It's the variety that makes this blog differnt/great. I thought your opinion this morning made you a total jackass but now I realise you are kind of a jackass but that makes you fun/cool. Can't wait for the next post. Love the blog!

  5. bj -
    You are totally right about #4 being 90 by now - lol. That was funny, dude!
    But seriously, the one with the guy bending over the fender of the Thunderbird whilst washing the car? Seriously?? So fuckin hot!

    Another chick

  6. I really love old pictures (vs old porn, which I also like, but not as much). In #1, cracks me up how they're trying to look casual while flexing.

  7. Most of the time I just admire your pix, Scott. Today I thought, "What is the story behind the train?" and I cannot think of a plausible one. You should have a contest, Scott, where people write a paragraph about this picture!


  8. My first thought about number one.....Did cocks come smaller in those days? Was it REALLY cold out there?

  9. Chic,
    The guy washing the car reminds me of a friend of mine. Good picture. Not many people would think of taking a picture like that. It's not the norm, and neither is he. He's HOT!
    I wonder where they are now. Life passes so quickly.

  10. like ass? LIKE ASS?! buddy, i think you're developing an obsession with my favorite body part.
    cheers you ass kisser!

  11. Love them ALL,just into vintage B&W,post more any time.

  12. Hah, I have about 4 of these pics already saved on my hard drive. Scott, you and I must go to some similar places online.

    As for #4 looking like "a little kid"... he looks like a guy in his late teens/early twenties to me. Are you sure it's not just because he's role-playing in the *position* of a kid that makes him seem so young?

  13. Just found the blog. . . . love it....The old b/w photo's turn me on. Hope you post more

    SJ (rhode island)

  14. Oh love this blog too, and I am SJ (Massachusetts), just so there is not confusion, sometimes I think people think I am Scott that set up this blog, because his name is Scott, but Scott uses his little pic icon when he comments.... you know the one where he's (being an ass

    And SJ I have always used SJ my first name is Scott and my middle name is Joseph... just wanted to clear that up, don't want to take credit for all the hard work the infamous Scott had done, and our Scott is from New York, but great to see another SJ from Rhode Island..(welcome)

    SJ (form Massachusetts)