Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Senses

I had an interesting question from a long time reader. 
“What sound, smell, taste, touch, or visual gets you immediately hard?”
Wow. Thought about this for a while.  Here goes.
Sound – you know how when yor dick gets hard and you pull it away from your body and let it fwap down? I love hearing that thud against my belly.  The sound of aggressive dirty talk is a very close second.
Smell – easy. Locker room. 
Taste – I know what your thinking, but the idea of tasting cum doesn’t do it for me. I’ll have to go with the smell of tequila lol
Touch – at the risk of sounding like a total homo, I love touching another guys asscheeks
Visual – I love watching a dude get all assertive and aggressive with another guy, especially if the other guy is putting up a fight. I love watvhign a dude slowly, hestiatnty submit.
If you didn’t like my answers, YOU try it! It’s not as easy as you think!


  1. so you're gonna LOVE watching me make you hesitantly submit when i pop ur cherry. maybe i can arrange to have it videotaped. lmfao!
    pax tibi perv!

  2. god your so fucking funny. i think you meant the TASTE of tequilla. lmfao.

  3. sound: the snap of an elastic waistband of a guy's jock, boxers or briefs.
    smell: the smell of soap on a man fresh out of the shower
    taste: the salty taste of a man's skin
    touch: the feel of my lips as i kiss a man's eyelids.
    visual: the sight of a fit guy slowly undressing for me b4 sex.
    that's my quota for today.

  4. sound: Thunder
    smell: Pine forest (real ones, not the bottled crap)
    taste: Reese's peanut butter cups
    visual: either military guys in battle fatigues or a nicely worked out chest with shaved b.s. for me

  5. Sound: The dude moaning as my cock hits his prostate.
    Smell: The slight musky scent of cologne on his neck.
    Taste: His mouth when we go in for a deep kiss.
    Touch: The silky feel of the skin on the head of his cock.
    Visual: His hard cock bouncing around.

  6. Scott, I agree with your visual...2 guys wrestling as they become bottom and top...OK, I'm hard. Thanks.

  7. @9:10 AM - So... would you like to lick Reese's peanut butter cups off a hairy military guy, deep within a pine forest during a thunder storm?

    It's an interesting scenario.

  8. Sound: A moan as he sucks my cock or we kiss
    Smell: Sycamore leaves.
    Taste: Salty flesh.
    Touch: a slightly hairy ass cheek as I run my palm over it.
    Visual: A slow sexy strip.

  9. Scott,
    I got hard reading what gets you hard, damn, no I'm serious. I agree about touching a guys ass. I can't get enough of it. A hot muscular high and tight ass drives my Nuts wild !!!!!

  10. ive commented too much but i just HAd to tell some chick her scenario works for me. what a hoot! LMFAO! way to go girl!

  11. Where'd you find that picture? It's so hot!

  12. @rugbysex - you bring the military man, and I'll bring the peanut butter cups. We can make a date of it. :D

  13. @ some chick,
    word! and i happen to know a few amazing jarhead hotties. whew! psst..some chick...don't tell anyone but i'm an equal opportunity fucker. lol.
    cheers darlin!

  14. Sound: The voice of the guy I want to play with
    Smell: Fresh, after shower smell
    Taste: his cock or his tongue....both thrill me
    Touch: His cock or his hand...both thrill me
    Visual: A nice cock...whether flaccid or ready to play


  15. sound: a deep masculine voice especially talking dirty

    smell: the musky funky man smell of an unshowered dudes arm pits or the back of his balls -- no colon thank you.
    Taste: ball sweat
    Touch: hard built muscle
    Visual: bicep flex and posing.

    Note scientists have proven the smell of pumpkin pie causes sexual arousal (penis blood flow) in men.


  16. Sound: His exhale when I hit a spot on his body that gets him off
    Smell: His neck after a long day
    Taste: His neck after a long day
    Touch: The small of his back, especially if he has a nice patch of hair growing there
    Visual: His cum face right as he's at the peak of his orgasm

  17. Sound: screaming or groaning with me when he's coming while we're jacking each other
    Smell: sweaty package with the bleach SMELL of cum a close second (not a cum eater here, just can't bring myself to do it)
    Taste: balls
    Touch: hard pecs with some hair on them, a great deep kiss with lots of tongue
    Visual: EASY: low hangers with a good long flaccid dick, seen from behind between his legs. Your blog photo of the kickboxer with his bare balls swinging from behind is one of my favorites.

  18. Matt D in Dallas.August 3, 2011 at 2:56 PM

    Sound – Sound of a guy's deep voice in my ear encouraging me to take what he's dishin' out.

    Smell – Tough one.. so many. Musky smell of a guy's crotch. Old-fashioned barbershop smells. Old Spice/Irish Spring. Pipes.

    Taste – Varies, but lately? The taste of whiskey on a guy as we're playin' tonsil hockey.

    Touch – the feel of my body against a guy with my head on that spot in the front of his torso wher shoulder, chest and neck all come together. Or vice-versa.

