Friday, February 17, 2012

Public Property?

Ok so lets say your naked someplace.  No, not like at an orgy or something like that. But like outside.  Maybe at a gay campground.  Or at the steamroom in the locker room.  And it’s a primarily gay healthclub.  Is your dick like public property?  Is it there for anyone to handle?  I mean not to have sex with. But to give a feel.  I know if I was at a nude beach and I saw a chick without a top and I gave her melons a squeeze her boyfriend would be chasing my ass down the beach. And I wouldn’t blame him.  So it really comes down to this – are gay men more relaxed with their sexuality (and the meat that hangs between their legs) than straight men? 
And before you get all over me ya, I know, this isn’t the best looking dude I ever put on my blog.  But you gotta admit he gets high marks on the schlong-o-meter!


  1. go read brenton's "etiquette for the modern homosexual" you perv.

  2. Scotty: Having never gone to one of those clubs I "assume" that your dick is public property because maybe that's why your there. But proper etiquette states no one touches your body without your permission. That's what we teach kids.

  3. p.s. Scott, I'm so glad you're back!

  4. Hi all, the key here is the location, if you’re in a gay “health club” (bath), it’s pretty much a given that others want to “reach out and touch someone” (isn’t it why you’re there lol). As far as gay men being more relaxed with there sexuality, generally yes, but gay or straight we all have hang ups (again this may depend upon the location/situation).


  5. "Are gay men more relaxed with their sexuality?"...I don't think gay men bash each other the way that straight men do to gay men.
    If gay men ran movie studios, there might be more full frontal male scenes in movies, too! And, oh, I'm talking about American men here. In France, saw men actually with their arms around each other, more than once. Italy, too.

  6. I'd be all over this guy :) Most guys are at such clubs for physical contact, but it's only polite to ask 1st. oy may not be his type, but looking is for everyone. He's putting himself on display to be admired by the masses. What club have you joined bitch?!?!

    1. forget that twerp. climb on up and get all over me you stud!

  7. Always ask first....rude not to. Gay men may be more relaxed about their sexuality, but you shouldn't grab.

  8. Your body language should tell folks whether you want them to reach out and touch someone. "No" means no, but your body language can tell someone whether you are there to be manually appreciated or simply visually appreciated. The fun part is the guy who isn't saying "no," but you're not quite sure, so you gotta figure out whether to take the chance. You might be pleasantly surprised by being a little, uh, "forward."

  9. Happens all the time... I'll be laying naked on the beach, tanning my butt and all of a sudden there's a guy munching on my butt... massaging me, or reaching out and grabbing my huge low hanging balls... it happens. It's all good in my opinion...

  10. At Blacks only perves ask forgiveness instead of permission; at the tubz (bath house) a quick grope can be part of the experience, but don't be surprised at a dirty look, word or swat of the roman hands.

  11. No, no, no, a thousand times no, even if your at a gay gym in the sauna or lockeroom, your cock is not swinging for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to take a cheap feel, and you have every right to go tell Tom, Dick or Harry to fuck off..... but, and this is a very big but... if you are swinging your bat and balls, proud as a peacock and your looking to hit a home run, then every Tom, Dick, Harry, Steve George, Scott, Josh, Matt will throw you a "perfect pitch", so "Swing away"...

    Long story short if you looking for your balls and bat to be played with it will happen, oh my God, it will happen at a primarily gay gym.... And thank God it does...


  12. Good manners and etiquette go cock in hand. No groping without permission; however, as others have mentioned permission can be implicit in the situation.

    If some guy is nude on his hands and knees with his cheeks spread wide in the nearly-blacked-out back room of a leather bar, it's an open invitation. Otherwise, you can pretty much tell by eye contact. If he holds your lusty glance, you're probably good to go - at least to the next level; if he averts eye contact, the answer is probably negative.

    ~ GaySatyr

  13. If you go to the right of the screen and scroll down, you will see masturbating is not a crime. Click on it and enjoy the two guys having fun. I bet that u get a boner watching it. I did.

  14. Welcome back.
    It depends on location and who you're with. When I'm with friends, we're pretty relaxed with each other and a friendly grope sometimes happen. It's good. With strangers, it's by invitation only.
    When I go to Hillside in PA, I'm nude the entire time. Gropes happen on the "nature walk", but they don't happen elsewhere around the campground unless invited. Ask first and be polite is always a good rule.
    If I'm in a bath-house, that's a whole different situation and I expect some groping there.
    In all cases, no means no.

  15. I remenber a time when I was new to all of this and I was at a cruising spot at a park, which was alongside a bus stop.
    There must have been eight or 10 of us in this dark spot, tree lined, but there were street lites filtering through the maples. Some guy, got off of the bus, and he walked into that squared cruising area. Before he got into that area, he unzipped himself and he had one frigging boner. Those who were cruising, went down on him like bees on honey. They were actually lined up waiting to suck him. I was knew to this and it scared me to whatever. If it ain't sticking up and standing out, don't touch it, but if it is like a pole and the heat is there, go for it.
    I am so frigging horny.

  16. What those two guys did in ten minutes would take me five. Funny, how the one guy kept looking at the other guys piece.

  17. I have no idea Scott. But glad you're back bro, you horny jock.

  18. Good to see you're back. I look forward to your provocative and controversial thoughts. And your great sense of humour.

  19. Scott,
    If u go to, go to page 4 and there is a pic of sanchez in trunks. There is also a story about him and one of his team mates.

  20. Who the hell wants to see pretty boy Sanchez in trunks, we want to see beefy burly hairy men with tree trunk legs and bulging biceps, that can crack your "nuts"....Ahhh, can anyone say Dan Connoly from the Pats.. I bet his hairy pits smell nice and musky before he hits the showers....

    I told you Rugger, I didn't know how long I would be able to contain myself...

      that's me slapping a certain guy upside his head! just you wait till i've recovered from this latest surgery "mr. anonymous." lmfao!
      cheers you jerk! hahaha!

  21. For anonymouse!
    You should try and contain yourself. For thack. Get well, soon.
    Scott, is a Jets fan. can't blame him, can you?
    Sanches, is a hot guy, as is Brady and several others. The way I see it is, Scott's choice is, some are a Rolls Royce and some like you, like are what you like. To each their own. Personally, I prefer sirloin to bologna.
    p.s. I will bet that you checked Sanchez out on

  22. I'd say welcome back but it is your blog after all! Glad to see you posting some shit again. I come here for quality over quantity. As for the comments, strangely you attract both!

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  25. Glad to see you're back. ;-)

  26. Replies
    1. And as for the pic, I think he's hot. Reminds me of my first love; skinny body, big cock. So no accountin' for taste, so to speak.