Friday, July 22, 2011

Weenie Jail

Ok I need some help with this.  I know there’s all kinds of stuff going on.  Hey I got my kinky perversions as much as anyone.  Not bashing here. Just trying to figure out wtf.  So is this a device to prevent a guy from jacking off, or to prevent him from using the magic wand on anyone?  It looks like you can piss through it so does that mean it’s built for long term usage? And can you get a boner in it? And does it turn double duty by acting as a cockring? Are these form fitted or does one size fit all? And having his hair all shaved looks kinda emasculating, so are these devices typically for youngsters? Oh ya, and by the way, what the hell do you call these things?  Penis Prisons? 


  1. ewe! you're looking at too many pix. we need to get you away from your laptop and into bed. better's so damn hot...pool party! everyone get nekid!!

  2. It's being used to prevent masturbation and to keep him from screwing around.

  3. I'd cut it off.

  4. Saw this on Showtime program Gigalos about male prostitutes for women. The device will not allow the guy to get hard. One of the escorts wore it for three days. The longer he wore it the more he got paid.

  5. This is not a "penis prison." A "penis prison" is something called "marriage."

  6. Matt D in Dallas.July 22, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    Hey, Scott.. It's a modern take on a medieval chastity device meant to keep him from fucking or jerking off... depending on the device, even getting hard can be.. um.. uncomfortable. The fit depends on the device.. there are (very expensive) custom versions out there, but most are "off the rack" and come in various configurations to assist with fit. I know a couple of guys that are into 'em for longterm use (as in.. they hand off the key to someone else so they can't unlock it themselves.), and once the initial period of extreme sexual frustration is over, they apparently leave one in a somewhat.. focused.. state most of the time.

  7. Matt D in Dallas.July 22, 2011 at 10:10 AM

    Hey, guys.. anyone else out there thinkin' we oughtta chip in and get one of those things for Scott's wife so she can keep his horny ass in line? *grin*

  8. I'd contribute.......After one month he'd have to post about the experience. How entertaining would that be?

  9. Naturally first thing I do on this blog is look at the pic, and yup, WTF, NO ONE PUTTING MY COCK IN A FREAKING CONTRAPCATION LIKE THAT, or me doing it tom myslef, so no more for me today on this pic or topic.. Now go to town for all you dudes that like this stuff.. To each his own, I guess.

  10. Maybe if he tried some wd40, he could slip out of it.

  11. ONE MONTH?! in one day he'd be certifiable. i hear they just redecorated the padded cells at bellvue. don't worry buddy...i won't let anyone put that on you! for u that would be cruel and unusual punishment. although it might be funny as hell to watch. LOL.
    loved your comment 9:44am...what a hoot!

  12. That is a male chastity device. They come in many forms and there are websites that sell them. Generally it is either used by BDSM dudes where the "master" controls when his "slave" can have sex. Other guys use them on themselves to see how long they can abstain, and the longer you go the hornier you get.

  13. I am concerned about the head of this guy's penis! I have never seen anything like that! Maybe I just don't get out much?

  14. Its a control device, the shaving could be a fashion statement or punishment from Master.

    A guy at the gym showed up a shaved from his nose to his toes on Monday and by Friday he had something like that on (his was made of a single handcuff welded a curved steel tube so his cock head stuck out). It seems that he was in a conundrum: his Master ordered him not to have sex with any one, but had also told the new neighbor to use The Boy when ever. So every time the guy next door showed up The Boy got punished.

  15. btw its called a cock cage

  16. btw is called fucked up shit

  17. hey celt,
    i get out a LOT and i've never seen that sorta thing either. deo gratias!!

    hey billy,
    what sorta gym do you go to? LMFAO.

    holy shit, ain't life grand?!