    Visual - well-built, furry guy partaking of his bathroom/grooming rituals. Same guy. shirt open, sleeves rolled up,pullin' off his belt and doubling it up.

  19. Sound: deep throated moan
    Smell: armpits
    Taste: beer/wine/alcohol
    Touch: beard stubble
    Visual: Fur


  20. Sound: the same cock "fwap" noise scott mentioned
    Smell: musky ball sweat
    Touch: light sucking on my neck/collar bone
    Visual: two jocks making out

    and i left out taste because I'm stumped on that one....

  21. Sound - the snap of a jockstrap and/or a deep voice as I lay my head on his chest
    Smell - the smell of my jockstrap after a long workout - nothing beats the scent of sweaty sack.
    Taste: a salty sweaty neck
    Touch: when a guy gently runs his fingers over my hole.
    Visual: the sight of a smooth hole spread open

  22. Hot pic Scott.

    Sound- commanding authority, dirty talk.
    Smell- sweat
    Taste- fingers
    Touch- a tongue on my taint
    Visual- ass crack peaking out of board shorts

  23. Sound: The rustle of his clothing coming off, especially his shorts, jock strap, or whatever he's got on down there.
    Smell: his own body scent, mixed with cologne, soap, sweat, deodorant, etc.
    Taste: his warm salty skin as my tongue slides over it.
    Touch: his body wrapping itself onto me as we first embrace
    Visual: Him walking toward me, smiling as his hard cock sways in front.

  24. nice pic Scott:

    Sound: a dude or myself "snapping my carrot" when your at the point of no return, next time listen to your own sound..

    Smell: ties here, the manly locker room smells, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and a dude wearing just a hint of Brute after shave gel.

    Taste: my first probing of a dudes clean, hairy, musky man butt, ah I think I died and went to heaven

    Touch: oh the touch of a soft penis, turning into a erect cock, and feeling his fat balls

    Visual: a man's "slapping sound" when he's the "top" of a women or a man, so primal..

    a hairy beefy butt (without towel) heading to the showers and I am right behind, and he's straight, and doesn't know I am enjoying this like he could never imagine..

    a dude, with a nice "guns", nothing defines more masculinity than that..

    Sorry hard to just give one answer... life is good


  25. sound: a guy moaning in pleasure.
    smell: sweaty ballsac
    taste: a guy's tongue after he rims me
    touch: the feel of a precut-slicked cocked in my hand.
    visual: a guy's face buried in another guy's ass

    Loved this post and the hot comments!

  26. Correction to previous post:
    touch: the feel of a precum-slicked cockhead in my hand.

    Damn that MacBook spellcheck!

  27. had to correct my favorite sound:
    the sloppy wet sound of two dudes jacking with lots of lube, preferably i am one of the dudes.

    amazing how MANY of us like sweaty balls as our favorite smell

  28. Sound: The hunger in his voice as he begs for my load or his gasping for breath as I pull my cock from his mouth after roughly throat fucking him.

    Smell: Locker room or barracks.

    Taste: My own dick. Love to make out with a guy immediately after he's been sucking my cock.

    Touch: His teeth sinking into my pecs.

    Visual: His ass in the air begging to be filled.

  29. Sound: rain hitting the rooftop, while your drifting off to sleep, spooning your man.

    Smell: sweaty dudes in the locker room before and after their showers.

    Taste: the first few licks of a dark patch of hairy sweaty man pit

    Touch: ah, your man, lightly touching your back as you drift off to sleep (after great sex)

    Visual: the face of a dude, when he about to come, no matter how stupid it looks.

  30. Sound: the slurping sounds of a wet blow job
    Smell: locker room (combo of man-sweat, piss, cum and testosterone)
    Taste: salty sweat dripping on a muscular torso
    Touch: the feel of a hard nipple on beefy pecs
    Visual: a clothed hot man that is obviously free balling and has something to be proud of on display

  31. Sound: hearing yourself or another guy, "I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum..."

    Smell: pre-cum

    Touch: chests together in hug (m/m, m/w)

    Visual: defer to anon800, "face of a dude, when he's about to come, no matter how stupid it looks"

  32. Taste and smell: A man's musky pits or his ass crack

    Sight: On my knees looking up - knowing I'm going to be servicing him

    Feel: When his cock first breaches my hole. It might hurt a bit at first, but my cock instantly goes to full attention when I feel him push into me. The second one would have to be when he's getting close to cumming and I feel his cock harden and thicken in me as his pace picks up

    Sound: Either the sound of two sweaty bodies slapping against each other or the involuntary grunts, moans and gasps I make as he fucks up against my prostate, playing it like a finely tuned fiddle.

  33. sound: sighs, grunts and all the sounds that a man does when he takes pleasure
    smell: underwear, especially after sweating
    taste: cock and armpits
    touch: a man who touches me all over the body and cock over my slip
    visual: the face of man who strokes his cock