Friday, September 9, 2011

Bucket #9 - Getting Tied Up And Used


  1. To be honest, im kinda hoping your last one is about cum. I mean, you didnt really talk about it much but hey you might be into it. Either cumming all over a guy or getting cummed on... Hopefully its SOMETHING about cum :P


  2. Scott,

    You have to REALLY trust somebody for this. Trust him that he knows the safe word and trust him that he is looking out for you.


  3. Puhleez! You had me at number seven. I have to stop reading now. Something's cum up and if I don't take care of it right away I'll make a mess on my keyboard.

  4. Same boat as you Scott. Maybe a bit more experience. Always wanted to be submissive. Tried it with women. Not the same. Being forced to submit to a man is a total rush. DO IT!

  5. Scott,

    I would do that to you and i wouls be very gentle cause maybe you would like to try it on me after.