Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Northeastern Comfort

My first sexual experience with a woman could be summed up in 2 words – awkward and quick (um….I’ve gotten a little better since then ;)).  Some people say sex is the most natural thing in the world. I don’t really think it is. My first experiences with guys were sorta the same way. And those were just JO sessions. I have guys who write to me talking about their sexual experiences, past and present. And I kinda wonder – is it that easy? Does stuff like that happen in the real world?  I kinda think you gotta grow into a comfort with sex. Especially for curious guys (like having sex with another guy) since it’s not what we grow up with.  Look I’m not telling you to go out and fuck around with guys to get experience.  I’m just saying don’t think just cuz your good at sex with your woman it means your gonna be THE MAN when it comes to rolling around with another schlong in a bed. 


  1. that's just it. why does anyone have to be "THE MAN?" i've learned one thing. sex (in all its truest glory) is sooo little about who does what to whom and when. it's not even about body parts . it's about the heart...it's the most intimate expression of who and what we are. it's one soul connecting w/ another for however brief a time and for whatever purpose. it's in that moment that we are fully human w/ all our faults and foibles. it's when we "lose" ourselves in the other that we see ourselves most clearly. keep looking buddy.

  2. My first time with a guy I was the awkward one and although it was his first time he was calm cool and collected - even though it was just a j/o session. I think it depends on the person. Same goes for women. Some I am THE MAN,others I Can't get movin'.

  3. A belated welcome back Scott!

    I think the 'act' of sex is a process of discovery. Think about the first time you abused little Scottie. Did you know everything about the fun then? Have you gotten better at getting off by yourself? I would hope yes. Same for sex with others - man or women. You need to figure out what works for the other person (yes even a selfish bastard like you) and what gets you off in the process. It takes some practice. It takes being comfortable with yourself. And in your case it takes getting used to the schlong, hairy balls, and the stubble on the face (and in your case ass).

    Mark from Pittsburgh

  4. O.k. guys some honesty from me, Scott I am going to take your last paragraph and change just a few words for the dilemma that I am in..

    I’m just saying don’t think just cuz your good at sex with a man it means your gonna be "THE MAN" when it comes to rolling around in bed with a set of hooters and pussy next to you...

    God don't have much experience with women, love the way they look all feminine and stuff, but man, I am so out of practice, I would have to take a tutorial class of the "down below female anatomy"....


  5. Here's my two cents. I would bet, that most married bi guys, when they are with another guy, the married bi guys get on their back and want to be serviced. They have their pleasure and get off and get going. I have personally found that to be the case. They are duds. If I had to give them a grade, it would be an F. On a few occasions, I have found my match in bed and they are the single ones.
    You may get a nickels worth later on.

  6. No, it's never "that easy" with unfamiliar territory, i.e., a completely new situation. You're most likely nervous, uptight; filled with anxiety. With (most) married dudes there's also the concern of getting caught cheating - even if you're just jacking off together. Unless you're one of those guys who did a lot of mutual jacking off with buddies when you were a kid, it's going to take some settling in to feel comfortable enough to let go and really enjoy it.

    Anon 07:41AM - I think what you are experiencing are not Bi-married men, but str8 dudes who like getting the hand-job/blow-job they aren't getting at home from the wife. Truly bi-married men are as much into enjoying the cock that's swinging in front of them (and getting that guy off) as much as they are in wanting to get their own rocks off.

    1. I agree with you totally whkattk, truly bi guys are into cock as well as pussy. Now a totally straight guy, only wants to be serviced, he whips out cock, you suck, he gives you a mouthful of goo, and he leaves, "That's All Folks"..

    2. whkattk,
      I would like Scott to reply to your second paragraph.
      Also, I was talking about guys who play with guys. The funny thing is, they are always on the bottom. On their backs. One who had a live in girlfriend was cool. The rest, duds. Get off and go. I bet that their wives are disappoingted in them.
      Scott, we await your reply.

    3. um...what do u want me to reply to? yall kno im not good with directions...

  7. It's like riding a bike, no one gets it right without some practice. With the same guy is better because you learn what your each looking for, if you with a new guy each time, then you realize that everyone is different and the learning curve is greater.

  8. Everyone gets better with experience. Practice Practice Practice ....

  9. When it comes to giving head, I just give what I know I like to get. Haven't gotten any complaints so far. Wish I could teach my wife to give a good blow job. She's just not into it.

  10. 99%.999999999 percent of guys like to receive head, it's a simple task to master, and most guys don't complain, and usually pop their nut.. some might like you to go little faster or a little slower, he will tell you, most guys like a warm mouth and a nice tight suction.. now about the "boys", don't forget them, some dudes nuts are very sensitive, and they don't want them touched at all, some love a light tongue bath, taking each nut a time in your mouth...hell some like them sucked on real hard.. to each his own

    and one technique guys disdain with a passion "don't chomp at their "unit" with your teeth"

    If you follow these simple instructions, you will be rewarded a gooey surprise in your mouth (for he will be forever grateful you take it with a "smile") and not spit it back in his face.....lol..

  11. I think that it is time to move on to another scenerio, since you are
    not good at following directions. The question was easy, the answer could
    have been, whatever.
    Seems like we have exhausted the schlong. I Had to go back to your opening and look at the word, schlong. I didn't know how to spell it, but
    I know how to find it.

  12. Oh yeah, I don't care what you want to call it, schlong, meat, unit, package, cock, banana, sausage, salami, pickle, tubesteak, dick, prick, one eyed serpent, I know where it is, and know what is to be done with it. and the person that it belongs to doesn't have to say a word, if it's pointing North due North, it's happy to see you. then just do what comes naturally, pull it, tug it, jerk it, edge, it, squeese it, put the damn thing in your mouth, it will do the rest.lol..

  13. http://str8balls.tumblr.com/