Friday, May 11, 2012


I haven't read comments in a bit.  I did today.  You guys are fuckin hysterical.  From Ward's pearl necklace he gives June to the wise-ass asshole comments, even my buddy who still thinks I'm a granny in Jersey.  The men (and women) of SJT2 fuckin rule!  The pic? Oh, that's just 1 for you to jack your little meat to!


  1. We love you Scott!!

  2. After looking at that picture of that guy looking at his thing. like it's the first time he saw the son rising, and wondering, what am I supposed to do with you?
    I wonder, the guy from the south with the pick-up truck. Do you look like that rod that I am now looking at? If so, bless you! and your pick-up too.

  3. Scotty - you're our leader - we do it all for you!

  4. Scott,
    There is NO ONE on this site who is funnier than you are.... even when you don't intend to be lol...It's all part of your charm and why you have such a great blog. You don't expect your readers to BE anything in particular and you accept people how they are. None of it would be possible without your willingness to share. Even when it's not comfortable for you, personally, to do so..You're a remarkable guy.

  5. I wonder if Scott wears black lace and pearls? Does he wear an ear ring? That would be cool. I know he wears a strap. Wonder how many he has?

    1. I hear Scott gets a "facial" done occasionally, but can't see him in blace lace panties. In fact don't even want to go there, my Scotty boy is very macho, well in my eyes anyways.

  6. Scott is truly the only straight guy I've ever liked! I hope you don't mind Scott but I've had many satisfying jerk off sessions about your ass. Sorry dude!

  7. it must be a terrible burden to be so beloved. lmfao!

  8. I think we need to have an online realtime group jerk off - with posts.