Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ever Wonder What Would Have Happened?

I know a lot of you guys had sexual encounters with guys at a pretty young age.  Some of it was ‘show me yours I’ll show you mine’.  Some of it was experimenting with blow jobs. Some if it was an innocent jack off with a friend.  Some of it was a lot farther.  I never really had a buddy who I experimented with.  First encounter I had was with a friend in college when we were hammered and it lasted like 5 min.  No cum.  Just two drunk horny assholes with too much testosterone.  So sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I tried sex with a guy at a young age.  Would it have satisfied my curiosity and I wouldn’t have these feelings I have now? Would it have turned me off completely? Would it have changed nothing? Or would it have given me reason to try it again. Or even want more. How much would it have changed who I am today?  Ok look – I wouldn’t change my life for anything.  I don’t know how I got lucky but I know I am and I wouldn’t change any choices I made (ok maybe I wouldn’t have nailed that monstrously fat chick in high school but that’s a whole nother story).  But it’s kinda crazy to think about what may have happened if I had the opportunity…or the balls.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Public Property?

Ok so lets say your naked someplace.  No, not like at an orgy or something like that. But like outside.  Maybe at a gay campground.  Or at the steamroom in the locker room.  And it’s a primarily gay healthclub.  Is your dick like public property?  Is it there for anyone to handle?  I mean not to have sex with. But to give a feel.  I know if I was at a nude beach and I saw a chick without a top and I gave her melons a squeeze her boyfriend would be chasing my ass down the beach. And I wouldn’t blame him.  So it really comes down to this – are gay men more relaxed with their sexuality (and the meat that hangs between their legs) than straight men? 
And before you get all over me ya, I know, this isn’t the best looking dude I ever put on my blog.  But you gotta admit he gets high marks on the schlong-o-meter!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I leave you guys alone for 5 min and look what happens lol.  So ya, I was probably getting too much love here. Needed a couple haters to get me going.  So to the dude who thinks I'm an asshole for what I do it's cool.  I'm pretty sure you're an asshole just on general principle. And to the guy who thinks I'm a figment of my imagination, I don't believe in you either so we're even. To the rest of you guys thanks for checking in with me. I'm actually gonna try posting a little more. Like I told you before I think this blog keeps my ass out of trouble. And just to clarify I'm NOT a fuckin Giants fan, I'm a Jets fan. And we'll own NY again.  Just maybe not in my lifetime lol. Oh and one last thing - to the guy who said I'm an asshole....uh...actually he got it right lol.