  18. I'm playing devil's advocate here....

    That's a chastity device mainly used in the BSMD scene. It's all about giving up control to one person/having total control of a person - hence the complete shaved look. Whine and bitch all you want... you know there are some folks out there who are into it. Live and let live I say. In a way, it's not much different than a wedding band. By putting on the wedding band, you're saying to your wife that you won't fuck other women. That just goes on your word while this thing ensures it.

  19. Every one raise their hand if they have a crush on Ruggy.
    Yeah, my hand is up.

  20. Jesus Scott. Did you have to stick that image in our brains right before the weekend? But since you did this, I feel compelled to comment.

    Despite the fact that the religous freeking radical Nazi fucking right (i.e. Michelle Bachman) wants everyone to believe there is only ONE sanctioned repository for the penile appendage, I believe it is in fact God's commandment and wish that all men be free to stick their dicks in any natural place that HE (God) created. I believe that's in Book of Genesis or the Declaration of Independece or some fucking thing. I mean think about it.... why else would God have designed the human body with so many fucking sphincters? And that is not to imply that we need be limited to human bodies (MOOOOOOOO! RUFF RUFF! meOWWWWWW!). So my point is, the natural world by God's design is filled with places for you to put your pud and if you want to do it, go for it. Fuck Michelle Bachman. Wait a minute, I wouldn't wish Michelle Bachman on any dude.

    But that device on the guy in the picture is just not right man. Ain't no way God had that in mind. And what the fuck happened to the head on that guy's dick? Looks like somebody (OMG) sliced it with a knife. Sorry cuz I know across the globe hundreds (thousands?) of juicky dicks went instantly flat at the thought of that.

    But back to scripture. Jesus said, "Go forth and multiply the variety of places into which you stick thy dicks, whether that be women holes or man holes or camel holes or any other natural wet hairy hole that I hath created for you. But, varily I say unto you, you may not stick thy beautiful dick with which I have blessed thee into kinky steel fucking medievil torture devices promoted by Lucifer."

    And that gentlemen, is your lesson from the Good Book for today. AMEN

  21. matt not a cage on the planet that can keep my boy down lol

  22. obviously a very Gay gym.

  23. Hey Celt, anonymous at 6:16 pm, I have really grown to have a great fondness for the rugger.. the dude can be very nice, at the key word "at time",, only kidding rugbysex, you one heck of a my hand is up.


    Ps, where's are girl "D".... I know her hand would be up too...

  24. You got it SJ. Your friend Rugby is a class act.

  25. "religous freeking radical Nazi fucking right (i.e. Michelle Bachman)" Come on. Hillary has more regulations on us than ANY Conservative....Then a gain, the thought of Hillary flattens me out in seconds!

  26. What this guy has done to his head is probably a penile subincision. But it is normally performed along the shaft. Look at this article - but not right after dinner.

  27. To Anon at 7:43

    Yes sir, the religious right is the enemy and Michelle Bachman is their head spokesperson. She and her husband have a clinic in Minnesota, and one of their programs is to "retrain" gay people, the implication being that there is something wrong with gay people that needs to be fixed. It is Nazi shit for real right here and now in 2011. If you don't this stuff is happening, you need to read up. Please tell me that what you said can in no way be considered advocacy of Bachman's cause.

    You may be right about Hillary, I don't honestly know. But Hillary is soon to be a "has been". Bachman on the other hand is a rising star and is currently the #1 candidate on the GOP side. She is a sick, sick person.


  29. Are these devices "mostly for youngsters?"

    No, Scott - they are mostly for fetishists. Look guys, no one has *ever* made a male chastity device for serious use. They are purely a kinky fantasy device, so you can all stop hand-wringing about the right wing and the anti sex crowd.

    These are made and used by the kinky sex crowd, not the anti sex crowd.

  30. Ah, does Scott think he has some serious competition for the affections of the crowd? My, my, I've long contended that the seduction of Scott, which has no equivalent in the straight world for a guy like him, was a big part of his fascination....Do I detect of tad bit of envy directed our friend Rugby? He is after all pretty impressive fellow too ..;)

  31. O.k Scottie boy so you don't feel left out, your most likely making your "monkey face" right about now, hey it you do a great job tonight, maybe your wife will throw you two banana's.

