Monday, August 6, 2012

Comes A Time

Sometimes life takes you on unexpected turns.  That's where I am right now.  Nothing bad. Nothing that has to do with sex. Jjuust life stuff.  All good.  Very good.  But it's eating time.  Haven't really had time to blog the way I should, and a lot of you guys have seen it.  You're not dumb shits.  Sorta felt an obligation to keep posts going but just can't keep doing it.  Will leave the site open cuz there's some freakin amazing relatiohsips that have developed thru here.  I might pop in now and then just to see what's going on.

Don't let anyone give you shit for who you are.  You guys are awright.


Monday, July 23, 2012

For The Bottoms

Hey bottoms I got a question for you.  When you are…uh…being entered, can you feel the difference when a guy is wearing a condom and when he’s not?  I mean like is there a different sensation when an uncovered  dickhead is rubbing against your asshole than one with the rubber sleeve is covering his dick?

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Face

If I ever got spanked by Blogger again, this is gonna be the new face of my blog

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Penn State

Ok I’m not gonna get all social on this cuz I’m sick of this story and I think someone aughta take a match to the whole fuckin Penn State football program.  But there’s part of this I’m curious about. Ok so Sandusky likes little boys. That’s pretty clear.  But this guy was also a big time assistant coach there for like 20 years or something. So this guys been cruising locker rooms of big time football players for a long time. These are 17-21 yr old kids. And if they play for PSU these aren’t twinkies we’re talking about. So question 1 is – is a pedophile attracted to older kids, or do they lose their allure when they hit a certain age.  Question 2 is, what about the guys who came thru that program – everyone from the bench warmers to the guys who made it to the NFL.  Didn’t any of them notice Coach Sandusky taking a little too long looking at them as they came out of the shower? We’re any of them hit on by him?  Didn’t they notice Coach Sandusky checking out their cocks as they were at their locker?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

When Did You Notice?

Look I’m not looking to get all gushy about this, I’m just kinda wondering when you were first attracted to men.  When you were a kid? Last week? Coming out of the womb?  I’m pretty sure I remember the first time I was fascinated by a man. It wasn’t so much that I was turned on, but more like I was just fascinated.  Like “man, that’s what I’m gonna look like?”.  Don’t know how old I was. Maybe 10 or so.  I was at a pool club that my friend belonged to and his family invited me to join them. I did, we swam, and afterward we went to the mens locker room with his father. I’d showered there with my friend before but we always kept our suits on.  Not his dad.  He was freakin buck naked. I’m 99% sure I started. I had never seen a man naked. I wqas kinda mezmorized.  I specifically remember thinking “damn I can’t wait to look big like that.”

Monday, July 9, 2012

What It Says About You

If you look at this picture and say:
“Damn that looks refreshing”, you’re a pretty well adjusted dude.  Congratualtions.  You’re in the minority.
“I hope they brought plenty of lube with them”, you’re a perv and are welcome at my parties anytime.
“Don’t they know how harmful the sun’s ray’s can be on exposed skin for even short periods of time”, you need a drink.  Soon.
“Rock formations like this and bare feet are an accident waiting to happen”, you’re a lawyer.  Leave immediately.
“I wonder when the chicks get here.  Wait.  Actually, it’s cool as is.”, you’ve found the right blog!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Date Night

I was talking to a reader who asked me what I thought the perception of my blog readers was of me.  Once I understood the fuckin question I realized it was kinda interesting to think about.  He thinks readers generally fall into a couple categories.  The ones who feel a friendship to me, the ones who are curious about curious guys, and the ones who want me to fuck them in the ass till my dick falls off lol.  So now I’m kinda curious.  So let me ask you guys something.  Let’s say your out at a bar and you meet me.  What would you do?  Buy me a round of beers?  Give me $20 to flash my dick in the bar?  Take me to your room for sex, vid the whole thing, and send it to Xtube?  I’m kinda curious.  C’mon you can tell me.  I won’t hurt you.  

Friday, June 29, 2012

Straight Guys JO Fantasy

In a comment, someone asked me about what my friends talk about jacking off to.  Don’t get me wrong, we don’t sit around and talk about it.  Sometimes it just blurts out, we laugh, and go with it. I think the #1 thing is jacking off thinking about a particular chick.  At least that’s what most guys say they jack off to.  The other big one is talking about a particular porn flick they saw on line, you hear stuff like “ya that flick was hot, especially the 5 minutes I had my eyes closed for hahahaha”.  One of my friends told me that his favorite place to jack off is on his patio at night.  I’ve been on that patio.  Not what I’d call private.  He says he likes the idea of jacking outside.  It’s the setting that gets him off.  So I think straight guys JO fantasies are pretty much all over the board.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Ok look the post I did about all the things me and my straight friends have done got taken WAY wrong.  My whole fuckin point is that straight guys do NON SEXUAL things that a gay guy would consider…uh…gay.  So the kissing thing, that was done for shock value, not as a romantic gesture.  The underwear thing happens for a lot of reasons.  You’re changing at a buddy’s house and you forgot yours is prob the #1 reason.  There’s nothing kinky about it.  It happens.  And we piss together ALL THE TIME.   We don’t look.  But if you’ve ever been in a boat on the ocean with friends and you all have to piss and you all do it over the side of the boat, well, if you’ve done it you know what I mean.  It’s just funny to watch.  So my point was that straight guys do stuff like that without even thinking.  Make sense?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

