Friday, June 29, 2012

Straight Guys JO Fantasy

In a comment, someone asked me about what my friends talk about jacking off to.  Don’t get me wrong, we don’t sit around and talk about it.  Sometimes it just blurts out, we laugh, and go with it. I think the #1 thing is jacking off thinking about a particular chick.  At least that’s what most guys say they jack off to.  The other big one is talking about a particular porn flick they saw on line, you hear stuff like “ya that flick was hot, especially the 5 minutes I had my eyes closed for hahahaha”.  One of my friends told me that his favorite place to jack off is on his patio at night.  I’ve been on that patio.  Not what I’d call private.  He says he likes the idea of jacking outside.  It’s the setting that gets him off.  So I think straight guys JO fantasies are pretty much all over the board.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Ok look the post I did about all the things me and my straight friends have done got taken WAY wrong.  My whole fuckin point is that straight guys do NON SEXUAL things that a gay guy would consider…uh…gay.  So the kissing thing, that was done for shock value, not as a romantic gesture.  The underwear thing happens for a lot of reasons.  You’re changing at a buddy’s house and you forgot yours is prob the #1 reason.  There’s nothing kinky about it.  It happens.  And we piss together ALL THE TIME.   We don’t look.  But if you’ve ever been in a boat on the ocean with friends and you all have to piss and you all do it over the side of the boat, well, if you’ve done it you know what I mean.  It’s just funny to watch.  So my point was that straight guys do stuff like that without even thinking.  Make sense?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

End Of The Line

Ok ya so my adventure to the world of showering, kissing, and rimming was cool.  But HERE’S THE IMPROTNAT THING TO TAKE OUT OF IT OK?  At one point little Scottie (who…uh…at the time was a very happy little Scottie) was in very close proximity to…uh…the dudes…uh…place where things typically come out but don’t go in.  Right at that point I felt the dude grab my bone and sorta try to guide him into his asshole.  I kinda rearrainged the postion so I could continue but kept my dick away from the guys hole. On the way home it was ‘holy shit he wanted me to fuck him bareback’.  Blew me the hell away.  If there’s 1 thing I learned from you guys is you don’t fuck that way. So here’s this dude who I just had championship sex with, cool normal guy, practicing fuckin unsafe sex.  Haven’t seen him since and never will. So guys, especially you horny curious fuckers, I know its tempting and you get your ass in all kinds of dilemmas, but you GOTTA know when to pull away. No matter how tempting.  Got it?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where Do You Draw The Line?

When I was in college my buddy’s roommate wanted to be a sociologist.  I remember this cuz I had no fuckin idea what that meant.  But now (20 years later!) I think I know.  So here’s my shot at understanding social behavior. 

Let’s take my group of friends.  A group of guys who’ve known each other a pretty long time and do a lot of stuff toghgter.  The last word in the world to describe us would be metrosexual.  We definitely fit more in the neandrathal category lol. We talk about sports. We don’t talk about feelings.  We like it that way. We’ve all seen each other naked and I guess the first time you kinda look but after you seen somebody naked a few times its not that big a deal ya know? We don’t compare dick sizes. We don’t have side conversasations that lead to sex.  And there’s zero sexual tension cuz no one really gives a shit with anything that anyone else does in bed. 

So why am I telling you this?  Between the 10 of us, we have:
- said to each other “I love you” and meant it
-         worn each others underwear
-         discussed our top JO fantasies
-         kissed
-         seen each other naked many times
-         watched each other piss
-         sat naked in a hot tub

So, how exactly does gay male behavior differ from straight male behavior?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Catch Me

So a lot of you guys know that my first experience with a guy was jacking off in front of him in a scene where he walks in on me. Ya it was staged but to a newbie it was fuckin hot as hell. And I think a lot of guys have that fantasy. But if you think about it, I mean, what’s the fantasy? We all fuckin know we jack off.  Some totally straight guys even jack off together and don’t think at all about it. Some guys are totally comfortable walking in on a buddy, or being walked in on.  I walked in on a guy once, didn’t even see anything cuz he rolled over so alls I saw was his ass. But I remember I couldn’t even look at the guy the next day, and he couldn’t look at me. Like we were ashamed. Wtf???  That’s when I was in college.  Uh…I’ve changed a bit since then lol. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A boys first sexual experience is either when the Victoria Secrets catalogue comes in the mail or when he drops his pants to show off to the little girl next door (ok maybe that's just me lol).  But his second often comes in the locker room when he's initiated by the upper classmen on the team who give him his first cuppie.  Ya, I've been the recipient of a cuppie (mine was actually the pouch of a jockstrap but the idea's pretty much the same).  And I've given my share.  Of course I always thought catching a whiff of my sweaty balls is more of a reward than a hazing lol.