Friday, September 9, 2011

Bucket #3 - I Wanna Buy A Ho...

...and make the bitch do whatever I say.  Walk around anked and cluck like a chicken. Smell his own feet.  Clean shave him. Sit on his face.  It's a power thing.


  1. I once paid an escort to shave his body. It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. The escort was young and apprehensive but we negotiated to the point where he was willing. My objective was to shave only his pubic hair, but I ended up shaving his legs, arm pits, and ass all the way to his rosebud. My tongue inspected everwhere I shaved. Quite honestly the sex afterward was somewhat anticlimatic.

  2. I did this with my bf....No need to pay for it!


    PS I really like to see him anked lol

  3. all i can say is wow


  4. "Cluck like a chicken", Scott you doing drugs... Laughing my beefy fat ass off... save that one for Thanksgiving.. get two for one, have him gobble like a turkey too.. while his giblets are bouncing all around..


  5. "Cluck like a chicken"???? Really?????????????? To each is own, I guess

  6. Scott,

    I would cluck like a chicken and welcome you to sit on my face! Where's the line for applicants?

    Glad you're back and good luck with your list; we're here to help if necessary.

  7. I love it, did your hear that sfbarefeet, you must be in your glory, imagining if you could suck your own toes too...(instant rod, unfortunately I am not that limber...

    Scott dude your on a roll...

  8. Scott,

    I am up for anything man, just say when.