    BTW, just wanted to say I like you new pic, when you comment..


  32. @7:14pm,
    thnx for the kind words. the perv aint envious of the affection i've rec'd. nor should he be. i am indeed a pompous, arrogant SOB with an ego larger than Alaska. he's the rightful star because he delivers the goods for us day in and day out whereas i just pontificate from time to time. we give each other shit but he knows i have mad respect and affection for him and i know how he feels about me. he's just jealous i have a bigger dick. LMFAO!

  33. And Scott's ego isn't? We do love him dearly BUT the buffing and fluffing he gets here may create a monster unless he's occasionally presented with a rival for the crowd's affection.....His wife deserves that

  34. you have NO idea how much it pains me to defend the twerp BUT he went from obscurity to gay blog superstardom and the guy kept his head screwed on pretty tight. remember he has to do this blog more or less b4 work and to the extent time permitted he always tried to reply to the many emails he got from guys asking for help.
    i must have a masochistic streak becuz i suffer his abuse and then give him this testamonial. the guy is good people. ok. that's all the shameless ass kissing i'm gonna do for the rest of the year.
    btw...he REALLY does have a smaller dick.

  35. Oh, we know Rugby he really is a decent sort and he's provided a pretty unique environment. Now as far as the relative size of the various endowments, we'll just have to take you at your word, unless of course, you're willing to prove it.......

  36. You know what that dude deserves to be in that hideous "safe" for the way he shaved his pubes ...Yuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk.... if he's into men, he wouldn't have to worry about me going near that bald eagle.

  37. Not just a bald eagle but he's mutilated his dick. That is about the ugliest thing....horrible. The cock cage is nothing next to the genital mutilation.

  38. the male or female that came up with this device, should have been tied down and fucked by a thousand men... all with 14 inch cocks.

  39. Anon 2:08
    This is strictly voluntary on the caged's part.No one is "making" him do anything. So is the "body modification" done to the head of his dick...ugh...have you seen how these guys pee? It's more like a sprinkler or one of those soakers you use in an irrigations system after they're done. I really think this stuff should be illegal. Yeah, I know, consenting adults and all, but there has to be long term health consequences of fileting your dick.And it's never done by a doctor just some hack in a body mod shop or tattoo parlor...Google it. It's disgusting

  40. im pretty sure my lot in life is 2 live in the shadows of the rugby man. and my dicks bigger than his and he knows it lololololol

  41. Scott and Rugby,

    This has gone on much, much too long (pun intended). There is only one way to end the argument. Now who goes first? Scott? Rugby? We're waiting.............

  42. That's my girl, you told them "D".. more power to com-on boys, "D" has sent out the challenge or duel..


  43. D...WORD darlin'!
    talk's cheap. i've made the offer MANY times...let's post pix and let the guys (and ladies) render the verdict. man up you mugwamp! oscar vs. lil scottie...i could probably get us a pay-per-view deal w/ HBO. LMFAO.
    smug cheers!

  44. Rugby,

    Pay-per-view, indeed!! Judging by the salivation that occurs at the mere mention of little scottie, I have no doubt that could be arranged! Now, you two agree on the ground rules and the rest of us will show up...Name the date and

  45. Most if the info has already been given...

    The guys cockhead is not damaged in any way. There is an opening in the plastic and it is on tight so some of the glans is pushing thru. No big deal.

    I tried one of these but my cock is too thick soft to go in.

    The idea is fun... Mostly in BDSM as people have said... U can't get hard and your horniness builds... Fun to tease the guy who is locked up on the phone or in person until they are begging to be freed and jo.

  46. I'll be more than glad to pay for that show, anonymous at 8:00 AM, the meeting of the two "dicks" Rugger and Scottie boy..

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