Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Trails

Hey I gotta give a shout out to my blogger buddies at Roids n Rants and especially Aussielicious for teaching me about blogging.  Dudes freakin rule the waves.  They gave me my start.  But it’s you guys who made this blog un-freakin-real.  You gave me an education on life I never would have gotten and made me laugh my balls off at the same time.  Seriously guys, thanks for the brotherhood and the laughs.  Don’t let anyone give you shit.  You’re good men (cept 4 the few ladies out there who read me, you know how I think of you ;) ).  You guys are like family. Been a fuckin wild ride. Adios.

On The Journey, Don't Be Afraid To Have Sex In Strange Places

Closing Time

So today’s my last blogging day.  No problems here. It’s all good.  Just time to move it on.  Family and work gotta come first.  If I don’t got that right I’m dumber than you guys think I am.  Cutting down on posts isn’t the answer.  Shutting bad boy down is.  So gonna close the day out with a few more posts and hang up my jock. As a lot of you know I been thinking about it for awhile actually.  Gonna miss it? Of course.  Gonna keep my email alive so you knuckheads can keep in touch.  What will I miss most? The Comments.  Definitely.  You guys have been a freakin blast.  Even when you kick my ass.  Just time to call it a day.

Monday, September 19, 2011

What's Crossing The Line?

I used to think it was getting fucked up the ass. But now I dunno.  I guess that's what's weird to me. Is it sharing affection with men? Is it kink? Is it just doing something you'd be uncomfortable wtih if you ran for office and it came out?  So like in some ways maybe I have crossed the line and didn't even fuckin know it. And where does freindship cross the line? Looking a little too long when you're changing with a buddy?  jacking off togheter but wondering what it would be like if more happened? When you talk to a buddy about shaving your balls is that laying the groundwork for man to man sex or is it just 2 dudes bsing? AND WHO THE FUCK MAKES THE RULES ANYWAYS CUZ I THINK WE NEED A SERIOUS TALK LOLOLOL!

Just To Clear Up Any Confusion....

For some reason I can't sign on in google the normal way when I leave comments so I'm doing them as annonymous and sighning my name.  I done it the past couple posts. Some people aren't sure it's me. I wanna make damn sure you know. If I see anyone writing a comment pretending its me and its not im deleting it.

One Last Controversy

Ok follow me on this.  We talked alot about how beers are like th great enabler for curiosus guys to have sex with other guys. Totally get that. But I been drunk ALOT with buddies and naked with em too. But I don't think I ever seriously considered having sex with them. So why's that. I think it has to do with shame. Ya I know you don't like hearing it but I think it's true. We don't want anyone knowing we got these feelings. Sure as hell not anyone we know and see all the time. Prob why curious guys look for out of town action on business trips. No man I'm not proud of this. But we grow up thinking it's wrong. It's a source of ridicule. It's anti social. All that shit. I never in this blog really talked about personal feelings. Just a lot of dick, ass, and fantasy. But when it gets down to it I think curious guys want to but are held back cuz of the shame if we got caught. I'm sure this makes gay guys go "we're not ashamed".  Ya man I know that and in a way I'm kinda envious of you. But it's not like I'm gonna tank my family cuz of these feelings I got. So that's a big reason why I don't like continue exploring arbitrarily.

Friday, September 16, 2011

No Posts On Weekends - Find A Bottom, Fuck Em, Repeat

So I been getting a lot of emails asking why I'm shutting er down. I probably gave a differnt reason each time lol. So I guess that means there's a lot of reasons. But over the past couple days I been thinking about it. So I got a deep thought.  Ready? When I started this blog I was pretty nieve about man to man stuff. I asked a lot of questions and make a lot of statements that pissed guys off and they got all over my shit and I kicked their asses in comments.  But over time I think I learned stuff. And maybe got more tolerant. Or at least stopped being an idiot. I think back in those days I was kinda the bad guy on a TV show that you love to hate. Edgy ya know? So in a way I think that this trip I been on has changed the tone of my blog to the point where now I'm kinda like every other blog out there. I once said that when guys look at my blog and go "oh...ya...the curious dude...whatever" it was time to pack it in.  That's kinda where I am. My favorite song is Boulevard Of Broken Dreams cuz that's kinda how I see myself as a blogger.  So next time you hear it check it out and think of the still-dumb-but-not-quite-as-ignorant blogger Scott lol.

My New Hero

Ok my boy here has it right.  Find a cocksucker, drop your pants, grab him by the ears, and make him rub his lips against yor pubes. No fucking around.  Cocksuker is there for 1 thing and 1 thing only – to pay homage to your meat.  My boy even made his suck boy keep his clothes on so theres no impression that this is a mutual thing.  Open up, do your business, and get the hell out.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top 5 Uses For Underwear

1.      Keep the boys in line
2.      Show chicks (or guys) your creative side when you do the slightly sagging thang
3.      Prevent precum from dotting yor pants when you watch porn
4.      After a long day at work they’re fun to sniff
5.      Cum catcher

Last Poll

I kniow I asked you guys if you've ever been walked in on while jacking off.  But I never asked the other side - have you ever caught anyone jacking off.  So here's my last poll.  Serve it up.  If you wanna talk about what happened do it here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Look.  I wanna fuck.  A guy.  Will it happen? Ya probably.  When? Who the fuck knows.  I can tell you for damn sure 10 years ago I never woulda thought I’d have sucked a dick, or have a guy lick my asshole.  So I guess fucking isn’t so crazy as I thought it was.  I’ll tell ya 1 of the only regrets I got on this blog is that I didn’t take it up the ass  so I could tell the other curious guys on here what it’s really like. 

