Thursday, August 25, 2011

Break Time

I'm takinng a blog-cation. I need it. I dunno.  Everythings cool. Just gotta take a step back.  Prob be back on Monday. Or maybe later. I dunno. Just gotta get my shit together. I think I'll check email but no garuntees.  Just need to take a step back u know?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gorilla Butt

Is There Such A Thing As Too Young?

Don’t mean to piss anyone off, but this is about older and younger sex.  We were out a couple night ago and a buddy made a crack like ‘I’d like to trade in my 44 yr old wife for 2 22’s’ hahahahaha.  A little later I was talking to a buddy and we were like seriously, wtf would you possible talk to a 22 yr girl about?  So I’m wondering, if you’re an older guy and you have sex with a younger guy, is it just about the sex?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Reader Letter

Published with the permission of reader:
I wanted to leave this in the comment section of your blog but it was too long. I read your blog because I’ve always had a “thing” for straight men though I’ve never actually been with one.  Yesterday I responded to an ad from a guy traveling on business who was looking for a hotel room blow job from someone similar in age (he was 32), white, experienced, masculine, and drama free.  He made it very clear he was DISCRETE, which we all know means married (honestly I wish they would just SAY it).  We made arrangements and I went to his hotel.  I think he was a bit taken back when he saw me because of my age (I’m 23) but he let me in anyway. He didn’t say much or even offer me something to drink (isn’t that common courtesy?) so I wasn’t sure if he was nervous or just lacked personality.  Almost as soon as the door closed he said “OK…you ready?” (some line!).  He dropped his pants, hiked up his shirt and sat down on a couch.  I started to take off my clothes and he stopped me and told me I didn’t need to undress.  That confirmed my original “lack of personality” theory.  He was handsome in a rugged, almost mean kind of way and had a beautiful hairy body.  I dropped to my knees and gave him what he wanted.  He never said a word. I asked him if he liked his balls licked and he grunted.  I took that as a yes. As I made my way lower he went from the sitting position to the lounging position on the couch which gave me access to his balls.  I started moving down further to the taint and he started getting into it, bucking his hips and softly moaning.  What the hell I went down to his pucker with my tongue, partly because it was beautiful and partly just to see what he’d do.  Moments later I had this big hairy married man moaning with his legs pulled up in the air and his hands holding his knees up and apart.  At one point I stopped just to admire the scene and almost cummed in my pants at the sight.  I finished him up with a blow job that included him holding my head down while he shot his load in my mouth (back to the lack of personality issue).  I had barely swallowed when he got up put his shorts on and said thanks and stared walking to the door to open it. So as much fun as it was (and it WAS!) I don’t think I’ll rush back to married men because of the way he handled it.  I hope you have better manners.

All Time Fantasy

I always thought it would be the coolest thing in the world to pose for an art class bare as naked.  I mean come on. Why wouldn’t this be my ultimate fantasy. Exhibitionism – Check.  Men and women – Check.  Public place – check. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Right To Give Your Body What It Wants

The Right To Piss And Smoke At The Same Time If You Can

The Right To Free Speach

The Right To Piss Wherever You Want

The Right To Show Crack In A Speedo

The Right To Have Drunk Gay Sex But Not Call It That

The Right To Examine Ass When Presented To You

The Right To Groom Without Recrimination

The Right To Spooge Wherever You Want

The Right To Dispose Of The Evidence

The Right to Free Assembly

The Right To Smell Your Own Junk

The Right To Defend Yourself

The Right To Humiliate A Buddy

The Right To Get Naked Whenever The Hell You Feel Like It

Your Right To Bear Arms


A lot of guys ask me where I stand on various political issues.  Um….stop asking me.  I don’t give a shit about a lot of things I probably should. And the shit I do support and bash I don’t really wanna talk about on my blog. If you’re looking for a good political debate that’s cool.  You’re just not gonna get it from me cuz I was 6 weeks into a poly sci class before I realized the “poly” stood for political.  Given that, I’m gonna spend today  telling you what I support.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Day, I Want To Meet One Guy Who’s Man Enough To Get Me In This Postion

Blue Balls By Design

A frequent reader wrote me recently and asked why I haven’t talked about me having sex with guys lately.  Uh, cuz I haven’t.  I hope I don’t give you guys the impression I’m like out on the prowle for guys.  That’s not really it. When it happens it happens you know?  Hasn’t happened in a while.  Pretty long while actually. But when it does you horny fucks will be the second to know.  The first of course are my balls lol..