Monday, September 19, 2011

Just To Clear Up Any Confusion....

For some reason I can't sign on in google the normal way when I leave comments so I'm doing them as annonymous and sighning my name.  I done it the past couple posts. Some people aren't sure it's me. I wanna make damn sure you know. If I see anyone writing a comment pretending its me and its not im deleting it.


  1. That's a nic pic, but I would like to have seen him drinking the water in with the new and out with the old at the same time.
    Have a good day.

  2. order for me to comment on blogs who have the comments in the embeded form, as you do, when I sign into blogger I have to make sure the box for "stay signed in" is NOT checked. Otherwise I have to use anonymous too.

    Try signing out in the comments section then sign back in making sure the box is Unchecked.

    Hope it works for you.

    p.s. Love your blog!

  3. SCOTT, If you want to get ride of the Lightbox effect Blogger forced on all of us bloggers, go to:

    I have instructions on how to kill it. Jeff

  4. hey Scott, if it's really you, you can delete this if you want to, but somethng very strange, fake, pretending, etc, etc, etc, going on lately with your blog.. Oh what a letdown from when you first started this blog... I think I am going to call it quits on my own.

  5. Thanks for the blog, Scott. It has been entertaining, and and times provocative. I wish you well in the future. Be brave, and be honest to yourself.

  6. J,
    You are one HOT looking guy. Are u in the Marines?
    Guys, take a look at J's pic. Santa, Christmas is coming!
    Scott, have dinner with J!!

  7. For his cock to be that hard, I wonder what he is imagining in his mouth as he drinks that water!


  8. hey bj,
    down boy! j's a friend and he has a bf. sorry kiddo.

  9. He may have a friend, but he is very easy on the eyes! Have a good day.