End Of The Line

Ok ya so my adventure to the world of showering, kissing, and rimming was cool.  But HERE’S THE IMPROTNAT THING TO TAKE OUT OF IT OK?  At one point little Scottie (who…uh…at the time was a very happy little Scottie) was in very close proximity to…uh…the dudes…uh…place where things typically come out but don’t go in.  Right at that point I felt the dude grab my bone and sorta try to guide him into his asshole.  I kinda rearrainged the postion so I could continue but kept my dick away from the guys hole. On the way home it was ‘holy shit he wanted me to fuck him bareback’.  Blew me the hell away.  If there’s 1 thing I learned from you guys is you don’t fuck that way. So here’s this dude who I just had championship sex with, cool normal guy, practicing fuckin unsafe sex.  Haven’t seen him since and never will. So guys, especially you horny curious fuckers, I know its tempting and you get your ass in all kinds of dilemmas, but you GOTTA know when to pull away. No matter how tempting.  Got it?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Where Do You Draw The Line?

When I was in college my buddy’s roommate wanted to be a sociologist.  I remember this cuz I had no fuckin idea what that meant.  But now (20 years later!) I think I know.  So here’s my shot at understanding social behavior. 

Let’s take my group of friends.  A group of guys who’ve known each other a pretty long time and do a lot of stuff toghgter.  The last word in the world to describe us would be metrosexual.  We definitely fit more in the neandrathal category lol. We talk about sports. We don’t talk about feelings.  We like it that way. We’ve all seen each other naked and I guess the first time you kinda look but after you seen somebody naked a few times its not that big a deal ya know? We don’t compare dick sizes. We don’t have side conversasations that lead to sex.  And there’s zero sexual tension cuz no one really gives a shit with anything that anyone else does in bed. 

So why am I telling you this?  Between the 10 of us, we have:
- said to each other “I love you” and meant it
-         worn each others underwear
-         discussed our top JO fantasies
-         kissed
-         seen each other naked many times
-         watched each other piss
-         sat naked in a hot tub

So, how exactly does gay male behavior differ from straight male behavior?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Catch Me

So a lot of you guys know that my first experience with a guy was jacking off in front of him in a scene where he walks in on me. Ya it was staged but to a newbie it was fuckin hot as hell. And I think a lot of guys have that fantasy. But if you think about it, I mean, what’s the fantasy? We all fuckin know we jack off.  Some totally straight guys even jack off together and don’t think at all about it. Some guys are totally comfortable walking in on a buddy, or being walked in on.  I walked in on a guy once, didn’t even see anything cuz he rolled over so alls I saw was his ass. But I remember I couldn’t even look at the guy the next day, and he couldn’t look at me. Like we were ashamed. Wtf???  That’s when I was in college.  Uh…I’ve changed a bit since then lol. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A boys first sexual experience is either when the Victoria Secrets catalogue comes in the mail or when he drops his pants to show off to the little girl next door (ok maybe that's just me lol).  But his second often comes in the locker room when he's initiated by the upper classmen on the team who give him his first cuppie.  Ya, I've been the recipient of a cuppie (mine was actually the pouch of a jockstrap but the idea's pretty much the same).  And I've given my share.  Of course I always thought catching a whiff of my sweaty balls is more of a reward than a hazing lol.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rest of the Kiss

Ok so I fugure after the George Huguely post, I owe you one. I’m not gonna give you a play by play, but I’m gonna tell you what you need to know. This is mostly for my curious bruthas to sorta give them a feel for what they don’t know, and for my gay boys who are determined to get me to try more stuff lol.

So like I think I said, emailed a guy a few times, sounded cool, normal, my age, successful business guy, not creepy. I go over to his place. Really nice house. And he was cool. Very different feel than hook ups I’ve had in the past. He was probably 5-9, late 30s maybe early 40s, good looking, answered the door without a shirt on so I oculd see immediately he had a nice body. As we talked about on email, we went right up to the shower. We kinda lathered each other up.  That’s when the kiss happened. And ya I liked it. Enough to do a few times in the shower. Just totally diffenrt from kissing a woman. Not good or bad. Just totally different. So we wrap up in the shower and head to him bedroom. Kinda look at each other in an awkward moment and he says something like “so what do you want to do know.”  I had taken the opportunity in the shower to notice his rather sweet ass.  Kinda on the small side, but very (very) nicely shaped.  I never really explored the male ass before so it seemed like a good place to start and he didn’t seem like he had a ton on inhibitions. I got him in the head-down-ass-up position pretty much immediately (why was it never this easy with college girls?) and started exploring.  Ar first just looking. The squeezing the orbs. It was a lot to take in.  I was looking at a dudes asshole.  And he was cool with it. Then I reached between his legs and pulled his dick back toward me, and for the first time I saw live what I’ve posted on my blog so many times – the view of a man bearing all he’s got: cock, balls, asshole…all laid out right in front of me. For awhile I think I just knelt there and started at it. Then I think I started getting braver and I stuck a finger in his hole.  He reacted with an “mmmmm” but never flinched.  Apparently mine wasn’t the first digit he welcomed into his ass haha. But we were both getting into it and I really liked the view and the way he was reacting and the way my cock was reaching.  Then I took the next step. I’m not sure how I had the balls, but it just sorta happened.  I pulled out my finger, spread his cheeks, and dove my face in.  I fuckin ate a dudes asshole.  It still feels weird to sit here and type it. And we’re not talking an obligatory lick.  I’m fuckin telling you I ate his ass in several postions.  The most pleasurable of which was when we 69’d with him on top sucking little Scottie and me on the bottom using my face as a cushion for his squatting ass.

Continue later