Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Minority Report

 So sometimes I get emials from gusy who say "hey how about some color to your lilly white blog" lol.  Ok so here yor horny ass goes.  I got a long time read who's convinced that what I really need is a big black dude to turn me into his bitch.  I kinda see myself on the freshmen team of Gayball and African guys as sorta varesity and  I'm not in thier league.  Besides, go out on the web and find a pic of a little dicked black dude.  Not happenin.  There's freakin SITES devoted to little dick guys but none of em r black.  I know I got Latin and African dudes reading my blog. So to all you guys look for me if I ever wanna join the big time club. 


  1. Nice pictures Scott. Thanks

  2. Scott,
    What is the second one down. The black and white one, that, if you click on it, you get to click again and nothing happens but the click. What is its purporse?

  3. That's Google censoring pictures it doesn't like

  4. Do u mean, Scott, made a flub? Is Scott still doing this blog???????
    First guy, has huge thighs. Bad doctoring.
    Didn't know that google looked at pics.
    Wonder what the pic was.

  5. The first time I got fucked was by a black guy with an anaconda. I thought it would kill me but he knew what he was doing and it was amazing. He took it slow with plenty of fingering and lube beforehand and I had this amazing full feeling when he was all the way inside me.

  6. The 'huge thighs' in the 1st pic are a result of an image made with a wide angle lens rather too close to the subject. Makes everything out of proportion. Hot guy, though. As are all the others, too.

    ~ GaySatyr

  7. What could Google censor after all these years of pictures?


  8. I think that someone was jealous of the success of Scott's blog. Scott went international big time. Scott had great numbers. I think that it was just plain jealously.

  9. does anyone know where these pics came from? What series/site???