Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What’s The Roughest Sex You Ever Had?


  1. Not sure it qualifies as roughest...but certainly the scariest. met up with this guy that I had talked to a few times, decided to go to his place. was having some fun, was down on my knees sucking his cock when I felt something hard and cold on my face...a pistol.

    It freaked me out! I stopped what I was doing and sort of froze for a moment. Asked what the hell that was, he said it wasn't loaded and that it was a real turn on for him.

    We it didn't turn me on to say the least, I asked him to put it in the kitchen...while he did, I proceeded to zip up and take off.

    I wonder if he still has my shirt.

  2. Electro. Got my balls and cock zapped. It was great but some guys had to hold me down. I twisted and jerked around a lot which could be dangerous with electro. I guess I'm not as tough as I thought I was.


  3. None of that weird stuff for me. Rough equals danger or pain or both for me.

  4. Never did and don't plan too.

  5. Best rough sex- probaly being the pass around bottom for 3 hot guys at a play party. Was just a lot of fun being used by these guy.
    Worst rough sex- hooked up with this guy online, went to his place and once we got naked all he cared about was fucking me- no foreplay, didn't like getting sucked, and had a very thick dick. Just jackrabbited in missionary for about 20 minutes, came and was done. Totally did not care for my pleasure or comfort, not a trn on at all.

  6. The roughest sex ever?

    Well it could be this one:
    The first part of the evening was spent in a “leather” sex club, “playing” with different guys, me being active only. After having shagged a guy, we got talking – he asked me if I ever bottomed which I did and do. I was then invited to come to his place, to be the play toy for him and his partner. I agreed and we drove off into the night. Arriving at his place I found that he had both a Gynecologists chair and a sling in the living room!

    He introduced me to his partner, explain that I was there to play as a bottom for the rest of the night. Both were real nice men – not boys nor lads but MEN as I like ‘em to be. We agreed on a safe word – on their insistence – and I went to the bath room to clean up. Upon returning to the living room I found my two hosts in jockstraps, caps and harness: reaction instant boner on my part!
    I was then told to put on a hood covering everything but my mouth – safe for two small nose holes. Once that was on they gave a ball gag and pushed me back into the sling. Now what?

    What followed was intense:
    I had a full body shave – take about getting funny looks in the changing room at work the next day!
    Weights screwed to my balls – ( wow the joy of having something pull on them – makes me hard just thinking about it)
    Dildos of ever increasing size showed in my ass whilst sniffing poppers
    Ball gag removed and alternately mouth fucked by their dicks
    Ass fucked by their dicks for what seemed like forever.
    Electro stim
    And the occasional slap with a bare hand or a whip
    You name it – I had it!

    All the time not a single word was said by the guys, but they worked like a well oiled machine, each knowing his part.

    Sometimes the suspense was killing me. There would be something up my shute, or a clip attached to my nipple and then NOTHING happened for ……… forever (or so it seemed – not a sound was heard during these breaks) and then…………. All of sudden the dildo would disappear or my ass would get a slap or the power would be turned up in the band around my nut and I would jump – though restrained by the leg and arm straps in the sling.

    They never touched my dick once! But had a sixth sense for when I was about to come……..– then they would stop what they were doing, ‘till the tension broke.

    Eventually though, as dawn broke, I was fucked from both ends until I came all over my self.
    This having lasted for te betttr par of 3 hours I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the sling. An hour later I was helped down, with a red striped sore ass, a mouth tasting of cum and a ball sac that was longer ( and sorer) than usual due to the weights. But boy did it feel good.

    Needless to say this has been repeated since, but so has visits to the sex club when these two guys were the submissive ones.

  7. @JK... Ask I can muster up is WOW after that and a semi in my pants

  8. IT would take a LOT for me to trust a guy enough to play rough. Happened only once and HE was tied down spread eagle...not me. He had a safe word but no matter what I did, he never used it.

  9. Fuck Yeah JK, your experience had me hard.

  10. Last week, when I ran out of lube and had to jerk off "dry"

  11. I would not have the balls to do what you did, no pun intended.
    I sometimes think, that if someone wanted me to tie them up and stress them, how far would I go. It's scary.

  12. Guys, don't get yourselves hurt. There's a fine line between erotic and stupid. That's a line it doesn't make any sense to cross.

  13. Scott... do you *really* want me to answer that in the public forum?

  14. torture shit is fucked up crap as far as I am concerned, "Criminal minds" is on.

  15. I don't wheather you would consider this rough
    sex or not.My friend was a straight guy I have
    worked with for years and had lusted after.He
    had never shown any interest in me.He was married
    He had an argument with his wife and was very upset so he invited me to go with him on a fishing trip.He owned a cabin by a lake.When we arrived I tried comforting him and this turned
    into sex.He had a great body a little hairy
    and a huge cock.He was a complete animal
    in bed.He fucked me in every position possible.
    He had great stamina he never could get enough.
    He fucked me on an off for two days.I was sore
    for a week, but I sure enjoyed it.

  16. Something you enter into with open eyes (behind a hood) can N E V E R be torture.

  17. Hooked up with a soldier from Ft Hood Texas. It was his first time to ever be with a guy. We had a few drinks together and and the urge hit him bad. He threw me down onto the floor in my living room and fucked me hard for hours. Erotic and hot as hell but when all was said and done I ended up with a broken rib. No desire to have it that intense again but was hot as fuck!

  18. Ah, that pic is for amateurs, string him up by his balls, never mind a tiny tug from a hand, Sick shit.

  19. at the last Anon... right on dude!