Minority Report

 So sometimes I get emials from gusy who say "hey how about some color to your lilly white blog" lol.  Ok so here yor horny ass goes.  I got a long time read who's convinced that what I really need is a big black dude to turn me into his bitch.  I kinda see myself on the freshmen team of Gayball and African guys as sorta varesity and  I'm not in thier league.  Besides, go out on the web and find a pic of a little dicked black dude.  Not happenin.  There's freakin SITES devoted to little dick guys but none of em r black.  I know I got Latin and African dudes reading my blog. So to all you guys look for me if I ever wanna join the big time club. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Different Am I?

I mean like from when I started blogging.  I know I’ve learned stuff. Not to use the expression fag.  What versatile means. The whole labeling thing.  But I mean have I really grown from this blog? I’ve had sex with guys.  But does that make me different? Better? Worse?  When I started blogging, back with “The Gayest Straight Guy”, I was posting like 6 times a day.  I even had a guy write in to tell me to ease up cuz he couldn’t keep up with me lol. So something’s changed.  Wtf? When my blog got clocked by Blogger a couple times I went on a freakin sex rampage. It was like this blog satisfied my man on man needs and when it was gone little Scottie was like wtf?  But I don’t really feel like that anymore.  It’s almost like I needed to take a dip in the pool and now I’m like “ok…cool”.  Is the desire gone? Nah.  It’s just not….idk….always there.  God I’m fucked up.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bucket #10 - Yep, I Wanna Try Eating Ass

Bucket #9 - Getting Tied Up And Used

Bucket #8 - I'f I'm Gonna Take A Tandem....

...I might as well give a tadem.  Hey then I'd be able to answer my own poll question lol

Bucket #7 - Group...

...I did a 3 some once but I'm talking about a freakin bring on the boys and let er rip.  And before you ask, ya, I'd wanna try being in charge, watching, and being the bitch.

Bucket #6 - Losing Power To Authority

Bucket #5 - Not For Everyone...

...but if I'm gonna go around once I wanna piss on a guy.  Ya, back to the power thang.

Bucket #4 - Go Fishing With This Guy...

...ok this really wasn't on the list but cmon!

Bucket #3 - I Wanna Buy A Ho...

...and make the bitch do whatever I say.  Walk around anked and cluck like a chicken. Smell his own feet.  Clean shave him. Sit on his face.  It's a power thing.

Bucket #2 - I Think It Would Be Cool To Shower With A Dude

Bucket List Revisited

Ok enough wtih the Scottie We Hardly Knew Ye shit.  Let's get back to what we do best.  Sex.  I've revisted my Top 10 Bucket List.  Starting with this one.  I want 2 guys to suck my cock.  Hey if I can't get 2 chicks to do it why the fuck not. I don't mean sucking as much as I mean serious worshiping at the litle Scottie alter. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Part Time Player?

Hey thanks for all the comments over the past few days. I saw a lot of guys suggesting I don’t pack it in, just cut down on the number of posts I do.  Ok so a lot of you guys know me. I’m kinda an all or nothing guy.  Just wouldn’t feel right posting now and then. Plus I seen blogs that only post sometimes and I’m like wtf your in or your out you know?  But I know guys kinda like to stay in touch on my blog thru comments. So what I’m gonna do I keep the blog open so you guys can bash me or whatever the hell you wanna do lol. And if I ever….uh….get the urge, I’ll do a posting on it. Sound right?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It IS A Big Deal

I’ve tried this before but since I’m signing out I’m gonna try it again.  I’ve taken a fair amount of shit for being too cautious, for not doing more sex stuff with guys.  So I guess I can understand where you guys are coming from.  If a 40 yr old guy told me he wanted to have sex with a woman but hadn’t Id be on him like stink on shit.  JUST FUCKIN DO IT YOU SHITHEAD!  But here’s the thing.  And you won’t like it.  I was brought up thinking man to man sex was bad.  Deviant.  Like there’s something sexually wrong with you.  I bet my ass a lot of curious guys who read this blog think the exact same fucking thing.  Maybe if your gay you come to terms with yourself early in life.  Or it’s just part of who you are so man to man sex is no big deal.  But to a guy like me ------ I gotta tell you man ----- this stuff I done is a pretty big deal.  I remember the first time a guy saw my boner (during a massage).  I was like damn I can’t believe I did that.  I remember being at a vid booth and the window opening up and knowing another guy was watching my pump my meat.  Now I look back and think wholly shit there are 3 guys out there who I’ve sucked there dicks.  So here’s the message.  I know you guys think a lot of this stuff me and other curious guys have done is peanuts, but to a straight guys whose grown up in a shell, this is pretty big stuff.  We might not ever be as sexually developed and brave as you, but to us it’s a pretty big deal.