Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Follow Up To Sexting Story

So remember when I told you a buddy of mine sent a chick a pic of his cock on his iphone?  That was a couple monsth ago (I still never seen the pic lol).  Old news.  Till last weekend.  Apparently he’s got a new gf (not the one he sexted) and he’s pretty much disappeared.  But the topic of him sexting came up when I was out with my buddies last weekend.  There were 6 of us.  Here’s some of the stuff that went on in the conversation:
“Whatever happened to the chick who he sent his dick pic to”
“He never went out with her”
“She fucking rejected his dick”
“No man I saw the pic. He’s got the biggest, baldest dick you ever saw”
“That’s bullshit”
“No man I’m telling you he shaved it all off”
“Ok he shaved it off.  That doesn’t make him big…….there”
“Dude I’m telling you….”
“Dude I seen him naked he doesn’t have some big dick”
“just telling you what I saw”
“Just telling YOU, you must have low standards of dick size”
Waitress comes over.  “Hey you boys gonna share the joke with me?”
Uncomfortable silence at the table followed by burst out laughing.
“Baby trust me on this you don’t wanna know”


  1. "Dude I seen him naked he doesn’t have some big dick”“just telling you what I saw”

    Sure the pic was of his dick???

  2. And at what point did you all head to the men's room to compare to find out who was bigger?

    Mark from Pittsburgh

  3. Just goes to show you, there's more to a dick than we realize.

  4. Were you staring to get an 'unauthorized boner' from that conversation?? I know I would have...


  5. Love it -- shows how even "str8" guys are occupied with dick and talk about it. The same goes for muscle.


  6. Damn, she is crazy if she rejected that
    COCK.Bring it on.

  7. Does he use photoshop ? I can make my dick look twice the size it realy is with only a couple of clicks. I then shove a football sock in my under wear untill I get him naked by that time he just has to take what is on offer......

  8. Benchpecs - ALL men are preoccupied with and talk about dick; those things are quite dear to us, don't ya know...

    Scott - The conversation you had with your buddies proves one thing: Shaving the shaft and trimming the front lawn makes your dick appear bigger.

  9. Wouldn't if be funny if Scott found out that he was the straightest guy in his "man clan" and they have been excluding him for years, because they thought that he has a hangup about guy on guy action. Friends that have that much information about another friends dick size is more than just a friend, there is probably some benefits involved somewhere.

    It's like getting invited to the party, but never making it past the foyer. You don't know what everyone is doing, and they all think that you wouldn't want to know what is going on. There must be some way that two straight dudes can acknowledge one another without letting on to everyone that they jump the fence at times. Talking about a friends dick size seems like a likely way of starting that conversation.

  10. I think that there is so much info out there about blow jobs, that everyone wants to try it.
    The funny thing is, once they try it, they will say, man, this sensation is soooo good, when can I come back.
    Have you ever read on this site or any other where a guy didn't like a blow job? Never! Some will say, that it is even better than getting laid. Would you agree with that?